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Chapter Four: To Soon to Test

He just sat there on his bed in a lotus position, holding the photograph book on his lap as his hands held it's sides. Leo had not opened the worn-out book, but only stared at it. Time had past by so fast that he didn't know that it had been four hours since he came in the room he woke up in, his room, after finding out the people he just met is his family. " Well, that explains why they look like me basically. Except for...myFather." The blue-clad turtle thought.

Yet, the more he thought about the statement, the more he seemed to understand how similiar and different he was to his three brothers. They all were trained in ninjitsu as he can tell, but they all use different weapons; they all are the same species, but they all have different personalities. Last, but not least, they all had a bandana, but all four turtles had different colors to indicate who was who.

A memory came back to him suddenly as he thought about the pieces of blue cloth on his ankles and wrist with the blue bandana around his head:

" Master Akio?" The blue-clad turtle asked as he stood in the middle of the room. The room was dimly lit with only the fire from the fireplace that was made in the west wall, the fire licking the oxygen hungerily with the tip of it's tongue.

" Was there something you wanted to ask me, Leonardo?" asked a man who was staring outside with the whole south wall only as a window. His voice sounded slightly deep and calm as his back was to the turtle. Even with his back turn, anyone could tell he was at least twenty-three or twenty-four with his messy, black hair.

The man had been staring out the window with the rain falling outside as the raindrops hit the clear glass. It was night with the sky as black as smoke outside. "Well...there is, Master."

At this response, Akio turned around to meet the eyes of the young teenage turtle. He pushed up his glasses a little as if he was thinking they were going to fall off his nose. " Then tell me, what is your question?"

The blue-clad turtle hoped that his curiosity wouldn't make his master angry at him for asking such an irritating question as last time; something he didn't want to remember or endure tonight.

His eyes never left Akio's as he spoke the question that had been pestering him for days now. He swallowed the nervous lump in his throat before using a calm and slightly curious voice.

" Why do I wear such blue cloth on around my head?"

The question might have sounded funny, but nevertheless, the man raised his right eyeridge before speaking. " You didn't say "Master" after your question, Leonardo."

The blue-clad turtle made his eyes downcast while feeling that familiar affect that made him feel proud of himself rise up in him a little at the statement Akio had just told him. Yet, while at the same time, fear seemed to snake its way up into his mind once more today after realizing he had violated a rule. Crushing whatever he felt before in less than a second as he brought his eyes to look back up to the man that owned him.

" I-I didn't mean to, Master. It was only an accident-"

He was stopped suddenly from a raise of a hand from Akio, who only gave a small smile to him. " It's okay," he said. " Just don't ever forget again because next time, I won't be so kind to not punish you for such a thing."

" I understand, Master," Leonardo told the man before waiting patiently for his answer, thinking how lucky he was. The human looked like he was in thought for a few minutes, rubbing his chin with his pale hand.

"Hmm..." Akio started, " an interesting question, Leonardo, an interesting question indeed."

There was a pause for a moment. Then, " Well, if you must know, you have that cloth on you because it makes who you are."

" Who...I am, Master?"

"Yes, it makes your personality, your own person, Leonardo. The color I've chosen for you explains who and what you are."

The past memory made Leo finally take the book off his lap and place it next to him on the bed before he stretched his arms high up in the air. A pain shot suddenly through his body as he stretched before hissing in pain and clutching his side where it was stitched last night.

He took a deep breath before releasing his hands off his wound and closed his eyes for a moment as his head seemed to bow to nothing, his hands were in the middle of his crossed legs. The blue-clad turtle was like that for a few minutes with nothing, but the recent memory passing through his mind the whole time while the pain subsided.

He was soon disrupted when his door made a creaking sound, having a green head poke in with a purple bandana around its head. " Um...Leo?" Don asked while seeing his brother with his eyes closed. The blue-banded turtle slowly opened his eyes, but never turned to his brother.

" Was there something you wanted?" Leo asked as he stared at his hands.

" Well...ah...there is."

" And that is?"

" I need to check up on your stitches."

Leo nodded before hearing the sound of the door shutting and foot steps heading towards his way. The next thing he knew, Donnie was knelling near his left side with a bag next to him. The blue-clad turtle could feel the others eyes on him, but Leo refused to turn his way. No matter how tempting it was to look back with him starting to stiffen from how close he was to another being. Instead, he decided to speak so the other wouldn't feel uncomfortable being in the silence, something that he rarely did whenever he had company back then. Plus, he thought he would relax better if they were talking.

" Donatello...right?" Leonardo asked without looking at the other. He thought that maybe asking if he got the name right would start a simple conversation. Even if he already knew that was the turtle's name.

" Yeah...That's my name. But everyone basically calls me Donnie or Don around here."

Leo nodded at this little information, yet, was considering asking why people didn't call him by his real name. He then decided to ask about his stitches.

" Is it bad?"

The blue-clad turtle knew the other was confused without looking at him while waiting for that one little question to pop up.

" What's bad?"

Bingo. Leo knew he was going to ask that. Who wouldn't?

" My stitches."

" Oh! Well, let me have a look and we can see."

Donnie's hand moved closer to his wound with Leo starting to become uncomfortable now. Out of instinct, he inched his body away from the hand, making his brother a little confused at this.

" If you think I'll hurt you, I won't. You of all people should know that, Leo."

Before he could stop himself, Leo turned to look at Donatello who only gave him a warm smile with... sad eyes? " Why do you call me that?"

" Call you what?"

" Leo. Why do you call me 'Leo' and not 'Leonardo'?"

This seemed to surprise Donnie because his face sure did show it.

" Well...we always called you 'Leo' ever since we were little. It was a short way to say your full name."

" I...was never called 'Leo' at the facility so I'm sorry if you were surprised by my sudden question."

The blue-clad turtle told with a quiet, calm voice. Something that Don missed for a long time.

" Don't be. You were only asking something that you wanted to know. Everyone does it. Besides, if anyone should be sorry it's... me and everyone else."

They were silent after that, not knowing what to say as Leo thought it odd at what his brother told him. It was like this for a few minutes before Don cleared his throat to get the other's attention.

" Um...Leo- I can call you that right?"

The blue-clad turtle nodded at this as he waited patiently for the other turtle to finish. Don seemed to be thinking for a moment before saying, " You know what? How about you come to my lab downstairs and then I can explain everything to you. I can also check up on your stitches, too."

" Explain what?"

Leonardo didn't get his answer as he saw his brother stand up and walk over to the door, turning around saying, " Are you coming?" The blue-clad turtle was about to say 'no' when his curiosity seemed to take over about what his brother was going to explain in the lab.

He got off his bed, leaving the photograph book behind and followed the other turtle, Leo being behind his brother.

In the Lab

" Can you sit on the lab table over there, Leo?" It wasn't a question, but a demand instead. The blue-clad turtle seemed to hesitate before walking over to the lab table, jumping up a little to be able to sit on it. His hazel eyes searched the lab that looked somewhat familiar to him. He didn't find the lab familiar to the one in the facility, but more like...well, he couldn't say because he really didn't know why it looked familiar.

Leo watched cautiously as Donatello went to one of the two black, HP desktops, clicking on something before typing in a few specific keywords it looked like, mumbling something at the same time . The blue-clad turtle wanted to ask what the other was doing but choose not for many reasons. Yet, he observed carefully to the actions of his brother and his surroundings, a little habit that he picked up while being in the facility.

" Finally!" Donnie exclaimed after scanning the data that had come up, startling the other turtle. He soon walked over to another table that was across the room from Leo before grabbing what looked like a needle attached to a black cord that was the same size. The cord's other end was plunged into the back of one of the computers.

Suspicion grew suddenly in Leo's mind, causing him to become tense at what soon awaited him. A lump formed in the blue-clad turtle's thoart from becoming nervous, but disappeared when Leo swallowed it before thinking something in his head. " It's not the same thing at the facility, I hope."

" Leo," Donnie started while walking over to his brother, carrying the needle and its attachment, " the reason why I brought you to my lab was because I needed to run... shall we say... a few tests."

His nervousness dimished suddenly. " What kind of tests?" Leo asked with eyes showing his brother that he was demanding the answer from his question.

" Well...ah...tests like seeing that you have...amnesia?"

Don chuckled nervously at this while noticing that his brother had raised an eyeridge to him. " Amnesia? You think I have amnesia?" The purple-clad turtle nodded to this before trying to find a way to explain himself.

" Well, yeah. But I only thought that-I mean, I was told that-"

Leo lifted one of his hands up to stop him before putting it back down " It's alright. You don't have to explain yourself. Just...do this quickly."

Don nodded at this before walking behind over to his brother before stepping around the table to where his brother's shell was facing him. " Now, your going to feel a prick in the back of your neck so try not to freak, okay?"

Leo didn't say or do anything, only waited for the needle that was destined to be in his neck. He heard Donnie take in a deep breath before feeling something being pushed into his skin. The needle broke the flesh's walls and entered the bone while Don seemed to do this with shaky hands almost. It stung, of course, having the needle in at first, but his composure was still the same, even after Don taped down some of the cord on Leo's neck so the needle wouldn't fall out.

He heard the purple-clad turtle release the breath that he had been holding in it seemed like before walking back to the computer, hooking up the end of the cord, and typing in a few things before a picture of a blue print of a brain showed on the screen.

" Okay...now Leo, your going to feel some stinging inside your body for a moment, but after a few seconds, it should go away."

" Should?" The blue-clad turtle asked when his brother turned around, nodding.

" Yeah, should. I haven't tried it yet, but I know for a fact that ninety-five percent of all my inventions work perfectly when it hasn't been tested."

" What about the other five percent?"

" Well...let's just say it's not a pretty sight," Don chuckled at this, making Leo more uncomfortable, beginning to wish he was back at the room he was in before, but knew it was to late. The purple-clad turtle turned back to the computer. " Oh, and Leo," Don started as he began typing again, " You must not panic when I do this. Just try to think of anything that comes to you. You should see every memory you think of in your mind and when you do, the computer will record the activity your brain waves make to it." Before Leo could say anything, Don made his finger press ENTER.

Instantly, a stinging needle sensation ran through his vains, causing Leo to bite his lip so he wouldn't cry out from the pain that shot through his very bones. " Okay, it seems to be going pretty well. Even if you aren't...comfortable, but the sooner you start thinking of something, the faster the pain will go away," Don said while having a worry look on his face.

When Don gave that look, Leo seemed to zone out, his eyes going completely blank, and started to remember something. First, through his eyes, he saw a four-year-old Don, talking to him, but then it changed to where Don was ten and was building something until it changed again to where the purple-clad turtle was two, inspecting something on the ground on all fours. The memories in his mind were not in order by age, but in every image that was pictured, it showed Donatello having a worried look on his face.

As his brother had predicted, Leo began to feel the pain subside gradually with every memory that seemed to show itself with the worry looking turtle in purple. " Amazing..." the blue-clad turtle heard Don say in awe. " I knew you would remember stuff, but not this much in just a few minutes!"

The sound of excitement heard by his ears changed the course of action the memories in his mind made to unlock every memory his mind was able to pile out about Donatello. At first it was to much, but now the blue-clad turtle was able to control them better. Now with every passing memory, Leonardo began to not just see the memories, but remember how they got to be memories.

There was one memory where Donatello was seven and was crying because he scraped his knee when he fell on the ground. " He shouldn't have been sliding down the slime," Leo said outloud. " Did I just say that? And how did I know that?" Thought Leo.

" Did you say something?" Donatello asked when he turned to stare at his brother who seemed to be looking out to space. Staring for a few moments at his brother, he turned back to the computer screen with a smile on his face until sadness was plastered on his face.

There was a sound of the door to the lab opening, revealing Raphael who had walked in when the purple-clad turtle turned his way. Raph was about to greet Don when he saw Leo and froze. One, because he didn't see him and two, because it looked like Leo was a new experiment for Donnie.

" Don...what the heck are you doing with Leo?"

Donnie turned to his older brother while rubbing the back of his head.

" Well, um...it's not what you see. I mean, it is, but...ah...I'm only trying to-"

" Make him another of ya test subjets? I don't think so, Don. You aren't making anyone, especially Leo, into something to experiment on!"

As Leonardo heard this, he seemed to break out of his memory chain and see the world before him again. His sight was fuzzy at first, but it cleared up after a few seconds. When he looked over at the red-clad turtle, the pain that disappeared began to return slowly, making him have his veins begin to burn. He saw the two brothers start to bicker, Raph's temper beginning to show, causing Leo to try and block out some of the yelling the red-clad turtle was doing while biting his bottom lip so he wouldn't cry out in pain.

" Now Raph...just calm down."

" Calm down? Calm DOWN! I'll calm down when you tell me what the hell is going ON!

" I'll tell you if you stop YELLING!"

" Look who's talking!"

" Hey! You came in here first and started to argue!"

" Shut it, Don! Now, you are going to REMOVE that cord out of Leo or I'll do it MYSELF!"

" He isn't finish yet! I need to run a few more test on him-"

" TESTS! Well, I guess you would when you thought he was DEAD THIS WHOLE TIME!"

" Dead?" thought Leonardo while biting his lip harder after hearing this. For some reason, it made him feel sad and somewhat upset hearing this, igniting the pain to increase as it began to surge through his entire body now, forcing him to close his eyes shut tightly while having flashes of seeing the red-clad turtle yelling at him and throwing punches at him with so much more. Now it had become to much with the pain, memories, and yelling, causing him to wimper slightly as his hands squeezed the edges of the table as much as he can with the increase burning needles trying to poke his bones it felt like.

" How dare you SAY THAT! He is my BROTHER!"


There was no response from Don, only glaring eyes that began to get slighty watery. Just then, the computer began to say " WARNING" over and over, causing the two turtles to look at the computer then to Leo.

What they saw made them gasp or gap. Leonardo was shaking uncontrollable as his sweat was visible on his green skin. His eyes were shut tight as blood began to drip out of his mouth and down his chin by how hard he it looked like he had been biting his bottom lip.

" Leo!" Raph spoke the first thing that came to mind. He was about to run over to his brother when he saw Don running over to the computer. The red-clad turtle decided to follow him. " What the hell did you do, Don!"

Even at this rude question, Donatello ignored it and came to the computer, typing furiously on the keyboard. His eyes widened as he scanned the problem from the malfunction. "This is not good. His mind is bringing back to much memories at once!"

" What do you mean 'memories'?"

There was no response, only more typing, making Raphael even more irritated and worried for his brother. " Don, answer me!" The purple-clad turtle winced at this as he bit his lip slightly. He already knew it was his fault from the start. " I shouldn't have done this with him. Especially this soon. How stupid was I!" Thought Don as he glanced over to his brother Leo before returning to the moniter's screen.


" I was just seeing if your theory was true if he got amnesia!"

" What?"

" I-I just wanted to see if it was true."

Raph stared at his brother before averting his eyes when a startled cry escaped from Leo.

Leonardo's memories had left all the fighting times with all the turtles, Shredder, the foot, and so on until they began to play the memories of him being in the facility. There was one where his foot was chained to the ground, surrounded by five or six men with metal bars, wrenches, chains and just their fists s weapons. One of them, with a wrench, had a sadistic grin on his face before raising his wrench and slamming it on his shoulder.

Other unpleasant memories seeped there way in his path of his projector, causing him to scream or wimper at the pain that came along with the memories at the facility.

Leo began to scream from agony that his body produced again with past events, the back of his neck having the worst of the pain. He threw his head back, his sweat glistening off his body as his screams grew louder. Raph ran over to him, grabbing his arm for more of his comfort than Leo's.

The red-clad turtle tried calling for him, but only scream after scream was his answer as he continued to shake.

" Don, do something!" Raph exclaimed as he stared with panic eyes at the purple-clad turtle. Donatello was starting to become frantic, but found his voice with the only answer he knew to this somewhat of a question.

" I-I don't know! I don't know what to do, Raph!"


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