Title :When Dreams Come True

Beta: Kime

Author: Neko Enchantment & Trio Spade

Summary: A slave by the name of Wufei Chang makes a break for it and runs into a neighboring swamp. Cold, wet, and very tired, he stops to rest on a long island in the middle of the swamp only to be found by two Youki. What are there plans for him? What is to happen with him? AU

Paring(s): TrezxWufxZechs

Anime: Gunam Wing

Rating: R

AN :All characters and ideas of the Gundam Wing world do not belong to me. Storyline and plot are mine, alone with any original characters though so do not use without my permission please.

Gasping for breath a young boy that went by the name of Wufei Chang ran full tilt across a field. Not daring to pause even for a second for fear that his master would catch him.

His new master was an exceptionally cruel man, buying Wufei for the sole reason of a bed warmer. Wufei's old mistress had Wufei working in the field where he hadn't been noticed by anybody, his mother being the lady's personal servant till she died.

When Wufei's mistress died all the slaves were sold by her oldest son. Wufei had the bad luck of getting a cruel master.

Wufei managed somehow to put off his new masters desire to have Wufei in his bed. Until finally Wufei couldn't put him off anymore. Wufei had smashed a vase over his master's head and ran.

And he was still running knowing his master wouldn't be to far behind him. As if on cue the sound of hoof beats sounded in the distance getting closer by the second.

Veering off toward the swamp Wufei pushed his already exhausted body. Stumbling in the first foot of freezing muddy water Wufei's teeth started chattering right away. Dressed only in a thin pair of tight black pants, a black netting shirt, and a single black collar Wufei's body quickly got cold.

After a few minutes of wading in the now waist deep muddy water Wufei's bare feet quickly lost feeling the rest of his body following quickly.

Struggling to make his body do what he wanted Wufei pulled himself toward a small sliver of land. Crawling up with the last of his energy Wufei curled up into a ball trying to warm himself without success. Breaking into soft sobs even while he berated himself for being weak.

"Well look what he have here a little human." A deep masculine voice stated with an air on indifference.

"Yes, ah what shall we do with him Treize for trespassing on our land?" another male voice asked his voice held a mischievous yet cold ring to it.

Wufei stiffened but didn't move. Hoping against hope that the two males that were talking behind him didn't work for his master.

"Hmmm…..we could always eat him" The male named Treize said.

The snap of a twig told the fact that they were moving toward him. Forcing himself to his feet Wufei whirled around to face the two males that were coming toward him determined not to go back to his now ex-master without a fight.

What he faced took him totally by surprise. In front of him where two tall handsome men, one with short ginger brown hair and cornflower blue eyes, in place of normal human ears were pointed elf like ones and behind him a ginger brown tail flicked with annoyance.

The second had long blond hair that went down past his knees on his head were a pair of white dog like ears, behind him three equally white tails swayed lazily, crystal blue eyes glared at him.

With a gasp Wufei backed up and both of the youki's stopped rather suddenly there eyes roving over him. Wufei watched them both warily while continuing to back up careful not fall of the thin but long piece of land.

A blast of cold wind swept across the swamp which set Wufei's teeth chattering again. Both youki's cocked there heads to the side something like concern flashed in there eyes though Wufei believed he must of imagined it.

The brown haired youki took a step forward. Wufei turned around to bolt only to slam into the blond youki and would have fallen if a pair of large strong hands hadn't caught him from behind.

Struggling to escape the grasp that could only belong to the other youki. The blond one lifted one of his hands making Wufei flinch away and close his eyes. A hand stroked his cheek gently making him gasp in surprise his onyx eyes flying to meet crystal blue in shock.

Grabbing his chin firmly the blond youki continued to look into his eyes as his face drew closer to Wufei's. The blonde's lips brushed Wufei's gently making him stiffen. A chuckle sounded from behind him and the blond released his grip on his chin with a smile.

The next thing Wufei knew he had been thrown over the blondes shoulder and they were jumping at least twenty feet in the air to land on another sliver of land a good seventy feet away.

By the time Wufei got over his shock they were already out of the swamp and in a lush forest. Growling Wufei started to struggle in the blondes grasp and when the blonde wouldn't let go Wufei started swearing in Chinese.

They obviously understood Chinese because as soon as he started cursing them they started to laugh softly at him.

Come, come Dragon you shouldn't waste your breath on curses you might need it later the youki named Treize teased.

Wufei growled at him and renewed his struggles.

If you need a break from his constant squirming Zechs I'll gladly take him Treize said with a chuckle.

That comment made Wufei struggle more just to be irritable, before his exhaustion finally caught back up with him. Fighting a losing battle to keep his eyes open Wufei's eyes fell closed as sleep claimed him.

Well there you go. How ya like it?