PLACE: On the way to Central Park, New York City.

The Ecto-1 cruised along the road, which was unusually empty for New York. It headed straight for Central Park, looking for Shamalle, when Kylie gasped. She pointed, gaping silently. Eduardo followed her gaze and he too, gasped. Garrett, confused by their stares, looked out the window and his throat dried up immediately.

"Roland?" Kylie said, her lips barely moving, as though if she spoke whatever she was looking at would disappear. Roland hit the brakes.

"What?" he asked, turning around, and saw all of them gaping at something outside the Ecto-1. He too followed their gazes.

"Isn't that the demon we're looking for?" Garrett asked. Kylie nodded. "Well, what're we waiting for? Let's kick some demon butt! Woo-hoo!" he cried, grabbing his proton pack. He was about to wheel out when Kylie stopped him.


"What? Whaddya mean, 'no'? There's a demon out there!"

"Exactly. According to the caller, it's supposed to be at Central Park."

"It looks like it's going there." Eduardo commented. His eyes were still fixated on the demonic apparition he was looking at.

It was terrifying, yet majestic, intense, but calming. The Ghostbusters knew it was powerful, yet they were not really afraid, and even though they were aware of the terror and destruction it could cause, they would not run away. It was a mass of swirling pale blue, glowing, but not very brightly. They could see parts of Shamalle through the translucent, gauzy, glowing mass. Shamalle (or what they could see of him) was a deep, deep black, so deep it was like a black hole in space. His eyes were a bright purple, sort of like fuchsia, and it glowed brightly, enhancing the contrast between it and the black background it was set in. He had sharp pointy ears, also black, but with three jewel-like dots, all fiery orange, which immensely contrasted the black 'skin'. His nose was not visible, but he had intensely red lips, which covered part of his pristine white teeth. Again, it held great contrast to the rest of him.

"Yeah. And the caller said it was moving towards the park about ten minutes ago and that it was there already. So why is it on its way now?"

"Maybe he went there, found it too boring, left, but forgot something at the park so now he's going back?" Garrett suggested. Kylie, Eduardo and Roland turned to him at stared, eyebrows raised. "What? It could be true…"

"Yeah, right, amigo. And cows are green with horns." Eduardo sneered.

"Cows have horns, Edwina." Garrett said flatly.

"Oh. I knew that." Eduardo said defensively. "Well, then cows are green with pink stripes."

"Cows are green with pink stripes."

"Oh, I knew…hey! No, they're not."

"Yes, they are."

"What kind of neighborhoods have you been hanging out in, Garrett?" Kylie interrupted their argument. Eduardo smiled gratefully at her. "Cows don't have horns, only bulls do. And they're generally brown, black, or white."

"Well…" Garrett gazed upward.

"Either that or you have seriously been misled," she said pointedly. Garrett opened his mouth to say something, but thought about it and snapped his mouth shut. "Anyway, as I was saying before you two began that fascinating discussion of cows, why is Shamalle only going to Central Park now when he was supposed to be there ten minutes ago? Not to mention the portal isn't quite big enough to let him into this realm yet."

"Are you saying that the caller could tell us what was going to happen in advance? Like, see the future?" Roland asked. Kylie shrugged.

"Maybe. But we can discuss that with Egon later, right now we have to observe what Shamalle is going to do." The

Ghostbusters stared out the window, watching Shamalle.