Title: The Legend of Shinigami

Author: Neko Enchantment & Trio Spade

Beta: Kime

Summery: The vampire Shingami has roamed this world since the very beginning of the night time legends rule. After hunting down and getting his revenge on his maker and siblings, he was left to roam. Now in present day what is he to do? A night in search of a meal turns into a night of finding. . . . What is it about this Persian eyed waiter? Could he be. . . .No, soul mates don't exist, do they? AU


Anime: Gundam Wing

Rating: R

AN: All characters and ideas of the Gundam Wing world do not belong to me. Storyline and plot are mine, alone with any original characters though so do not use without my permission please.

Many years ago vampires strived to rule the world. Humans were getting dangerously low in supply as vampires killed them off leaving a precious few for slaves. Many humans were turned into mindless ghouls and released into cities.

I was one of the first vampires created besides my Lord who was the very first original vampire. He created nine of us I was the second born. Zeneth was the first born, followed closely by me. Then came Gabriel, Renoth, Utenga, Draiden, Aluvard, Xellos, and Meikle who was the only female out of us.

Every year our Lord would going into metamorphosis and a new ability would be learned. We his children would going into metamorphosis a little after him and learn a new skill that our Lord already had. That is until I went into Metamorphosis.

When I woke from my metamorphosis sleep I had a pair of black silky dragon like wings. After metamorphosis we usually went to show our Lord and any of our sister or brothers that were present our new abilities.

I was the last one to wake. I pushed the door to the main room open my Lord was sitting in the throne strait ahead of me while my brethren where gathered in half a circle facing the our Lord.

Walking up to the throne I knelt down to show my respect before moving my wings into view one at a time as I had yet to learn how to control them.

Needless to say my Lord was jealous of the fact that he may have finally reached his limit of power while one of his children was improving by having a skill such as flight. He walked around me touching my wings. Making me flinch as I could tell he was upset. Nothing would have prepared me for what he had done next.

He brought his clawed hands down on my wings ripping them. Fire raced from my wings making me scream in pain. I collapsed on the floor my long chestnut braid lying in a pool of my own blood that ran from my now ruined wings.

I clenched my hand my violet eyes glazed over in pain as my brethren dragged me. When I saw where they had brought me I struggled to get away. We were on a cliff and from where we were you could see the Waterfall and even though I couldn't see it I knew there was a giant body of water just below us.

Most vampires couldn't touch water. They pushed me over the cliff, pure agony I felt when I hit the water. I could feel my skin melting away and blinding pain, pain more intense them I had ever felt. I don't know how long I continued to suffer in agony years, centuries. But finally I settled at the bottom of the pool.

Then a voice sounded in my head awakening me from my eternal slumber. The voice offered me a second chance, a chance to seek my revenge. I was nothing but a corpse all my former beauty was gone, though I still had my precious braid.

The voice told me for every vampire that aided in my destruction that I destroyed and sucked there power I would gain back a little of what I had, plus all there skills. So I went forth killing my brethren one at a time gaining skill, power, and some of my old beauty back for everyone that I killed. I fast became stronger than my Lord and when his turn finally came I had little trouble finishing him.

All the little vampires that my siblings had created ran off creating the legend of the dead vampire come back who killed the ones who had betrayed him. Humans began to repopulate and they to created a legend.

Thus I became the Great Shinigami.