Chapter 4

the poppies and the field mice

On there way out of the forrest Stewie finally woke up. Brian, the scarcrow the tinman and the lion were all sleeping.

"Wake up damn you" stated Stewie . The five of them walk out of the forrest in to a poppy field.

"what the hell is this" said the scarrcrow

"it look like a flower field" stated brian," but why im not so sure"

"oh for god sake it was in the bloody book" stewie "my god people theses days they just don't read anymore" the five of them desided to go across the field

"um no f###ing way, find other way around because im not going into that field'

Stewie you read the book right.

"well yes but"

Well is there another way around.

"No I guess not"


"Finish that sentence dog I dare you."( Stewie reaches in to his backpack and pulls out a gass mask.)"okay narator im ready" . So now the five of them cross the field .and even though stewie had a gas mask on he fell asleep I n the middle of the field. (stewie rips off his gas mask)

"what the blood hell do you…"stewie fell asleep.

"well I guess that what you get for cheating" said brian . he went to pick up stewie and then he fell asleep .

"what the hell are they doing, taking a nap."

"you know a nap doesn't sound too bad" stated the lion.

"lion run across the field" commanded the tinman. Lion did what he said

(lion is still standing there)

Ah-em I said lion did what he said

(lion is still there) "what did he say again"

"RUN" said the tinman (and narrator)

Lion finally did what the tinman said and ran.

"Scarrocrw can help me by picking up stewie while I pick up brian"

So the scarrcrow and the tinman walk throu the field carring Brian and Stewie however when they got to the edge of the field the scarrcrow tripped over lions tail . Lion fell a Sleep

The tinman and scarecrow were some what success ful of getting the others out of there but only Stewie and Brian .

"Well those two are safe "

"yeah but not friekin lion haw are we going to rescue him he is too heavy for us."

In the mist of those two talking a little mouse with a pink beanie hat was bieng chased by a cat with freckles

"get away from me Niel"

"sorry Queenie but your going to be lunch "

The mouse and the cat were running around the two standing members of the party.

"party"( the four charactors start to dance out of the blue to get it started for black eyed peas, in the middle of the dance the tinman accedently silces off Niel head with his axe)


"what the hell you just friekin killed a cat"

"I didn't mean to it was an accedent"

Don't worry belive it or not there is a cat in the book that gets killed buy the tinman

"we' ll then come wasn't in the movie"

If I went by the movie Kaputie one woun't be in my story

"oh ok carry on"

"peter why give up"

"if Lois doesn't have a role in this thing she'd kill me"

"oh thank you for saving me form that flea infested feline." Said the mouse "I am the queen of the field mice"

"whoa it a good thing you killed that cat. "

"To you two we all owe a debt"

"well I don't think you can realy help"

"yeah you guys too small to help"

"I tell you we ar not what do you need help with"

"We have a friend in the poppy field that we have to get out"

"yeah because all of you are too small"

"who is your friend"

"A heavy Lion"

The queen calleed one milliion field mice to help pull out the lion

"okay that was our debt to you"

"It would have been"

"had we asked you but we didn't you did that on your own"

The queen mouse left in a huff and left the sceen brian and lion woke up

"did I make it"

"not quite but you were close"

"whoo-hoo I was close"

Brian turned around and saw the emerald city .

"Guys were here"

Just then stewie woke up

"you bloody tricked me "

You were cheating. And besides toto is the first to fall asleep

"he be bloody toto I should be dorthy"

Okay, stewie if you want to be dorathy.