Peaches & Creme

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"Oh, hon, did I wake you? I'm sorry; I forgot how tired you were, but I--"

"--What is it, Marron?"

Trunks hadn't said it snappishly, even though that's the way it may have sounded. He was just trying to get Marron to finish whatever it was she had to say. True, he was extremely exhausted, but he was still willing to hear her speak.

"Well, about our wedding: are you sure you want to do this now?" Marron asked, situating herself so as to look at Trunks directly. "You said yourself that you were nervous about it, and Kami knows I am too. So, I was just thinking...maybe we could wait until next year to get married."

"Absolutely not!" Trunks sat up, staring at Marron, his eyes wide. "We've been together three years and that's not long enough for you? Marron, I know you're feeling uneasy about this, but even if we did wait a year, don't you think you'd have the same feelings as you do now?"

No. That's what she wanted to say, but she couldn't bring herself to tell Trunks. She had been secretly hoping that he would agree with her on the wait-another-year thing, that way, she'd have more time to contemplate on how to tell Trunks about Goten.

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"Do you know what she asked me?"

"I,," Goten said, taking a few steps back.

"She asked if we could postpone our wedding until next year! Isn't that crazy? Why do you think she would do that, Goten?"

Trunks' face was beat-red and his facial expression showed one of a maniac. With each step taken back by Goten, Trunks countered with taking two forward.

"Trunks, I--"

"--Oho, it's too late to get yourself out of this one, Goten. Marron's decided who it is she loves, and do you know who that person is?"

Begin Flashback

"I still don't know why Marron would just run off like that. Ugh, it disgusts me that I don't know where she is! Why would she do this?"

Trunks kept both of his shaking hands on the steering wheel, but it was obvious to anyone that he could have a wreck at any moment; more than half of his mind was on finding Marron rather than the other cars on the road.

"I wish you would stop that," Goten said irritibly. "You're worried about Marron, I know, I am too. But the important thing is that we stay focused and find her, instead of having you act like this is the end of the world. All right?"

Goten didn't bother waiting for his friend's answer; when he turned his head, he saw a young blonde-headed girl, wearing a pink dress. He had to stop himself from jumping out of the car and wrapping his arms around her, but he realized it wasn't her, and turned back to Trunks, who was staring dumbfoundedly at the stretch of road before him. And then, while it sat on the tip of his lips, Goten accidently let slip what had been on his mind for over a year now.

"I love her, Trunks."

Goten sworn he had felt all the organs in his body slam against his front side as Trunks screeched the car to a halt. He felt dizzy, but after a few seconds, he urged himself to look up at his friend.

"What did you say?" Trunks asked, in what sounded like a mad whisper.

Goten hesitated; how was he going to get himself out of this one? He had just told Trunks his ultimate secret, the secret that would most definately cost him his friendship with Trunks and the girl of his dreams.

"I said I saw a dove, that's all," Goten said, in an attempt to cover his slip-up.

Apparently, Trunks had not heard Goten the second time for he replied, "You said you loved her? Who?"

Seeing that there was no way of getting out of this, Goten answered, "Marron; I love Marron..."

"...You l-love her?"

Goten hung his head, maintaining a strong gaze on his laced-up sneakers. He wanted to find a way to go back in time; back another two years so that maybe he could try and prevent himself from loving Marron and going out with Paris. Maybe if he had just considered the both of them as just friends, then none of this would have happened. Unfortunately, Goten wouldn't be able to find any time machines that were handy at the moment, so he merely looked up at Trunks, a pained look on his face.

"That's right," he said, heaving the heaviest of sighs. "Trunks, I don't know what's wrong with me; I shouldn't love Marron, you should!"

"But I--"

"--I know you do, and that's the problem. Having knowing that you love her, are ENGAGED to her, that shouldn't make me want her even more. It's almost like a challenge to me: it's like the more your wedding date nears, the more I want to take her away from you! It's's like I don't want you two to be together..."

Cars were beginning to honk loudly at the two Saiyans, for when Goten had confessed his feelings, Trunks had slammed on his brakes, stopping the car in the middle of the street. They were lucky no one ran into the back of them.

Trunks, taking this moment to glane up at his rearview mirror, realized that he had better move the two of them off the road before someone went "Super-Karate-Death-Car" on them.

"C'mon, let's talk about this somewhere else..," Trunks said, placing his foot back on the acceleration, and putting the car was back in motion.

End Flashback

"Well?" Trunks demanded. "Marron doesn't love me anymore, does she?"

"She doesn't love me if that's what you're implying!" Goten cried. "I tried to make her see my feelings, I even wanted her to return those feelings--"

Goten's head was spinning and he could have sworn he felt his jaw snap. He looked up at Trunks, just now realizing that he had been thrown to the ground. That's when he remembered that Trunks had punched him square in the mouth, causing the unsuspecting Goten to fall over on his rump.

"You just hit me!" Goten exclaimed, rubbing his swollen cheek and pulling himself up off the ground.

Trunks remained silent. He had a mixed look of anger and shock, which made him look even scarier. His mind was racing; he remembered back in Hawaii how Goten had confessed his feelings of love about Marron, and how they had gone and talked about it at a park just off Waikiki. But thinking about it now had caused a fury to rise within Trunks, and he felt like he just had to vent it.

"You were having an affair with my my fiancee!"

"Trunks, it's not an affair unless you're married! And still, it wasn't like she was cheating on you; it was all me. I admitted my feelings, I tried to persuade into doing things with me...but she was too naïve to care or even bother."

This time when Trunks swung his fist, Goten was able to catch a glimpse in order to brace himself for the attack. Trunks had aimed and made contact with the same cheek as before, and Goten winced as he felt his friend's fist graze him as he took a step back.

"Don't talk about her like that!" Trunks bellowed, the anger on his face rivaling that of his father's.

"Well, then quit beatin' up on me!"

"Why? Kami knows you deserve it."

When Goten realized what he was doing, he had already thrust out his fist, punching Trunks straight in the jaw. Trunks, unexpecting of the attack, stumbled backwards, just stopping himself before he fell.

Thus began an all-out brawl between two best friends. There was no need for ki blasts, Super Saiyans, fancy blocks and dodges, or flying: this was just the punching match of the season. And it was merely a fight for love; the two didn't intend to kill each other, they just needed time to release their anger and other emotions that had built inside them over the past week.

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