*NOTE* I created (and therefore OWN) most of the characters, except for Kylie, Eduardo, Garrett, Roland, Egon, Janine, and Slimer, all of whom belong to the creators of EGB. Everything here is mostly fictional. My story might seem strange (even silly), so please keep in mind that I began this in about '99, so my writing style HAS changed, and hopefully improved. Well, enjoy the story; please review it. Thank you!


In a small, unknown cavern, there is a small pond, with the clearest water ever seen. But when you look in, it's not what you would expect. You do not see sand and gravel. You see time. The Future, the Past, the Present. Now, in the pond, is a vision - four teenagers. First: a muscular guy with red hair and blue eyes in a wheelchair. Next to him, another young man. He is lanky, with a long brown fringe, angular face, and dark brown eyes. Next to him, a guy, well built but not muscular, tall, with cocoa colored skin. And finally, beside him, a slim, petite girl with long black hair, big green eyes and dark makeup.

"These are the four people who are to become Extreme Ghostbusters. They will fight the evil that will arrive, and triumph in the Ghost War. Almost all four will encounter problems on the way, caused by Tempus's minions. Your duty is to make sure they survive. You will know when it is time to move on. They with thank you superlatively and that is your cue to leave. Now you may descend to Earth to begin your mission." A deep voice spoke assuredly and authoritatively to a pretty blond girl. She left, and now…the story begins.


TIME: Approximately 5 in the evening.
PLACE: New York City
SCENE: In front of a block of flats overlooking a small playground across the road, two young girls are having a discussion…

The older of the two, a girl about six years old with long black hair tied up in pigtails, is very impatiently trying to convince her friend of something. The second girl, about five years old, is nervously pulling on her golden braid.

"Come on already, Alyssa! You know you want to go and play too!" persuaded the raven-haired girl. She looked longingly at the playground across the street. When Alyssa hesitated, she pulled on Alyssa's sleeve. "Come on. It'll be alright." With that she quickly went to the edge of the pavement. Alyssa, who was glancing around nervously, didn't notice her.

"I don't know, Kylie. Our parents are always telling us not to cross the road by our-"she broke off in mid-sentence when she notice Kylie about to dart across the street. "Kylie! Don't!" she cried. Just then she heard – and then saw – something that made her feel sick to the stomach. A silver-colored car was speeding down the road about 5 meters away from Kylie. "Kylie! Watch out!" she shouted. Then she screamed at the car (or rather, it's driver) to stop. Kylie, glancing back to see what the shouts were about, suddenly froze in place, right in front of the car, much like a deer staring into a car's headlights.

Alyssa didn't stop to think as her instincts kicked in. She dove across the road, pushing Kylie to safety. The driver let out a loud horn when he saw the two girls tumbling across the road as he hit the brakes. The car missed them by inches. Once the driver saw they were all right, he quickly sped off, calling out an apology. Just then, Kylie's mother, upon hearing the commotion, had run out just in time to see Alyssa save Kylie. She dashed across the road to the duo sitting only the grassy pavement.

"Kylie! How many times have I told you never to cross the road by yourself?" She said harshly. "How on Earth could you have been so dumb? If it weren't for Alyssa, you'd have been killed!" she continued, her voice rising with every word. The girls stood there waiting for Kylie's mother to finish, their eyes filled with their emotions—Kylie's emerald eyes were flashing with anger and hatred; Alyssa's blue eyes were clouded with embarrassment and discomfort. Just then, Kylie's mother ended her lecture with a stern "I've told you, God knows how many times, never cross the road by yourself!"

"You have told me," said Kylie calmly, "Precisely four times not to cross the road, six including the two times just now. And I am fine, so there is no need to shout."

"Don't be rude, Kylie Griffin. And you might not be fine. It is only thanks to Alyssa here, that you are safe. Unfortunately." She looked at Alyssa, who smiled weakly. She then walked off, calling to Kylie, "You can stay and play with Alyssa for another half hour and then I shall come and take the both of you home myself. And remember to thank Alyssa for saving your butt!"

"Yeah," smiled Kylie as she turned to her friend. "Thanks. I owe you one."

"No problem. I know you'd do the same for me." shrugged Alyssa.

"You're the only person I can trust. Well, you and Jack." Kylie told her. She noticed Alyssa squirm slightly.

"I have to tell you something." Alyssa blurted out.

"What?" asked Kylie curiously. She had never seen Alyssa so nervous.

"I'm leaving tomorrow afternoon."

"Y-y-you're m-moving?" stammered Kylie. She couldn't believe it. "But you're my best friend! You can't go! It'd
be like losing a sister!" she cried.

"I'm sorry, Ky. I'm not leaving because of you…I just have places to go." Alyssa said anxiously.


"I'm sorry. Really I am." whispered Alyssa. A solitary tear rolled down her cheek. "But I promise we will meet again." She ran across the street and Kylie, unable to do anything, began sobbing.


TIME: 3 am, present time.
PLACE: Kylie's apartment, New York City.

Kylie tossed and turned restlessly in her sleep; beads of sweat trickling down her forehead. Her breaths were heavy and fast. Her lips were moving slightly, barely noticeable, but nonetheless moving.

"Why, Alyssa…why? *sniff* You…can't…go…" she mumbled. She twisted about, and suddenly awoke and sat up, holding her head in her hands. She rubbed her eyes, and felt the tears she had cried in her sleep. She tried to regulate her breathing and inhaled deeply.

She closed her eyes, thinking of Alyssa, her best friend, her only friend…besides Jack. But Jack had disappeared when they were seven, a year after Alyssa had left, thanks to the Grundle. Kylie thought about this for a while, she had not had any true friends since she was a little girl, but they had disappeared. Was she destined to be a loner forever? She dismissed the thought; she knew she had true friends now. She had Garrett, Roland, Slimer, Janine, Egon and…Eduardo.

Eduardo was special to her, very special. If only she could tell him about her feelings…but she figured if she did, it might jeopardize their already brittle friendship. Eduardo was always making dumb comments; she was always correcting him. She always got mad at herself for doing that to Eduardo, he probably thought she hated him. She didn't; in reality she cared about him a lot, so much she feared rejection; she knew if he rejected her, her whole world would fall apart. She missed Alyssa, she knew if she were around, she would help her with this dilemma. She leaned back to her pillow, turned to the side, covered herself with her blanket, and cried herself to sleep. She woke up at the crack of dawn, after a bad night of sleep, got dressed and went to the firehouse.


Above Kylie, a teenage girl that bore a striking resemblance to Alyssa hovered.

"Kylie, dear Kylie…" she murmured sadly. She hated leaving Kylie, her best girlfriend, whom she loved so much. She had cried so much when she had to leave. Her 'parents' were guardians also, but of other people. They traveled with her wherever her next task lay. She had awesome powers, like the ability to make herself whatever age she wanted, the ability to read people's minds and see their dreams, and also the ability to see the future. It was times like now, however, that she hated that gift. She felt horrible about what happened without having to see recurrences. To see Kylie suffer like she did sucked. She sighed.