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Here is the first poem. The next one will be Cherry, then Blood berry. And the last one will be about all three.

The poems will be said through the characters' point of view.

Lime: Successful Mission

I was born here to protect you

I'm here to make you smile too.

My life is a mystery,

But I'm not even sure what that means.

What's fair? What's a cotton candy?

Is their something that I don't see?

Squirrely, my old friend

I've set you free

Live your life the way it should be.

The moment I awoke,

Prisms surround me

So look

I'm Lime, born so free.

Lies and Truths,

Are all within us

So let's live honestly.

Tenderness and caring

Can be ours once again

Don't worry Otaru, I'll stop the war

Cause' I don't want to fight

I may make mistakes

But I'll protect you

No mater what it takes

I love you Otaru

To win back your smile,

I'll walk together with you.

The strength to sever the tangles wires is still sleeping inside of you.

I open my eyes to see what's true

But the courage to abandon this rusted screw

Has already awakened inside of me and you.

I'll always care for you guys,

And protect you all, no matter what the condition.

Otaru, Cherry, Bloodberry, we'll never say goodbye

You can always count on me, for a

Successful Mission