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Chapter thirty

3 years later Rory It▓s was our four year wedding anniversary and we were happier than ever. Everyday I looked at him, I fell in love a little bit more. Everything had gone back to normal after our vow renewal. Things had gotten better actually. We raised our children, who were growing like weeds, but the most important part is that we were together. Logan and I had gone for a weekend away in Martha▓s Vineyard to celebrate being married for four years, even though it started way before that. I had forgot what it was like not to have him in my life, and I wanted it that way. We walked into our room and I sat down my bags, no matter how many times we came here I never got tired of it. ⌠It▓s beautiful here.■ I told him, walking over and standing in front of him. He wrapped his arms around me. ⌠Yes, it is. And you want to know the best part? No kids. I mean, I love our kids but we get an entire weekend to ourselves, no interruptions.■ I laughed a little bit. As if on instinct, Logan started to plant kisses on my neck. I wondered if I should tell them then. There was a kid with us. He just didn▓t know about her┘ or him yet. I decided that I would wait until I got home as he was tearing off my clothes piece by piece.

30 years later

Rory and Logan sat on their couch in their house that they had purchased years ago for their blossoming family. They were now in their early 60▓s and sitting with their children and grandchildren.

⌠Is that really how it happened Grandma?■ Lesley Ann Huntzberger, also known as Lawrence▓s oldest daughter asked. She was 10 years old and the spitting image of her Grandfather. She was even known to pull pranks on the rest of the family.

Rory smiled to herself. ⌠Yeah, that▓s the story Honey. That▓s how me and your grandfather fell in love.■ The family did this often. Sitting around, telling stories about how they meet, when Cameron, Lawrence and Hayley were born and how they still loved each other after all of the years that passed by. Logan took Rory▓s hand as he sat next to her. He still loved to show PDA.

Logan smirked. Even in his old age, he still had the Huntzberger smirk perfected. After all, he had a long time to practice. It was the same smirk that the 5 kids sitting in front of him had too. ⌠How about we have lunch, and then I will tell you the story of how your Grandmother called me a butt faced miscreant.■ He stood up and walked to the kitchen, pulling food out of the fridge and 7 plates down. The family that once consisted of him, Cameron and Rory was now huge. Plus the extended family and friends that are just like family? Forget it. Christmas was a nightmare. Logan served everyone a plate and sat down next to his wife, handing her a plate.

Rory sat next to her husband and ate, while her Grandchildren sat near them and did the same. She thought about what had happened over the last 30 years. Which being separated from Logan and getting back together, to have yet another baby girl named Hayley, to watching them all grow up and create their own families. She never thought about what it would be like when she grew older and no longer had to look after her children. They had 5 Grandchildren. The oldest, 12. The youngest, 2. They all looked like a mixture of her and Logan, not to mention each of their respected parents. It was like a family tree that walked around and breathed and lived.

The only thing that saddened Rory about the scene that was placed in front of her was the fact that her Mother was no longer here to enjoy it with her. Lorelai would have loved to add her sarcastic remarks to every conversation that she was apart of. She had died 4 years before, and it was still hard for Rory to deal with. The only thing that comforted her at all was the fact that she had loved her Grandchildren and the great-grandchildren than she had gotten to see. It still hurt her though. She never wanted to be the reigning Lorelai. They looked at the kids that assembled in front of them, ready and eager to hear there stories about their past. They wanted to know everything.

⌠Alright, so who is ready for the next story?■ Logan asked. He saw 5 hands go into the air. He turned to Rory. ⌠You want to take this one Ace?■

Rory smiled. ⌠Sure.■ She sat her plate to aside and cleared her throat. ⌠So it all started when we were in college, your Grandfather┘■