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Draco woke up the next morning to his alarm at 7 am. First class was at 8:30, and he usually went to the Great Hall for breakfast around 8 am. Of course, his entire routine was common knowledge when it came to Ginny, but he had no idea that she knew so much about him. Once every last hair was carefully combed and gelled into place, Draco made his way down to the Great Hall for breakfast. A Malfoy would never allow himself to be seen by others looking anything but his best. Draco always made sure his robes were very clean, and when they hinted at showing signs of wear, he got rid of them and bought new ones. He wasn't sure exactly where his old ones went but he didn't care, they were out of his sight and he had new ones fit for a Malfoy.

Once in the Great Hall, he was greeted by the usual comments from the Slytherin table. Pansy smiling up at him with her pug-like face, Crabbe and Goyle shoving everyone else out of the way so he could get a seat by them, and there was Blaise Zabini, who looked at him coolly, and greeted him in the same manner. Draco and Blaise were fairly good friends, their fathers being, business associates was what everyone was saying, but most people knew, or had the inkling, that they were really fellow Death Eaters.

Despite the other student's efforts to make conversation, Draco remained quiet until he was completely finished his breakfast of porridge, bacon, eggs and hash browns. Once he was finished he started up his usual cocky conversations of how much wealth and power his father has, even though he still remained in Azkaban. One day, Draco decided, I will get my father released from that place. He shouldn't be locked away in there, it should be Potter and his little group stuck in there for interfering with the Dark Lord's plans. Draco was still unsure of what they were, but they should've been carried through properly.

Thinking of his father and the Dark Lord made him remember that he was supposed to be receiving a mission one day soon. The usual huge flock of owls flew in the Great Hall, landing all over the tables in amongst the food, nipping at their owners hoping for some scraps in return for a successful delivery. Pitiful, thought Draco. His own owl would never even consider nipping at him for table scraps, even if he had just killed Potter himself. He sat there and waited for Draco's recognition, like a decent owl should. But even amongst the hundreds of other owls, Draco did not spot his own owl.

He gathered up his books quickly, to hide his disappointment. Malfoy's did not show emotion, ever, it was disgraceful, especially over a matter as trivial as a letter not being delivered when it was desired. Once his books were in his bag, and his emotions were under control, he left the Great Hall in front of Crabbe and Goyle beside Blaise on their way to transfiguration.

Ginny arose from her bed at 6:45 am that morning. She always woke up 15 minutes before Draco did; she knew that for a fact. She would get up at the same time, but she needed the extra time to do her hair and makeup properly. I must look my best for Draco, thought Ginny. She left for the Great Hall at 7:55 am, so she could arrive for breakfast a few minutes before Draco did, so she could watch his tall graceful form saunter into the hall. When she saw him walk in like that, he looked like a god. He was tall and blonde, with stunning icy blue eyes, many girls thought he was a very good-looking young man. Ginny thought he was the best-looking man in the history of the universe.

At five to eight, after she was satisfied with her appearance, Ginny made her way down to the Great Hall and took her usual seat. When her Slytherin friends came in she waved across the hall to them, and they sat down to eat. Ginny turned towards the doors to wait for Draco to enter and her heart almost skipped a beat when she saw a tall blonde boy walk in. Her heart sank when she noticed it was a Ravenclaw boy who looked similar from a distance. A few minutes later the real Draco Malfoy walked in the room, and Ginny's eyes lit up like the ocean at sunrise.

She watched him glide over to the Slytherin table, and sit gracefully in between Crabbe and Goyle, across from that smart Zabini boy. A lot of girls were taken by Zabini, but to Ginny, Draco outshone him a million to one. Ginny watched him eat his porridge, then his bacon. She took in the way he carefully cut all the fat off of the pieces, careful not to get any grease on his perfectly laundered school robes, or his long slender fingers. Draco was watched by Ginny as he salted his egg once clockwise, then put his ketchup on it in a counter clockwise spiral. She admired the way he looked as he stared intently, and expectantly into the flock of owls over head, waiting for a letter. From who, she wasn't certain, his mother perhaps. Ginny was sure she was the only one in the whole Great Hall who noticed the looks of great disappointment flicker across his face when no owl landed in front of him that morning. It crossed her mind for a moment that he was waiting to hear from a girl in a different country. She was filled with a feeling of dread for a moment, then quickly shook it off. Surely she would hear if the infamous Draco Malfoy had a girlfriend, even in another country.

Ginny saw Draco rise out of his seat, and walk with Zabini, Crabbe and Goyle in tow. They had Transfiguration first; she knew his schedule off by heart. This made her happy, because she had Charms and their paths crossed, and maybe, just maybe, he would make eye contact, and she could use the smile she had been practicing in front of the mirror for months. She hurriedly gathered her things, and scuttled out of the Great Hall so she wasn't too far behind the Slytherins. Luckily she had her own group of friends within that house, so she wasn't too obvious.

On his way to Transfiguration, Draco and his group were bragging on how many first and second years they had bullied lately. Well, mainly Crabbe, Goyle and himself. Draco had the Prefect power to help, and Crabbe and Goyle had sheer size, but Blaise wasn't interested in that sort of thing.

Draco had given out several detentions with Snape for chewing gum too loudly, and Crabbe and Goyle had bullied some first years out of sweets, but other then that there hadn't been much bullying going on. Draco was far too preoccupied to actually get people in trouble for actually breaking rules, let alone not doing anything wrong. Crabbe and Goyle ran ahead of him to bully some second years they had spotted.

Blaise and Draco were chatting about how much homework they had completed when something shiny on the ground caught Draco's eye. Draco stopped and bent over to further examine the object, but it was only a sickle, not worth his time. As he straightened himself up, he felt someone collide with his back. He turned around to see who it was and the first thing that caught his eye, was the long tell-tale Weasley red hair. It was the youngest Weasel, Ginny.

"Watch where you're going." Draco sneered, turning his nose up at her. As he walked away he muttered "blood traitor" under his breath. He gave a slight shudder of disgust at the thought of her touching him and went straight to class, he would have to get new robes later that day, or he would be late for class.

Ginny watched Draco closely as he walked to class with his friends. Her Slytherin friends joined her for part of her walk to class, but she wasn't paying attention to them. She heard them gossiping about some Hufflepuff girl who was dating a Ravenclaw and a Gryffindor at the same time, but she didn't care. She only cared about one person at the moment, and he was getting farther and farther away from her, quite rapidly.

She left her friends to their gossip and quickened her pace to catch up to Draco. Unfortunately she didn't see Draco bend over to look at something on the floor, and she ran smack dab into him and fell onto the floor. He stood up and turned to look at her. Her heart skipped a beat, and before she could flash him her carefully practiced smile and apologize he sneered at her.

"Watch where you're going." Draco sneered at her. Ginny didn't even notice his shiver of disgust as he walked away. Her friends hurried up to see if she was okay, but she wasn't. She was way more then okay, Draco Malfoy had touched her.

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