For the Birds

Summary: (Rewritten, slash) After a violent encounter with Slade, the Titans are forced to watch Robin slowly become the thing he hates most. Will he recover or leave the team?

Disclaimer: I do not own Teen Titans or the characters.

Warning(s): Slash, self-mutilation, character death

A/N: I wrote the original For the Birds about a year ago, reread it and realized it sucks last week, and decided to take it down today…and also rewrite the damn thing. The beginning of this chapter takes place a week or so after Masks and ends with the aftermath of The Apprentice. This is hardly even the same story, but it's still similar to the original. In a good way, though, seriously!

---Chapter One: Violated

Who is Slade?

Isn't it amazing how one simple question can lead to much pain?

Robin threw a punch at Slade, who caught the fist and gripped it until the bones started to crack. He kicked the Boy Wonder and sent him flying into a wall on the other side of the warehouse. The smaller fighter quickly sprang to his feet and lunged forward to attack, but only succeeded into getting hurled into one of the building's steel support beams. They had been fighting for a least an hour and Robin was starting to get tired. His endurance just wasn't as strong as Slade's.

"Getting tired, my little bird?" Slade grabbed him and hauled him to his feet. "Pity."

"Don't call me that," Robin spat.

"I must admit I'm surprised your friends haven't interfered yet." The masked man bent down so his face was merely inches away from Robin's. "Not that I'm complaining…"

"What is wrong with you?" A sudden hard shove took Slade by surprise and he let the boy go. "You've been acting different…and you're holding back."

"So are you." The visible eye narrowed. "And don't try to tell me you're trying to make it a fair fight."

"It's never going to be a fair fight!" Robin cringed. He hadn't meant to let that slip.

There was an awkward moment of silence before a starbolt shot out of the darkness and nearly nailed Slade in the back. Seeing an opening, Robin ran at him and jabbed a bird-a-rang into his shoulder. He groaned in frustration when sparks flew out of the injury. It was another android. Damn it, they were always androids!

"Friend Robin, are you damaged in any sort of way?" Starfire asked, floating over to him.

"No, just angry. It wasn't really him…again."

"Do not fret. We will defeat the Slade eventually!" She smiled.

Her smiles cheered him up so many times before, but it did nothing now. Robin didn't want to cheer up. What he wanted to do was hide in his room and mope until he thought of another way to discover the truth about Slade. Sighing, he forced confidence into his voice as he agreed with her. He gestured with his head for her to follow him out of the warehouse.

"Where were you guys?"

"Please do not be upset with us for not arriving sooner. As soon as you left to find Slade, we received word of several H.I.V.E. students causing trouble downtown," Starfire explained.

Robin nodded. "Don't worry about it. I'm sorry I wasn't there to help."

"Do not be. We know how much catching Slade means to you."

Trust me, Starfire, he thought as he walked over to his motorcycle. No you don't.


Weeks had passed before Slade appeared again and Robin found himself facing the sociopath alone. The other Titans had their hands full with Cinderblock and Overload. Not that Robin minded; he preferred to fight Slade alone, mostly because he didn't want his friends to get hurt, but also because he wanted to be the one to defeat him.

"Hello, Robin. It's been awhile. Did you miss me?"

Robin growled, silently horrified that he wanted to say yes. He tried to punch Slade, but the man grabbed his arm and pulled him close.

"Because I missed you," he purred.

"You set this up, didn't you?" Robin narrowed his eyes. "Cinderblock and Overload are just distractions."

"Exactly. You catch on quick, my little bird."

Crying out in anger, Robin pushed him and their fight began. Once again, he noticed that both of them were holding back. He had his reasons for doing so, but what about Slade? Slade suddenly punched him in the stomach and swiftly injected something into his arm while he was down. Robin's vision blurred a little, both from pain and the drug. He felt nauseous, and everything started to spin.

"What…did you…?"

"Relax," Slade whispered, pulling the syringe out of the boy's arm as he knelt beside him. He reached up to remove his mask, but at this point the drug had taken full effect on Robin and he couldn't see.

His blind eyes widened when Slade's lips met his.


"Robin, you taste delicious."

Robin's eyes slipped shut as he trailed the knife across his wrist. The cut was deep enough to break the skin, but too shallow to kill him. Death seemed welcoming, but it wasn't what he wanted. Killing himself would be selfish. He couldn't abandon his friends and Jump City. If he died now, Slade wouldn't hesitate to kill the other Titans.

"You're mine now, Robin. You may escape me and go back to your little friends, but you'll still be mine."

He had regained consciousness back at the Tower. Cyborg had found him in the warehouse while the others were taking Cinderblock and Overload to prison. Fortunately, Slade hadn't left any evidence of what he had done. Robin was able to tell the Titans that he had been knocked out and Slade left soon after.

"You're much too tense. Relax…or this is going to hurt more than has to."

"Damn you, Slade," Robin hissed, tossing the knife aside.

He sank to his knees and buried his face into his hands.

"Robin, come here. Now."

His head shot up and he angrily clenched his teeth. That wasn't a memory.

He climbed to his feet and quickly pulled the top half of his uniform back on. The last thing he wanted was for Slade to find out what he had been doing. He would never hear the end of it.

"What?" he asked when the masked man came in sight.

"My apprentice…" Slade paused a moment, savoring the sound of his words. "Come closer, my dear boy."

Robin forced himself to walk over to his side. He glanced at the older man's hands, checking for either the detonator-like device or a syringe. He found Slade's hand were empty.

"S-Master Slade? What do you want…?"

"It's been much too long," the man nearly sighed. He touched Robin's shoulders. "Must you always be so tense?"

"You're not going to…"

"Hm? Do what?"

"You know what I'm talking about."

"Oh, but I'm afraid I don't. Enlighten me."

He was holding that detonator now. Damn you, Slade!

"Rape me?"

"Rape?" Slade chuckled. "My dear apprentice, it was hardly rape."

"The hell it wasn't!"

Slade's thumb teasingly ran over the little red button.

"I didn't hear you complaining. If I recall correctly, and I assure you I do, you enjoyed it."

Robin growled. "Just…just answer me."

"No denial?" He could hear the smirk in the masked man's voice. "That was my intention, actually."

"What? No! I won't let…" His voice trailed off when Slade's eye narrowed and he held the detonator out. "No, please, don't!"

"Cooperate and I'll spare your pathetic friends. Refuse me…and they die."

Damn you, Slade.


After Slade had finished, Robin stumbled back to his room and picked up his discarded knife. He didn't wince when the blade bit into his arms and tore through his flesh. He didn't care that he had cut deeper than he meant to. His blood ran down his arms as he fell back onto the floor, his eyes teary with pain and humiliation.

That was basically how Starfire found him a few weeks later, covered in cuts and fading from consciousness. She scooped him into her arms and sobbed, her screams quickly alerting the other Titans that something was wrong. Cyborg, Beast Boy, and Raven stood in the doorway of Robin's bedroom, their eyes filled with horror.

But there are no words to describe what they felt when Starfire whispered, "He is not breathing."


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