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Duo continued to watch Heero sending him dreams but never showing himself in person again. He waited for the perfect moment when he knew he wouldn't be interrupted. So far the opportunity hadn't revealed it's self. But Duo wasn't called Shinigami for nothing he could wait, for awhile.

A few weeks later

Heero walked calmly down the street he was only a few blocks away from his apartment. Suddenly cold but warm breath caused goose bumps to appear on his neck.

Swirling around Heero met faintly glowing violet eyes.

"You! Heero said as he recognized the person that stood in front of him.

"Me…" Duo said chuckling softly.

Heero backed up to gain some distance, which didn't work very well because Duo was taking two steps forward for his every step back. When Heero finally realized it was futile to keep backing up their bodies were only a few inches apart.

One of Duo's pale hands came up to cup Heero's cheek.

"I told you we would meet again Heero" Duo whispered before kissing him.

Duo's tongue ran across Heero's bottom lip not really asking for permission but demanding entry. Heero's gasp was quickly taken advantage of as Duo's tongue invaded Heero's mouth. Heero tried to pull away but was only released slightly when Duo had explored every inch of Heero's mouth.

"What do you want? Heero asked softly.

The last thing he remembered as a suddenly became very sleepy was.


Before he let the blackness that was sleep over take him.

When Heero woke he was lying in the middle of a big feather bed done in black silk and fur. A soft glow coming from the burning fire in the fireplace lit the place dimly. Standing cautiously Heero edged toward to door.

"Going somewhere Hee-chan? The braided youth breathed a few inches away from the back of his neck.

Letting out a choked yelp Heero turned around quickly backing up until his back met the wall. Duo cocked his head in amusement and was suddenly only a few inches away from Heero. Heero blinked in confusion not believing what had happened. One second the braided teen was halfway across the room the next he was inches away.

" Who are you? Heero whispered.

" Me? I'm Duo Maxwell, but you can call me Shinigami" Duo murmured against Heero lips.

" You the God of Death? I highly doubt it" Heero said trying to push Duo away.

" If you were anyone else I would kill you for that statement, but I'll make an exception for you Hee-chan. I'll just give you a little death" Duo said smirking.

" Little death? There is no such thing" Heero said with a frown as he continued to try to get Duo away from him.

" But there is" Duo murmured before claiming Heero's lips.

Running his tongue across Heero's bottom lip demanding entrance. Heero tried to turn his head away but one of Duo's hands gripped Heero's chin to keep him from turning away. Heero needing to take a breath opened his mouth which Duo quickly took advantage of delving Heero's mouth.

Duo pulled away nibbling on Heero's bottom lip as he gasped for breath. Duo trailed kisses down Heero's neck stopping right above his collarbone. Duo breathed in Heero's scent running his tongue across the skin before biting down gently.

Heeri jerked at the stinging pain and tried to pull away when he realized what Duo was doing. Heero suddenly moaned when a surge of pleasure came from where Duo was biting. Sagging against the wall Heero panted and let out a whimper of protest when Duo pulled back.

Duo picked Heero up cradling him in his arms. Striding over to the bed Duo placed Heero on it gently gripping Heero's shirt in one hand and giving a feral grin. Before giving a firm yank, say 'goodbye' to Heero's shirt.

Heero gave a squeak of surprise and sat up a faint blush coloring his cheeks. Duo threw Heero's ruined shirt god knows where and pushed Heero back down into a lying position. Duo lapped at the trickle of blood running from the bite mark, running his tongue over it.

Heero moaned as a bolt of pleasure came from the bite mark when Duo licked it. Duo kissed his way down Heero's chest stopping to suckle of Heero's nipples. Heero jerked up into the caress giving a moan of protest even as his hands tangled in Duo's hair and pulled him closer.

Duo chuckled before continuing down till he got to Heero's pants. Gripping Heero's pant in both hands Duo looked up meeting Heero's dazed eyes. With a RIP Heero's pants met the same fate as his shirt. Heero's cheeks lit up and he jerked away grabbing the top fur blanket and jumping off the opposite side of the bed looking at Duo wearily.

" Come here Heero" Duo said softly beckoning with his hand.

Heero shook his head and backed away looking like a confused puppy, totally lost.

" I promise I won't touch you" Duo said still holding his hand out while he silently added to himself ' for tonight '

Heero took a tentative step forward walking slowly around the bed and taking Duo's hand while the other held the blanket around his body his cheeks still blushed red.

" Aww is my little Hee-baby shy" Duo whispered in Heero's ear as he pulled him into a light hug.

"..hnnn…" Was Heero's only response.

Duo picked Heero up slowly placing him on the bed before joining him spooning behind him. Heero's eyes fluttered shut as sleep claimed him.

Duo smiled tucking a stray strand of hair behind Heero's ear. Placing a soft kiss on Heero's cheek before pulling Heero into a tighter embrace his own eyes closing.

Author note:

There we are. Did everyone like I've been working on making the chapters of all my stories longer.