When Evil Demons Have Kids Season 2

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A shadowy figure loomed over the hanyou and the other demon and humans in awe. The shadow had never seen so much beauty in one while sleeping. There were five of them; A strange silver haired man, a raven haired man, a boy with his hair in a pony tail, another boy with long lavender hair, and a strange looking horse lying next to them. All were unconscious.

Then the one with the ponytail snorted, twitched, and went back to his peaceful slumber. The shadow couldn't tell if the older ones were men or women...their hair was so damn long!

"Who are..."

The shadow man asked himself, and jumped off his horse. A long, red velvet cape followed his body and a silvery gold crown was atop his dirty blonde head. He inched closer to the bodies and poked one of them. He got no reaction. Wait--


He earned a 'snort' from the one with the lavender hair and twitched. "Where has my beloved gone t...?"

He had a tendency to trail off as he just did when he saw one of them, whose face looked like someone he knew. Quickly, he picked the suspicious character up and onto his horse, and yelled behind him to a group of horsemen that had appeared out of the forest (nowhere) to their boss.

"Take the stallion, and the rest of them! Do what you want with them!" For a minute, horsemen cheered, but that was quieted when their master spoke again.

"On second thought, give them to the peasants! They'll know what to do..."

The horsemen groaned, but obeyed as their master galloped off towards his kingdom.

"Are you hungry? Or are you thirsty?"


"You are in my bed chambers, do you want anything to suit your tastes?" It was a British accent, or more of... earlier times.

"Why are you talking like this, Sessho..." He trailed off as his eyes opened and he came face to face with a rather handsome blonde haired man with twinkling green eyes. Oh, my GOD, he's hot. Naraku thought as he stared at the strangely dressed being. "Who are you?"

"That should be my question." The blonde stood straight and placed his hands on his velvet covered hips. "I found you out in the middle of nowhere, so I brought you home. Can you remember anything?"

"J-just that I was hit on the back of the head with something-- you're avoiding the subject. Who are you?" Naraku asked, rubbing the back of his head. The blonde man inched close to the hanyou and narrowed his gaze.

"What is your duty?"

"Uh..." Deciding not to mess with such an oddly clothed character, Naraku answered.

"I'm a... science teacher at my...cousin's school."


"You don't know what a school is?"

"I have never heard of such a strange place of that of which you speak. Where are you from?"

"Well, I was from Japan, but my family kind of moved to the United States cause of our neighbors--hey... who are you?" The blonde sighed and took off his crown, bowing down.

"My name is Arthur." Naraku nodded, finally getting to know the man's name, but he continued. "Son of King Uther. My full name is King Arthur Pendragon." Naraku coughed up a bunch of water he was drinking at the moment and stared at the young King. "My father died two years ago, so that made me heir to the throne. Ever since my Gwenivere passed away and my sister Morgan Le Fay was stabbed to death, I have been left alone with nobody to care for... And you are?"

"Everyone calls me Naraku..." he stopped suddenly, realizing that nobody he knew was there. "Where's Sesshomaru...?

The King smirked.


Sesshomaru screamed down at the village people that had him tied to a steak with branches thrown all over. "All I did was show you this really cool lighter! It's something from the 21st century, THE 21st CENTURY! I don't have powers to do anything!" He yelled again at the people that mobbed around him.

"Kill the witch!" One old woman with no teeth managed.

"Burn him!"

"Stab him!"

"Free him!" Sesshomaru added to the yells. Everyone stared at him as it became silent. "Well, it was worth a try..." He muttered as the people began to chant again.

"Hey! Have you noticed that I don't have boobs yet?" He asked, looking down to his muscular chest. "That means I am not a witch!"

"And how do we believe you?" A rugged man asked, walking up to the steak Sesshomaru was tied to.

"Take off my shirt."

Everyone gasped, and one specific woman said to her friend. "He did not say that!"

"I think he did!"

"Do what the prisoner wants!"

A guard screamed down from a high part in the castel's courtyard. The villagers shrugged and one man did indeed ripped Sesshomaru's shirt off. The dog demon did not seem pleased as his only shirt was destroyed. A few of the widows and village women stared at his oh, so marvelous body in awe.

"He's a warlock!" One old woman screamed again. Sesshomaru's amber eyes narrowed in an upset defeat. "Drown him!" She chanted. "See if he'll drown! It will prove it once and for all."

There were sudden screams from behind the mob and one that rang a bell in Sesshomaru's ears. "Let him go!" Was one of the little voices. And then another.

"Dad!" The crowd separated into two groups as they made an aisle for two other prisoners to walk forward. Kohaku and Hakudoushi! Sesshomaru's eyes widened and he struggled against the pole.

"Kohaku! Hakudoushi!" He screamed at his children in surprise. They both stared up at him smiling, but Hakudoushi's turned to a frown.

"Why did you say 'Kohaku' first? Don't you love me too?" He asked, whimpering.

"Uh…." Sesshomaru's words were quavered.

"Whoa, dude!" Kohaku exclaimed, jerking away from the man that held him. "Dude, this is just like Monty Python and the Holy Grail!"

"No way, dude!" Hakudoushi looked surprised as he suddenly forgot about what Sesshomaru said. "It IS just like Monty Python and the Holy Grail!" They both looked around and realized they were in some type of mid-evil village.

"No, wait! Maybe we're in that movie, Black Night or something!" Kohaku suggested.

"Or maybe Lord of the Rings!" Hakudoushi added.

"Or maybe Merlin!"

Suddenly, the crowd backed away as a man with shoulder length hair rode in on a gray steed. Everyone was quieted as he spoke with his manly voice. "Did somebody call my name?" He asked looking around confused. Kohaku and Hakudoushi both hugged each other.

"We are in Merlin!"

Sam Neil—I mean 'Merlin' seemed more confused. "How are you two in me?"

"It is him!" They squealed.

A village man looked up to this Merlin. "Go home, Merlin. King Arthur doesn't need you yet."

With a sad look upon his face, Merlin turned his horse and galloped away.

"King Arthur?" Sesshomaru asked, somehow breaking free of the pole.

"Ruler of this land." The same man answered, not noticing the freed demon. "He was saddened by the death of his wife and the imprisonment of his sister. The only thing he has left of a family is his nephew, which wishes to kill him."

"Well, good family ties I guess…" Sesshomaru muttered, rolling his eyes.

"King Arthur, I have a question for you."

"Anything, my love."

"What century is it?"

"Why, tis the 13th, don't you remember?"

"13th century…" Naraku repeated in astonishment. "How the hell did this happen?"

end of chapter 4. tell me how it was and correct me if i made any mistakes in history!