The World Is Black

Summary: They thought he was gone after he couldn't be found after a one year search from his family, but they were wrong. Leonardo returns a few weeks after it has been about a year he was gone, when his brothers were out on patrol. When they found him, he doesn't know anyone or them. They find out by him that he is on the run from a man name Akio Yomoto.

Genre: General/ Suspense

Rating: T

Disclaimer: I own nothing of TMNT except for my own people.


Dear Journal,

July 28, 2005

I hate it here. I hate the eyes that stare at me with disgust or enjoyment as I hate their wicked smiles towards me all the time. I hate being forced into something I do not wish, but I never had a say in what I wish to do or not. I hate all of this, but not as much as I hate the one who brought me here, Akio Yomoto. I hate this man so much that he makes me scared of him. He also took my twin katanas from me, the second reason why I hate him so. I was once fearless when I got here, I still am actually, but I only have enough courage to stare in him in the eye or try to speak out of line.

And every time I do, I always regret for doing such a thing because of the harsh punishment that I have; the ones I have written before in you. The ones where you would have scars for life on your body, but my punishers make sure I have no scars for they make it look like I'm still brand new without a scratch on me with this medicine I must take. I've been here for a year in this God forsaken place and I don't have any wounds or scars to prove I have been here, which I am thankful for, but for the price of doing what Akio wishes me to do for him.

Well, not anymore. I will not put up with this torment or lost of freedom any longer. Tonight I shall sneak into the room where my katanas are being held and then I will make my escape. I decided that I must bring you because if I leave you here, my tormentor will know where I'm going.

If you were a person you would ask me where I am going. Well, if you really were a person and not some book to write in, I guess I should to tell you. I'm going to go to New York City. I don't know why, but I feel like I have to go there. Something in my mind seems to make it familiar there while at the same time foreign. I believe I can get some questions there. If not then...I don't know what to do. When I escape, it might take weeks to get there, considering that I'm not even in the state of New York and I have to travel on foot.

But escaping really isn't my problem that much nor traveling. It's after I escape will be my problem because I know that Akio will send his men after me, turning my escape and freedom into "on the run".

I see the sky start to become darker. I'm still counting the minutes that pass by as I write in you, knowing that I have already chosen my fate from this escape. Well, I guess in an hour I will finally be free. Wish me luck, even if it never helped me before.

A/N:Well, there's the prologue, and just to tell you, I got the title from "The World Is Black" by Good Charlotte. Now, I guess I can put the first chapter next so you guys don't have to be disappointed about what happens next. Anywyas, review and please no flames. This is my first story being put up and I hope it's good. Tell me what you think!

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