Chapter 11-Epilog

That Following Friday Night…

Frankie entered the TV Room, carrying two large cups of steaming hot chocolate, one in each hand. As she walked over to the sofa, she could see that her companion for the night's tv viewing was already there, along with a very large bowl of freshly-popped and buttered popcorn.

She handed off one of the mugs of hot chocolate to her companion as she turned to have a seat on the sofa.

"Thanks, Frankie!" Wilt replied as he took the mug from her, pushing the bowl of popcorn over on the sofa with his elbow as he did so, in order that she'd be able to reach it, too.

"So, what are we watching tonight?" asked the red-head, sitting down on the sofa beside him, the placing her mug of hot chocolate on the end table, and reaching for the popcorn.

"I'm not real sure; there was a commercial still on when I got in here, and I haven't heard 'em say just yet what the movie for tonight is."

Wilt took a long sip from the mug he was holding, then turned to the young woman seated beside him on the sofa. "Hey, Frankie,", he began, "did anybody ever tell you that you have the coolest grandmother in the whole world? I mean, really, she is."

Frankie tried her best to smile around a mouthful of popcorn. "Yeah, you won't get any argument from me on THAT one!"

She leaned back against the sofa cushions as the movie's theme music and opening sequence started up, another thriller, "The Missouri Hedge-Trimmer Massacre Part III". Frankie raised an eyebrow at the screen, leaning forward from her seat on the sofa. "Hey, I think I know this one…yeah, I remember now; I saw this one back when I was in college. They showed it over at that theater just a few blocks down from my dorm."

"So, you've seen it already?" Wilt said, in a somewhat disappointed manner, while wiping a chocolate mustache from his mouth with the back of his forearm. "I mean, we can watch something else, if you've already seen this one-doesn't matter much to me."

"No, no, no-this movie is WAY cool! I remember it now; it's the one where this gardener goes like all crazy and stuff, and starts killing people with this hedge-trimmer-that's why it's called 'The Missouri Hedge-Trimmer Massacre'-only he's like, you know, DEAD, himself, so that nobody can kill him, 'cuzz you can't like kill somebody who's already dead and stuff…oh, wait, this part right here? This part is SO awesome, I mean this is the part where the guy who's trying to hire someone to take care of the grounds of his mansion finds the guy who…"

Frankie's spoiler was, unfortunately, cut short by a rather large, but very soft and fluffy, throw pillow being swung towards her face. Giggling like a teenager as she flung up an arm to deflect it, she couldn't help but thinking, "Here we go again…"



Well, what did y'all think? Sequel? No sequel? Let me know, one way or the other, if you please! I have to say I have enjoyed writing this fic more than anything I've written in the past, that's for sure. Thanks again to all who have reviewed, and to the folks who created this wonderfully fun animated series.

Pitbulllady, 09/19/05