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The Chronicles of Acea

Chapter 1


Crimson light spilled intothe sky like blood seeping out of a wound.

Tears poured from the clouds, as if to wipe away the mess that was left behind.

A cape stood blowing, its occupant staring out into the city, mesmirized by its cabbalistic appearence. Her dark hair blowing towards the sea, she knelt down taking her cape with her. Violet eyes gazed towards the neon lights but then were swayed into staring out to sea. The silver moon, glistened down onto the waters.

But all was silent, the city was like a dormant volcano, waiting to explode. But only when the time was right. Opening a letter, the girl read it quietly. Her eyes searching for the words she wished to see. Tossing the letter as if it was posion, silent eyes watched it fall into the waters.

Watched as the sea swallowed it whole.

Standing up gracefully and walking towards a door, the girl quickly slipped away, into the darkness that unfolded before her.

"Thats the last time you will ever see something like that again," A hoarse voice whispered to her.

The girl turned around, a grim line placed across her face.

A figure clad in silvery robes slowly approached her.

The girl searched frantically for a way out but the cloaked figure gestured towards the sky.

"You have no way out," The voice rasped and the girl quickly understood.

Advoiding the eyes of the unseen forces hiding in the wind she held out her hands and closed her eyes.


A cold breeze circled around her and her breaths became ragged as if choking on air. An icy chill filled her body and she clenched her hands.


She slowly opened her eyes.


She was in a room, caged. Concrete walls trapped her and she sat down in a heap on the frosty floor.


She looked up at a tiny hole in the roof. Water droplets splashed down onto the ground and she quickly catched one.

"My dear, you are alone," The hoarse voice whispered and the girl shut her eyes.

Lying down on the hard floor she curled up in a ball. Her dark cape lay overtop of her and she took a deep breath.

The silver figure watched her. Its face hidden by a peculiar darkness.

"And in the storm they came. Washed over them like they deserved. And all quavered but one. For they stood hand in hand together. For it is war. Love against hate. But emotions shall not be crossed. For they will harm those who are undone and in the darkness they wait."


The stench of blood filled her nostrils.

She groaned and a buzzing noise filled her ears.

As if suddenly alert she jotled up. Perspiration covering her face and her back sore from an uncomfortable nights rest. She gagged horrendously, the stench now becoming to hard to tolerate. She stood up cautiously, swaying as if she was half asleep. She sniffed into the air, and kneeled down. Pressing a cold hand onto the concrete she listened.

"You sick," She started off as she quickly stood up and backed towards the wall. Keeping clear of the dead animal that lay on the left side of the room. Her eyes watered and she soflty slid down to the ground, her back still against the wall. The bloodied animal lay limply on the ground. Its wounds deep and feirce, unlike anything she had ever seen before. She looked up to the tiny hole in her roof, the only air conditioning she could get. She watched a fly buzz in throught the hole and landing eagerly next to its companions on their feast. Gagging, she burried her head into her knees and hummed to herself.

She stopped.

It was only the first day.

Choking back tears she bit her lip as if to stop herself from screaming.

A chorus of birds twittered in the distance and she looked up.

A raven was pecking the hole repeatedly, before giving up and flying away.

The girl bit her lip and tapped her fingers on the concrete.





She brushed the fly away from her hand and cowered in the corner. Watching as the flies laid their eggs in the rotting remains of the flesh that lay on the ground. Beady eyes open as if still awake.



"You know what you have to do," The hoarse voice called.

The girl shivered and looked up at the hooded figure that stood before her.

Two blood red eyes watching her closely.

She shivered again.

"Go away," She whispered, clutching her head as if in pain.

The figure took a step forward and knelt down. Its face, only a few centimetres froms hers. She could feel its icy cold breath as the cloaked figure spoke strangely to her.

"Stop taking everything by surprise. You know of what is to come. You cannot stop it."

Bowing her head slightly she stood up, the figure followed her movement.

"You cannot fight me child, you are not ready. There is no point,"

The girl thrust her fist forward, with the intention of knocking her opponent to the ground.

A scaly thin hand grabbed her own. Stopping her from doing any damage onto him. With only a slight movement of his hand the girl plunged into the wall. She groaned in pain as she rubbed her head.

"Like I said, you are not ready," The figure said as he turned around.

The girl stood up.

"You don't know the half of it," She said as she held up her hands.

The figure choked, as if someone was squeezing his throat.

The girl swung her hand to the side.

The figure smacked into the wall.

"Anger, yes, I love it," The figure rasped as he stood up powerfully.

The girl breathed heavily, her eyes stung with tears and the smell of a dead animal hung thickly in the air. She threw her arm back, as if to strike the cloaked figure but her held up a bony hand.

"You know how to get out, my dear,"

The girls arm dropped limply to her side and she bowed her head.

The figure stood watching carefully, a look of question in his movement.

The girl closed her eyes.

A bolt of lightning struck the dark sky, lighting up the shadows of the world. I woke up with a jolt, my face stained with perspiration.

My eyes flinched at the bright light that was shining in my face.

I moved my left hand to try and rub my eyes but felt like they were strapped to my bed.

A wavy strand of brown hair stuck to my damp face and I squirmed.

The bright light moved slightly and was replaced by the wrinkly face of an old doctor.

He wrote something down on the pad he was carrying.

I squrimed, my eyes full of uncomfortable tears.

The white sheet I lay upon, tangled up around me and I tried as hard as I possibly could to remove a wire that seemed to be attached to my neck.

"Hold still," The man said as he held up a needle to the light.

I looked up in shock at the needle that glistened as the light shone directly upon it.

I held back the defense mechanism that wanted to escape my body.

I closed my eyes.

I could feel the liquid ooze into me and I bit my lip.

"Almost done," The man said.

I closed my eyes.

I could feel the chemicals taking over me, as my body fell into a deep sleep.

The girl opened her eyes and the figure tutted.

"Your going to have to try harder then that," It said as it walked closer to the girl, its fingers outstreched.

The girl shrunk back into the wall. Her ebony hair blowing in a strange breeze.

The dusky figure floated forward and wrapped its skelton like fingers around the delicate neck of the girl.

"Shadows are an imprint of one's soul. I see you have no shadow. But she does, you know she does. You have no one to call out too Raven, your all alone. You can ask every spirt of Azerath for strengh, but you will never have enough."

The girl gasped for air. Every choke becoming weaker and weaker. Tears clung to her violet eyes and one tear quietly slipped down her face.

"Emotions. Something you will learn to control, something you will control. Crying is no use to anyone my dear girl. Only the weak use it and you know where that will get them,"