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I wrote this story based on how I think Draco actually is. The Ginny is made to just fit in the plot.

The Truth Inside

Draco Malfoy sat alone in his dorm room, staring at the fire. He was confused on how people saw him. All these little 5th and 6th year girls trying to date him. All of them assuming that he has some deep inner goodness, that he's really a great person deep down inside. None of them stopped to think he admired his father, and that everything he did was to impress Lucius Malfoy, to please him. None of them thought he actually wanted to be a Death Eater, that it was his lifelong dream. They all thought he was like Potter. That goody-two shoes Boy Who Lived. Now he was known as the Chosen One. Draco had been chosen for many things, missions from the Dark Lord. He hadn't been given any significant missions yet, but that didn't surprise Draco much, he was just 17 years old, barely a legal adult in the wizarding world. Once he did receive his big mission, that's when the girls would know. That would be when everyone would realize what Draco was really like, deep down inside.

His thoughts drifted back to the younger girls. Many of them were disgraces; half-breeds and mudbloods. Like he would ever consider dirtying himself with them, his father would never approve. The worst one probably was Ginny Weasley. He always caught her staring at him from across the great hall at meal times, and whenever he passed her in the corridors. He felt so disgusted by these looks she gave him constantly, he wanted to slap her, use an unforgivable curse on her, anything to get her to stop. She even tried to sit next to his table, when they were both studying in the library at the same time. The pathetic little muggle-lover even befriended some Slytherin 6th years to try and get closer to him. Her attempts were pathetic. She was pathetic. She isn't worthy of the title of pureblood, Draco thought maliciously. The only thing that could've slightly raised her in Draco's eyes was if she had been killed in her first year, and helped Voldemort gain power through her death. Then she could've been slightly worthy of something. But she would never be worthy of anything of Draco's caliber, especially not himself. She wasn't even worthy of Potter, she was filth.

Ginny Weasley sat in the Gryffindor common room, staring into the fire. It was very late at night, around 2 am, but she couldn't sleep. She had been having lots of troubles sleeping lately. Ginny was glad it was so late though, because nobody would be in the common room asking her questions. Questions about her activities, her new choice of friends.

Lately, Hermione and Lavender and Parvati had all been boring her so much. Even Colin Creevey had been getting on her nerves more then usual. All he ever did was ask her questions about Harry, and try to take pictures of everything. She had even seen him trying to steal a hair that had been left on the chair Harry was just sitting in. Colin was majorly giving her the creeps. So she found a new crowd to hang out with. They just so happened to be Slytherins. Well so what? Not all of the Slytherins turned out to be Death Eaters, some turned out to be very respectable citizens. She had an ulterior motive to hanging out with Slytherins anyways. Her motive's name was Draco Malfoy.

Ginny didn't know how, but she did know when. Well not when exactly, she just started feeling angry, whenever Ron or Harry or Hermione started talking badly about Draco. It filled her with anger, and the urge to defend him at all costs. She heard the rumors about him, she knew what everybody said. But she still felt that there was some good to him, deep down inside. He just needed the right girl to unlock it. She planned on being that girl.

Lately though, it seemed her efforts were in vain. She tried to make eye contact with him in the Great Hall, or when passing him in the corridors. She had the best smile planned for him and everything, the right amount of teeth, but not so much her cheeks made her eyes close. But every time their eyes did meet, he looked away quickly with a strange look on his face. It was almost like disgust, but that couldn't be. He would never think that of her, would he? No, Ginny decided quickly. He doesn't truly know what he is feeling, his true self is still hidden in there somewhere, suppressed by his father, and his Death Eater upbringing. Sure, he was only an infant when He Who Must Not Be Named first fell, but his father was a strong supporter. Ginny was positive Draco was fighting his fathers wishes for him to become a Death Eater with all he had.

Ginny's friends all said she was head over heels for Draco. Well, only her Slytherin friends because they were the only ones who knew. She didn't dare tell Hermione or anyone in Gryffindor, because her brothers and Harry would have a fit if they knew. They might think Draco was doing something to her immorally to make her feel this way. If they ever hurt him because of her, she didn't know what she would do. She couldn't handle being the cause of his pain, she would rather kill herself in the most brutal and painful way possible then do anything to him.

She heard a noise coming from the boys dormitory. Oh no, it could be Ron or Harry, Ginny thought. I'd better get into bed before I get caught. Even though she would probably lie awake in bed for awhile, thinking of Draco before finally falling asleep, she didn't mind all that much. The sooner she got to bed, the sooner it would be morning, which means breakfast. And breakfast was when her day truly began, dawn may as well have been moved up to that time, when she lay eyes on Draco Malfoy for the first time of the day.