For the Birds

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Slade sat still, ignoring the tea beside him and the monitors in front. He was close to losing his temper, and yet he managed to remain surprisingly calm despite his building annoyance. But then, of course, this was Slade. He was beyond having silly little tantrums because something that belonged to him was taken away. Ah, yes, Robin was his and his alone. The other Titans would never understand -never know- the boy like he did. They were nothing like him, but Slade was.

The boy would eventually admit it; there was no way to avoid it.

Sighing through his nose, the masked man stood and crossed the room to the monitors. It had been about a week since these very screens had displayed the Titans and the probes inside them, and since his apprentice managed to slip away. He hadn't escaped…Slade had let him go. It would have been easy enough to wait until his friends died before deactivating the probes, but Slade didn't want to risk Robin's life. He wasn't about to lose the boy, even if it meant sparing the Teen Titans.

"New deal, Slade. I lose my friends my friends, you lose your apprentice. And I know how much you hate to lose."

Silly Robin. Assuming this was about losing a mere apprentice. Oh, no, it had been about much than that.

Point taken; Slade hated to lose. But it hadn't about losing as opposed to winning. It had been about losing Robin, and that was something he couldn't afford to do.