Elphaba paced back and forth in the clearing, the crisp air biting at her hands as she wrung them. The clearing was surrounded by woods, tall trees, a square space about the size of her old dorm room that seemed to have been made for her. There were only a few trees in front of the clearing; it was located on top of a cliff, and if you walked out past the trees, you could stand at the edge and look down upon Oz.

She had carelessly dropped the Grimmerie and her broom to the side, and she stopped pacing to kick the broom, watching as it rolled once away from her. She looked at the items for a moment and then slowly dropped to her knees, grabbing one side of her cape with each hand and folding her arms so that the cape covered her. Her hat dipped down on her head, and she let her long black hair fall forward, covering her green face as she looked at nothing.

She had been caught. Kind of. She supposed she couldn't really look at it as being caught if she was here, alone, no one in all of Oz knowing where she was. She replayed the scene in her head. It certainly had been exciting – though not the good kind of exciting. In her mind, she looked back down upon the window she had escaped from, looking at all of the people who had been there, who had wanted to see her captured. There were a lot of people there. The thought gave her chills, even though the fact that she was hated should have been a familiar thought.

Her mind wandered to Dr. Dillamond, and she squeezed her eyes shut, trying not to think about him. She opened her eyes again, though, and let herself think of him. Was he caught? Amaurine and Rojaro knew that Dr. Dillamond had sent her. Her heart began to pound as she realized that they knew everything about what she had been doing the last week. She should have remembered that immediately and saved him. She let go of her cape and pushed her hair out of her face. She should have remembered.

She thought briefly that perhaps it might not be too late to save him, but shook her head. If they wanted to capture him, they would have. But Amaurine and Rojaro were friends with Dr. Dillamond, after all. She took a deep breath, consoled by that fact. They didn't seem like they had called the National Guard because they just got a thrill out of sentencing people to death, they seemed afraid of her. She nodded slowly to herself. They wouldn't tell about Dr. Dillamond.

She guessed.

She ripped her hat off and threw it next to the Grimmerie, standing back up. She shoved her palms in to her eyes, wanting to cry, to break down, to have someone take care of her.

There was no one there, though.

She knew she couldn't do this, and she took her hands away from her dry eyes and looked up at the black sky. A drop of water splashed directly in to her eye. Surprised, she looked down, rubbing it away with her hand. She looked back up at the sky, as it broke open and began to pour water on to her. The cold water ran down her face, soaking every bit of her. She looked down away from the sky and stared at the Grimmerie, then turned her head to look behind her in the woods. It was much drier under the cover of so many trees, and she knew that, but for inexplicable reasons even to herself, she couldn't find it in herself to walk one step. She took her cape off and knelt down on the ground, lowering herself from there to a laying position, and spread her cape over her. She fell asleep almost immediately.

Nessa was startled by the knocking on the door. She looked up from her homework at the door. Could it be Boq? "Come in," she called, praying that it would be Boq.

It wasn't Boq. Madame Morrible swept into the room, not coming very close to Nessa. "Miss Nessarose," she said with her solemn face.

Nessa looked at her disappointment and contempt in her eyes. "Yes?"

"Pack your bags. Your father is ill and he requests you. Get ready and meet me in my office in one hour." Madame Morrible left the room as quickly as she came, slamming the door behind her.

Nessa stared at the door with wide eyes and parted lips, then quickly looked away, still shocked. Ill? He had always had excellent health, and he wasn't yet old. Her chin trembled. She hoped he was all right.

Her suitcase in her lap (she only packed enough for a week), Nessa wheeled herself down to Madame Morrible's office. She reached up and knocked on the door. The door was opened immediately, and Nessa guessed that she had been waiting for her. She found herself only three inches away from the huge red and gold dress of Madame Morrible, and quickly wheeled herself back a foot. Madame Morrible looked down at her severely. "I trust you know Boq," she said to her after a moment.

She gestured behind her, and Boq stood behind her, his hat in his hands. He gave Nessa a small smile, and Nessa stared at him, happy and incredulous.

Madame Morrible turned away from Boq and back to Nessa. "He has volunteered to accompany you to your father's. I hope that he will not betray my confidence."

Boq looked at Madame Morrible tentatively, trying to edge his way past her and to Nessa. Madame Morrible moved out of his way in one step, letting him pass. He moved behind her, and they shared a small smile. He grabbed ahold of her wheelchair's handles, looking back at Madame Morrible. She looked them over in disgust. "Take the nine p.m. train to your father's house – I trust you know where it is?" she asked Nessa condescendingly.

Nessa nodded.

Madame Morrible stared at them both. "All right. My…best to your father."

She disappeared back into her office, and Boq stood and Nessa sat in awkward silence for a moment. Boq cleared his throat. "I'm sorry about your father."

"Don't be sorry yet, Boq, we don't know how ill he is." Nessa said forcedly. She put a small smile on her face. "Thanks for coming with me."

He smiled behind her. "Thanks for letting me come."

Glinda's white heels clicked along the cobblestones as she slowed down. There was a large group of people across the street next to the newsstand, and the papers were selling fast. She stared at it for a moment, the first thing popping into her head being "Elphaba". She listened intently for a moment, and heard someone say "Wicked".

That settled it, and her heels clicked along again as she walked with short, quick steps over to the stand. She pushed her way through the crowd of people and found a money piece in her purse. "One, please," she told the greasy man operating the stand.

Glinda locked the door behind her as she ran into her room. She went to her bed and sat delicately upon it, laying her white purse next to her. She was clutching the newspaper in one hand. She had decided she wouldn't look at it until she was in her dorm room, on her bed, and now that she was, she wasn't entirely certain that she wanted to see it anyway. The back page was facing up, and she let the off-white paper and black print mix with each other. She knew it was about Elphaba. It had to be. She took a deep breath and slowly turned the paper over to the front.

Wicked Witch Evades Capture Again

Glinda let out a sigh of relief, letting the smile come to her lips as she bit the nail of her small finger. Evade. That meant that she was safe. That she wasn't caught. Her hands were still shaky, but she was relieved. Reading the article, she found herself disgusted at how much they praised the people who had ratted Elphaba out. Glinda also, and this probably surprised herself the most, found herself a little proud of Elphaba. She had escaped from them once again, and that could not have been easy.

Glinda flopped back on the bed, trying to imagine the scene in her head. Elphaba would have been frightened. She remembered being in the Palace's attic with Elphaba – the panic in her expression, the way she had ran around, looking for any way out. It was a horrible memory, and she never wanted Elphaba to have to go through that again. She sat up again. She really, really wanted to find Elphaba.

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