When Wufei woke he was laying on a big bed made up in white silk. Sheer gauzy white curtains surrounded the bed. Wufei could see the outlines of the room he was in through the thin curtains.

Sitting up cautiously Wufei's cheeks flushed when he found he wasn't wearing a stitch of clothes. Looking around Wufei's gaze fell on the folded clothes that sat on the chair near the bed.

Quickly slipping into the loose unbelievable soft black cotton pants and the white shirt. The shirt was obviously meant for someone bigger because it hung off one of Wufei's shoulders and you could just see the tip of his slender fingers under the sleeves.

Moving to the door Wufei opened it and slipped out silently. The place was so big Wufei quickly got lost. Finally Wufei saw the main exit rushing forward Wufei opened the door quickly and ran down the front steps.

Running into the surrounding woods Wufei chanced a glance back and nearly stumbled when he saw the size of the castle. The place was huge it had to be just luck that Wufei found any exit at all.

Turning back around Wufei continued his fast trot through the woods. A yelp escaped his lips when firm hands grabbed him putting a quick stop to his escape.

Twisting around Wufei pushed against Treize's chest hoping to get out of his grasp. Instead of his intended intention Wufei ended up pulled right up to Treize's chest leaving nothing to the imagination.

Wufei was slung over Treize's shoulder and brought back to the castle Wufei cursing and screaming at the smirking youki to release him. At the door they were met by the other youki who was smiling in amusement.

After many turns and many hallways they walked into another bedroom where he was thrown on a big bed done in red silk. Wufei jumped off the bed only to be thrown back on. A couple minutes later after being thrown back on the bed so many times he couldn't keep track.

Wufei reluctantly stayed on the bed totally unaware of the pout that graced his lips. Treize and Zechs on the other hand were very aware of it and fought the urge to go over and suck on the pouting bottom lip. They had the feeling Wufei wouldn't be very happy it they did, yet.

The two youki's watched the Chinese teen who was now sitting Indian style with his arms folded across his chest glaring at them. Adorable, though they had the feeling it wasn't meant to be.

Treize glanced at Zechs who still had his eyes on the exotic teen, but turned his eyes to Treize when he felt his gaze on him. Cocking his head to the side Treize seemed to be asking the tall blonde a question. And by the grin that spread across Zechs face his answer was yes.

Wufei looked at them warily not liking the way they were looking at him. Both the youki's walked slowly toward the bed there tails flicking in excitement of the hunt. There eyes were locked on Wufei with unnerving intensity as they continued to advance.

Wufei Leaped up with the intention of getting the bed between him and the youki's. Like all his other plans, he was stopped by hands on his hips which pulled him back and down so his head rested on the Zechs shoulder. Once he was all the way down he was sitting on Zechs lap wriggling to get free.

Zechs leaned back so his back rested on the beds head board, Treize suddenly appeared in front of them and dropped to all fours so he was crouching over Wufei both his hand on either side of Zechs chest.

Leaning forward Treize looked into Wufei's eyes for a second before he leaned down all the way and claimed his lips. Wufei gasped in surprise, Treize took it to his advantage and slipped his tongue into the Chinese teen's mouth. Running his tongue over the roof of Wufei's mouth before pulling Wufei's bottom lip into his mouth and sucking gently on it.

Zechs watched for a second before leaning down himself and nibbling on Wufei's ear and mouthing his smooth neck. Treize released Wufei's bottom lip slowly licking it exotically before kissing his was down his neck till he got to his collar bone where he stopped to suck gently.

Zechs took over Wufei's abandoned mouth plundering it with his tongue making wide sweeping movements till he had tasted every single corner of Wufei's mouth. A soft sound escaped Wufei with out him realizing it. Both youki groaned before pulling back to look at a dazed Wufei.

Wufei quickly snapped out of it and pulled himself out of there grasps and putting as much distance between them as possible. Treize shared a glance with Zechs before they both turned there gazes back to Wufei with smiles of amusement.

Zechs stood and waited at the door to the bedroom as Treize stalked over to Wufei cornering and kissing him lightly.

"We aren't through Dragon." Treize murmured before retreating to the door with Zechs.

"Yes it is!" Wufei hissed venomously.

"No little Dragon it isn't, as a matter of fact it has only begun" Zechs voiced, smooth as silk and sultry as sin.

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