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The Chronicles of Acea

Chapter 2


A thick cloud of fog hung over the world that night. As the sun awakened from a tortuous beginning. The sky looked like spilt blood and it wasn't long before I thought that mine would be up there too.

A white lab coat shut the curtains.

"I thought your type didn't like the sun," The doctor snorted, as if he thought his joke was funny.

"You obviously don't know 'my type' very well," I hissed. He tapped his fingers on his desk, making a clicking sound, "It won't be too long now. He won't be too long now," He told me. His eyes staring at what seemed to be nothing, "How much is he paying you?" I asked. He raised an eyebrow "Pardon?" I tilted my head to one side, "He has to be paying you. Or did he use black mail?" I waited for an answer but he didn't reply, "Okay then, maybe you were too scared to stand up to him yourself." The doctor shrugged. Its was incredibly hard to read him so I kept on talking. Hoping that I would get something out of him, "You think I haven't been in this position before," I told him, a grin crossing my face. He approached me carefully and placed his face next to mine, "You don't scare me one bit," "Is that so?" He asked picking up what looked like a spoon but with sharp rough cut edges, "Sir, theirs a disturbance in the waiting room," A nurse said, her face pale. The doctor put down his object, "I'll be back," He told me as he rushed after her to figure out what was going on.

Raven held her arm tightly. Blood dripped down it like tiny rubies as she focused on something else to escape the pain. It had been six days now, six days since she had been locked up like an animal. At first she thought she could bear it. She had been brought up to forget pain, to disregard emotions and to think of nothing but of what she was told. But Raven was not like her father and he knew that. He knew something had to be done, who could have a daughter that took a fancy to books? Especially a daughter carrying his name. But Raven did not want to carry his name. She grew up being quiet, she wasn't shy, yet she would sit hidden in the shadows, reading people like books and knowing exactly what their next move would be. Raven was a strong person, stronger then most. But evil was something else, something more significant. Because every time she stared it in the face, she broke. Like glass in a mirror. Her father didn't know what it was and he would never know.

Raven knew this day had been coming. She knew the moment she escaped from Azerath that she would be found. But she couldn't stay in that hell hole any longer. Her brother had warned her that their father would send someone. Someone to torture her and twist her into something pure. Something that would make him proud.

The torment of being caged was supposed to alter her state of mind. Make her into something pure, something evil.

But Raven knew there was something more they could do.

Maybe it was dark magic.

Maybe it was killing everything she had once loved.

Or maybe it was all of the above.

But all that Raven knew was that when it came, she would not be ready.

I twisted again, trying to free myself from the tight ropes which were burning their way into my flesh. Fear was not my weakness, but sitting around doing absolutely nothing killed me. "That will not work," A deep voice spoke, "I heard they made them specially for you," I grinned, "Well wasn't that nice of them," A man came around the corner, blood had been spilled over his dark trenchcoat. The man was probably in his early forties. His mouth and chin were visible, but his eyes were hidden in the shadows. My grin quickly disappeared. He walked towards me, a knife pointed directly in front of him. I didn't blink. He raised the knife and with a swish of the blade, my ropes were cut, "You are free to go," He told me, "Why?" I asked, "Mr W, won't be very happy," The man smiled, "What he feels does not matter," "Wow, that's vague. Now, you gonna tell me who you are?" I asked, "Think of me as a threat. But right now, as a guide and remember the depths that I just pulled you from." I shook my head, "I could of gotten out myself, I always do," The man sighed, "You are too naive my dear girl. They will keep looking for you. Each time with new ideas, new dangers. They know you too well. They know your strengths and your weaknesses," I shook my head again, "No, that doctor pulled the curtains shut. He thought the sun light would kill me. He doesn't know anything, " The man didn't smile, "He was new and he doesn't matter. Its all been taken care ofbut he was close, wasn't he,"

"So you killed him?" I asked, already knowing the answer.

"I'm afraid you already know the answer to that one," He told me, putting the glistening blade back into his pocket, "You should leave now. Unless, you want to meet you enemy face to face again," I smiled, "No thankyou," "Then leave," He told me as he disappeared back into the shadows.

I wandered through the empty corridors, ignoring the strong smells of blood and the dead bodies that lay beneath them. Weaving through an open window, I slipped into the night. Unaware of the man's true intentions.

The sky was now a delicate pink. I glided through the shadows, past whispering trees and silent birds. I watched as feathery clouds disappeared leaving a silvery moon in its place. My body twitched and I hid behind a tree, "No," I whispered. A man with a beer bottle in his sweaty hand, came swaying down the empty path, singing loudly to himself. A silent tear slipped down my face as I waited.

Waited for him to come closer.

And then...

"Don't hurt him," Raven sobbed as she watched her brother screaming in the corner, blood pouring out of a wound in his stomach. She huddled together, clutching her knees tightly, "Leave him alone!" She yelled causing a blacksheild to slam into the man that was doing the deed. She watched as her uncontrollable power caused the image to disappear for awhile, leaving static in its place, "Its not real," She whispered to herself, "No," The man in the silver cloak said, "But its working,"