Here's Bloodberry's everyone! And thanks for the reviews!

luvweaver-Cool! Lime's my favorite too! Me and my friend (boy) like Lime as our favorite, my brother and my other friend (girl) likes Cherry, and my last friend (another girl) likes Bloodberry. Then there's the girl that introduced me to Saber Marionette J in the first place likes Lime as her favorite as well. Now I'm into the whole series! I'm so glad you like my poems so thanks!

Luchs-Yeah, Luchs is cool! She was kind of funny in the Saber marionette contest (in J) and her new job at the end of J to X. My favorite Saber Doll is probably Tiger or Luchs I can't really decide…But I'm glad you like my poems! Since you asked, I guess I could try and write about the Saber Dolls individually. It might take awhile because I need inspiration (I might have to watch all my DVD's again) so I'll try but they won't be coming out anytime soon, but I'll definitely have their poems posted once I have them written eventually.

Don't Waste Your Love!

Left and Right

That's a choice

Right and Left

Listen to that voice.

Life is full of passion,

But it's how you use it

I myself, do a lot of bashing

But it's because I care and to stay fit.

My friends and I may fight everyday

But one thing that we all love is dear Otaru

To me, words aren't much to say

But Otaru, I would do anything for you.

Don't waste your time

Messing around with little things in mind

So don't waste your love

Love can be proven with a beautiful dove

Break down the darkness

Breaking through thunder

Live with happiness

Not a life down under.

Life is difficult to live,

But I'll always be by your side

My love is what I give

It goes back and comes back like the tides.

I'll be a warrior if I can be with you

Only you, Otaru

I won't waste my time

Cherry, Lime

I want Otaru to be mine

I won't waste my love

Akashi, Hana

Understand that love is like a beautiful white dove.

As a team, we bring light to darkness,

We heal pain

We break through thunder and bring happiness

Light and dark, something all hearts contain.

I love you Otaru,

You and only you,

My dear Otaru…