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A/N - A poem I wrote some time ago, seems to exactly fit a Sara/Grissom type situation. Please read and review.


0nly once before have I felt

The instant connection I felt with you.

I was confused by it then as I am now.

I don't know what I feel

But I can't stop thinking about you.

I imagine what it would be like to

Hold you, kiss you.

You don't know that about me

If you did would it make a difference?

When we talk I sense a connection

like nothing I've felt before.

I'm certain I'm the only one who feels it.

Sometimes I want to call you just to say hi,

To hear your voice.

It wouldn't be right.

I could never give you the commitment you deserve.

I don't have that much courage.

I don't know if I love you

I have no comparison,

You would be the first.

If you knew,

Would you feel the same?

Would I find the courage?

Now you're certain to be leaving

I want to tell you everything before you go.

I wouldn't know what to say

or where to start.

'I love you?' Too corny.

I'm not even sure it is love.

Maybe it's mere infatuation.

Without knowing the difference,

How can I pursue a relationship I believe to be wrong?

I do know I'll miss seeing you.

Miss the conversations.

And one day probably regret never letting you know.

The End