Chapter Nine---Promises Get Broken

Seifer watched his children sleep. Dante refused to leave his little brother's room and slept on the floor. Seifer marveled at how perfectly they mirrored himself and Fujin. Silver locks, green eyes, alabaster skin, confident and curious nature.

Dante, however, had become more quiet and observant after his mother's death. And he never strayed far from his father and brother. More often, he stayed very close and asked his father to tell him stories. Stories of when he was young, when his mother wasn't so happy and lively. When his father and uncle weren't friends. And with each story, Dante forgot the world around him and drifted into another place where he didn't have to let his mother go. Didn't have to cry because she was still there. In their hearts.

What broke Seifer's heart more, more then watching Dante cry and beg for his mother, more then looking around at the life they'd made and knowing she'd never fuss over this house again, more then knowing she'd never be in his arms again; was the fact that 9 month old Cale never even knew her. Would never really cry for her, never have any memory of her. Never really love her.

That was the real tragedy.

The weeks passed and turned into months. Dante's seventh birthday passed, without his mother to fuss and cry over him and traditionally smush a piece of cake into his hair leading to a game of tag with herself and his father and landing them all outside, covered in sand and cake and each other. Cale's first birthday passed and Fujin was not there to create a tradition for the youngest memeber of their family. Nor was she there to give Seifer a larger family. Fujin simply wasn't there.

"...Seifer?" Rinoa called. The front door was open but no one was around. Seifer lay sleeping on the couch. Rinoa figured the children were also sleeping. Somewhere.

"Seifer?" Seifer opened his eyes and looked at her sleepily.


"It's time to go. We leave in the morning." Seifer held his head in his hands. He didn't want to go. He didn't want to leave his children. Not now.

"I'll go get them ready." But the bills had to be paid. His family had to be fed.

"Dante? Dante wake up." Dante sat up, rubbing his eyes sleepily and yawning.

"Yea, dad?"

"I've gotta go to work now, so your going to stay with Quistis, ok? Come on, go get your bag from the closet and help me get Cale's things ready." Dante was suddenly very quiet and almost timid. Seifer knew he was afraid. Afraid of losing his father too. But that wouldn't happen.

It couldn't.

"Dante? Dante are you awake?" Quistis stepped into the room quietly, finding Dante reading to his little brother. Dante looked up at her and the cold, distantwall went up.

"Dante...your dad...he's not...he's not coming home Dante." Dante's wall shattered and he clung to Cale before Quistis pried the toddler from his grasp.

"N-no! NO! You're lying! Dad is coming home, he is!" Dante screamed at her. Quistis had never seen the boy angry. But he was now. He was absolutely furious.

"He's coming home! He's not dead! He's not! He promised he'd always come home! He promised!" Quistis took a step back.

"Dante, calm down please! You're scaring Cale...I know Daddy promised you and he tried he really did, but he just couldn't make it this time." Dante pounded the wall with his fist.

"No! Your lying! You're all liars! I hate you! I hate everyone! He promised he'd come back! He said he wouldn't leave me like mommy did! He said! He said!" Dante crumpled to the floor, sobbing and hitting the wall, hoping that somehow, if he hit the wall enough, his father would come home. Quistis took the screaming Cale into her room and placed him in his crib, willing him to stop crying.

What would they do with the children? Makai and Ashlyn had families of their own. Cale and Arien died three years ago. Fujin had no family. And Quistis highly doubted that being placed in the care of a member of Garden was good for Dante. He couldn't relieve this horror again. The child simply couldn't handle it. His voice echoed in her ears. He promised he wouldn't leave me like mommy! He said! He said! Quistis hugged herself and slid slowly down the wall.

Crying for Seifer. Crying for Dante. Crying for Fujin.

Promises, she told Dante silently, Get broken


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