Poor Mary Sue: Chapter Seven

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Here it is.

Chapter Seven


i kno im not a reel good riter, im stil lerning! Leav me alone!

Anywayz, here iit iz. Hop u lik…

Rosalina wok up in adark rom, al alone.

'Bakura?" she aksed

'No hes not her, i recued u from him. sed some1.

"i dunt ned recsuing, i luv hiim!' she cryed.

"C, hes made u tink taht kind off stuf alredy, btu u cn stil B saved…'

'Who R U?" she whimpred.

No anser came. She wuz al bi herssefl…

Emily groaned. "Oh my…"

"What now?"

"I've been kidnapped by an unknown person who wants to break up OMG TEH TWOO WUV! Yay, I get to angst now! Whoopee. Not."

"You must be kidding."

"No joke."

Bakura leaned over her shoulder.

"We must kill it before it spreads."

"Tell me how we'll manage that, and I'll be right there with you."

Sum1 she din't relee kno, wit blak hair adn bright gren eyes, cam inn. "good ur awak."

She wuz mizrable. "Y r u doin this?'

'he'dve treted u bad. Ur beter of here."

Rosalina din't beleive it. 'Bakura wuld nevr hurt me.'

(AN: OMG shes so loyale! Adn he nevr wuld, either!)

Emily nodded. "I THINK it's Otogi, but I can't really tell..."

Then she stopped and blinked.

"Hey, Bakura, look! They learned to spell your name right!"

"Wow. See my wonder and amazement."

"There's no need to be so sarcastic…" she muttered. "Jeez."

"It means I'm getting back into character. So don't complain."

"u dont kno him, not teh reel him, Rosalina. So jsut undersand taht u'l B better of this whey."

Emily snorted. "Don't undersand, Rosalina! Because undersanding strangers can lead to the varnish peeling off later, if you aren't careful."

Rosalina sta alon and whispred 2 bakura,

"Bakura, wherevr u r, plese find me son…"

"EEW! You're Rosalina's son now?"

"Emily, you have an extremely sick mind. Get it out of the gutter."

"No way! It took many years of work, strength of will, and determination to get this sick mind, and I'm keeping it, thank you very much."

Rosalina cryed kwietly, tehn she fond a bit of brokn glas on the flor.

she liftd her sleve, and wuz abot 2 cut in wehn she herd Bakura's voic whispr 2 her.

'Plz dont. U'l scar ur beautiful skin."

His voice gav hr hop, and she dcided 2 cary on.

Emily giggled. "Perhaps there would be other, more interesting disembodied voices later on."

Bakura shook his head. "Mhm. Are you sure they aren't mixing up me and Ryou? Because that last crap about scarring her skin sounds like something he would say."

"No, he has better taste than that."

"Are you sure?"

"Very sure. Let's continue to examine this wonderful piece of well-rounded storyline, shall we?"

She herd crashin, and teh sonds off figting. Tehn hr dor opned.

Bakura wuz ther.

Witout thinking, she ran to him.

Emily looked at the screen. "You know, with a bit more thinking involved, Rosalina could be toned down, the spelling could be improved, and this story might not suck as much as it does…"

Bakura raised an eyebrow at her.

She grinned. "Oh yeah, that's right, thinking. My bad."

She fel him holdin her 2, and she smild, knwoin she wuz safe...

Bakura smirked. "She was wrong. Because then he stabbed her. The end."

Emily laughed. "Don't we all wish."

He leand down. She loked up at him, curios. They movd closr and closr until…

"EW!" shrieked Emily.

Bakura looked slightly sick. "I can't believe they're making us do this."

"Me either. HELP!"

Suddenly, a group of people burst into the room.

"Hello, we're the Fangirl Destroyer's Society. We were told there was a Sue here?"

Emily raised a hand. "That's me. What TOOK you so long?"

They blinked at her, and then one of them grinned.

"Hey, we might be able to recuperate this one…"

And here our story ends, as it is strictly the tale of poor Mary Sue. However, as life goes on for them all, here is what happened:

The fangirls were taken to jail for committing crimes against the human senses, the story was pulled and the canon characters were taken back to their correct homes, although they may have mental scars from the horrors they were forced through in that fic throughout their lives.

And as for Emily? Well, she has just graduated from rehabilitation and has been accepted for a wonderful OC fic with a great author. We're all very proud of her and wish her the best of luck.


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