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"Misty? I thought your leg hurt? What are you-"Ash could not speak another word as Misty kissed him forcefully on the lips. She wasted no time jamming her tongue into Ash's mouth. Ash was trying to push her back, but the Cerulean Gym Leader was stronger than he was.

A slamming of the front door could suddenly be heard, but Misty didn't let it distract her. May had walked in just in time to see her big act.

"Ash Ketchum! What in Suicunes name do you think you're doing?"

Finally getting the strength to break away from Misty's lips Ash pushed her away and ran over to May. He placed his hands on her shoulders to prevent her from running off.

"May, wait! I can explain. It wasn't what it looked like!"

May cut Ash off by placing a finger on his lips.

"Ash, stop talking. I know what I saw, and now I'm going to do something about it."

Pushing Ash away from her May raised a fist and swung forward.

Ash closed his eyes as he saw May raise a fist. Waiting for the pain to come he was shocked when he felt nothing. Looking up he was shocked to see May swinging forward and colliding her fist right with Misty's jaw! The force of the punch was enough to knock Misty onto the couch where she was sitting just a moment ago. She clutched her face in pain, trying to suppress all the feelings rushing through her at that moment.

Ash on the other hand was just staring in amazement as he saw Misty clutching her face. He had no idea May was that powerful!

"May! When did you, how did you? Dang!"

"When you're the daughter of a Gym Leader and his little girl he tends to get kind of protective. I've been practicing karate since I was old enough to throw a Pokeball. I could probably take you too." May stated calmly as she cracked her fingers and worked out a kink in her neck.

Ash just stared at May, trying to picture her with large biceps. The thought mortified him to say the least.

"So you really knew I wasn't cheating on you the whole time?"

"Of course I did Ash. That little water witch has been trying to steal you from me since she got here! Honestly I'm kind of glad she kissed you. I needed an excuse to knock some sense into her."

Misty, who was still sitting on the couch trying to figure out exactly what happened, finally seemed to have recovered. Spitting out some blood she stood up and went over to May.

"What was that all about May? Get jealous that Ash was with a real woman?"

"No. I thought I saw a ugly Tentacool trying to suck off his face so I came to save him."

"I'm sorry, I didn't quite catch that. Why don't you say it to my face!"

"Maybe I wouldn't need too if you didn't have Snorlax feet for ears!"

"Excuse me?!"

"You heard me! SNORLAX FEET!"

"Misty, May, why don't you two both calm down. Maybe we can settle this in a-"

"Shut up Ash!"

Ash was going to say something else but Pikachu walked in front of him and held up his paw, shaking his head. He was trying to teach his trainer rule one of women. Stay out of their way when a fight is going on.

Misty and May looked like they were going to tear each other apart until.

"Mimey! Use Barrier!"

Suddenly a giant glass barrier appeared in the living room, separating the two girls. Everyone in the room looked over and saw none other than Ms. Ketchum and her faithful Mr. Mime standing in the doorway.

"There will be no fighting in this home. If you kids want to have your little play time then take it outside. Or I will have Mimey separate you."

Misty and May stared at each other angrily through the glass barrier that separated them. Both were ready to fight for what they felt was theirs.

"Alright, May. We'll settle this in a battle. Whoever wins gets Ash. Let's meet at Professor Oak's in one hour."

"You're on! And when I win you won't ever lay a hand, or nasty tongue on Ash again."

"Ok, it's a deal."

"Hey wait a second here. A battle, for me? Don't I get a say in this!" Ash, who was standing in the area of the room on May's side.

"No!" Both Misty and May yelled in unison.

With that being decided Mr. Mime dropped the psychic barrier and both girls left the house in a fury. Ash just sulked down in his couch and stared at the ceiling in defeat.

"I wonder if Brock would take my place."

Exactly one hour later Misty and May met at Professor Oak's lab. They went into the back where the Pokemon where. For whatever reason Professor Oak actually had an arena built into the back below the Pokemon's natural habitat. It was raised, and very big to boot. The arena had to sides. A water side since Misty specialized in the water type of Pokemon, and a ground side for May's Pokemon.

On May's side of the field Ash stood next to her, preparing for the upcoming match.

"Alright May, you can do this. Misty uses water type so your best bet would to try and use grass or electric types."

"I know that, Ash. I'm not that much of a rookie anymore. I think I can take her." May stared down at her Pokeballs with a smile. Her Pokemon had always been there with her the whole time, and she had faith they would not let her down now.

"I think you can win, but I just really, really don't want to go with Misty."

Although Ash's words were true they weren't exactly the pep talk May needed at that moment. Ash only seemed like he wanted her to win for his sake, not because he had faith in her. Walking forward into the arena May looked kind of, sad.

Before May reached the arena Ash gripped her shoulder. She turned around and looked at him.

"Ash, what is it?"

Ash pulled May into him and held her close. No words were spoken, he just held her tiny figure close to his body and didn't let go. He let her hear his gentle breathing, and somehow this calmed May down. Looking down at his girlfriend, Ash kissed her gently on the forehead.

"Listen to me May, your going to do fine. Besides, if I see Misty cheating I'll just request we go to an arm-wrestling competition."

This got a laugh out of May.

"Thank you Ash, I'm so lucky to have you."

"Hey wench, can you get your hands off my man so I can beat you already!" Misty was on the other side of the field, obviously impatient.

"Well I have to go beat the Murkrow. Wish me luck!"

Ash watched May walk into the center of the arena, preparing to do possibly the most important battle either of them have done to date.

"Yeah, good luck."

In the middle of the arena stood Tracey who would serve as the referee. He had nothing better to do so he figured why not. Obviously he had no clue about the reason for the battle taking place.

"This battle will be a two on two with no substitutions. Whichever trainer loses both Pokemon first will be declared the loser. Begin!"

"Alright May, I'm going to start this off big. Go, Gyarados!"

Everyone's eyes widened as they saw Misty's giant atrocious Pokemon appeared in the water on the field.

"A Gyarados? When did Misty get a Gyarados?" Ash asked in utter confusion.

"When you're the gym leader in a water gym you have to be prepared for anything. Don't worry Ashy, I'll show you how to handle it after I beat this little girl!" Misty flirtingly stated as she winked at Ash quickly.

May was scared to death of Gyarados, as most people would be. But the fact that Misty was still hitting on Ash snapped her out of it.

"I don't care what you use, I'll still win! Beautifly, I choose you!"

On the opposite side of the field from Gyarados appeared a medium sized butterfly Pokemon. It's beautifully colored wings seemed to sparkle in the sunlight.

"A bug? Eww! That thing looks so nasty. Gyarados is going to eat that thing alive!"

"The first match will be Gyarados vs. Beautifly. Begin!" Tracey announced as he threw the referee flag down.

"Ok Gyarados let's make this quick. Drench that bug with Hydro Pump!"

Taking in a huge breath Gyarados released a huge burst of water towards Beautifly.

"That blast looks strong, but we can beat it! Beautifly, use Silver Wind to cut it in half!

Beautifly's wings started to grow a bright light. It quickly shot two bright blasts of energy from its wings directly towards the Hydro Pump. The attacks collided at first but Silver Wind cut through the powerful water attack like butter and broke it in mid-air.

"Now quickly Beautifly, don't let up! Hit Gyarados with your Mega Drain!"

"Gyarados, push that bug back with Dragon Breath!"

Beautifly suddenly started to glow a bright light once again. This time however instead of its wings the light enveloped its whole body. A blast of energy flew from Beautifly towards Gyarados. But before the energy could make contact a fast blast of red energy flew right threw it and hit Beautifly dead on, knocking it into the ground.

"No, Beautifly!" May watched as her faithful butterfly Pokemon was thrown violently into the ground by the force of Dragon Breath. It looked like it was struggling to fly, barely moving.

"Beautifly what's wrong? Why can't you get up?"

"That's the effect of Dragon Breath. It will paralyze any opponent it hits on contact. Your pathetic little bug can't stand up to the force of a beast like my Gyarados!"

May could only look as she watched Beautifly struggle to get its body to move and take flight. She looked like she was losing hope.

"May! Don't listen to Misty. You can still win! Remember, your Pokemon responds to your feelings! If you believe then so will Beautifly!"

Looking over suddenly May saw Ash cheering her on. He was still keeping faith, believing in her.

Tracey looked in the corner of May's ring where Beautifly was still trying to fly. It looked like it was over.

"It appears that Beautifly is unable to battle. The winner is-"

"Beautifly, use Morning Sun!"

May's command came fast and hard out of nowhere. Beautifly suddenly had the energy to fly up in the air as a bright light enveloped the entire field. Everyone was blinded by it. Gyarados screeched as it was blinded by the intense light.

"Can't, see. Gyarados, use Hyper Beam!" Misty shot off a command in a last ditch effort to win.

"Use Solarbeam Beautifly, Go!"

In the midst of the light an explosion of two attacks occurred. The explosion immediately blew away the light and the arena was then covered in smoke. Nobody could see what happened at first, but then visibility was beginning to come back.

There was Gyarados in the water. It appeared to be standing, though panting harshly from the brute force of Solarbeam. On the other side of the field Beautifly appeared to be in the same state, barely sustaining flight at all.

"Ha! Looks like even in your last ditch effort you weren't good enough. Now Gyarados is going to finish you!"

Misty looked over at May tauntingly, looking for a reaction. But to her surprise she saw a smirk across May's lips.

"I'd look again, water witch!"

Quickly looking down on the field, Misty's eyes widened. Gyarados let out a screech of pain as it suddenly fell onto the ground, making the whole field shake from the force of its body landing.

"Gyarados is unable to battle! The winner is Beautifly!"

"Alright May, I knew you could do it! Great job! That's my girl!" Ash was cheering like crazy in the background, amazed and proud that Beautifly could take down the might of a Gyarados.

May turned around smiling, happy to see the support she was getting.

"Thanks Ash, that sure was hard. Only one more Pokemon and I'll-"

"Go, Golduck. Use Psybeam!"

May quickly turned around only to see a medium sized blue duck appear in a pillar on the water in the field. It quickly fired a multi-colored beam of light at Beautifly and fainted it on impact.

"Well, umm. It would appear that Misty's next Pokemon is Golduck and Beautifly is unable to battle due to Golduck. The winner of this round is Golduck!"

May just looked in shock at her fainted Bug Pokemon. The attack came so fast, she had no time to counter.

"Tracey, are you really going to count that? She totally released her Pokemon ahead of time and attacked cheap!" Ash yelled from the back of May's field.

"Tracey won't do anything. He's dating my sister in Cerulean and I can make things real bad for them if he tries anything. Right, Tracey?"

Misty winked at Tracey slyly, to which he just blushed and put a hand behind his head. Looking over at Ash he nodded to show that what Misty said was true.

"It doesn't matter Ash. I'll beat her no matter how she cheats. She won't take me from you. Return, Beautifly!"

May quickly recalled her faithful bug, kissing the Pokeball and saying it did a great job. Grabbing another Pokeball off her belt she clutched it close to her.

"This is going to be the one to win it. I have total faith in you, we will win this. Go, Blaziken!"

In the center of the field appeared May's fully evolved starter. It raised its voice and let off a scream at Golduck, showing it was ready to fight. Golduck however just stared at the Blaze Pokemon calmly, not even flinching.

"Ha, you can't intimidate my Golduck! It's much too strong to be scared by that pathetic fire type!"

Ash was watching the battle when suddenly a thought a struck him.

"Wait, Misty. That Golduck. It couldn't be. Is that, Psyduck?"

Misty's features turned into a smirk. "Yes Ash, this is in fact the same Psyduck that annoyed me many times during our travels. It took months of training, but I finally got it to turn into its more powerful form. Along with evolving Golduck now has complete mastery over its Psychic powers."

Tracey looked on both sides of the battlefield, both girls looked ready to battle.

"The last match in this two on two battle will be Golduck vs. Blaziken. Let the battle, begin!"

"Let's make this quick Blaziken, that Golduck is strong. Use Sky Uppercut!

"Golduck, don't move."

Running from the middle of the field with amazing speed Blaziken charged toward Golduck.

"Wait for it."

Blaziken jumped off when it got toward the edge of the water, its leg outstretched coming toward Golduck.


A second before Blaziken's foot would have hit Golduck a bright light enveloped it. Golduck's eyes had the same glow. Blaziken's whole body glowed blue and it was sent backwards, crashing into the ground.

"Blaziken!" May called out to her starter as she saw it pummel into the earth.

"Just give it up May. Golduck is a master of its psychic powers which Blaziken is weak too. If that wasn't enough, you already have a type disadvantage. Face it, you lost."

"I haven't lost until the fat Snorlax sings. Blaziken, use Blaze Kick!"

Quickly jumping up from its spot in the ground Blaziken got up and once again ran towards Golduck.

"Oh not this charade again. Golduck, use Psybeam!"

Putting both hands on its jewel in its forehead, Golduck fired a focused beam of energy directly towards the oncoming Blaziken.

"Jump over it!"

As the psychic beam came towards Blaziken, it looked like the battle was over. At the last second, Blaziken made a leap in the air using its powerful legs. It went high in the sky, to the point where it wasn't visible due to the sun.

"What? Where did it go? The sun is too bright!" Misty looked up, shielding her eyes to try and see where May's Pokemon went.

"Blaze Kick, now!

Suddenly a bright flame could be seen as Blaziken's foot crashed down from above and into Golduck's head. The duck Pokemon took the full force of the kick and flew into the water below it. Blaziken quickly jumped back to solid land.

"You know Misty, I don't expect you to understand. What I feel for Ash isn't something a petty little Gym Leader like you can get. I love him, not just as a boyfriend, but as the person I want to be with forever."

"Oh what a touching speech May. Is that what you told the boy down the street from Ash that you're cheating with?"

Both Ash and May's eyes both widened at that remark.

"Boy down the street? Eww, you're cheating on me with creepy Peter the bug collector?" Ash asked in a disgusted tone.

"What, no! Cheating? I think you got some water in your ears from the last battle aqua wench! I'm not cheating on Ash!"

"Oh sure May, keep telling yourself that. I get my facts from the source, Ms. Ketchum saw you with him.

"But, Ms. Ketchum was at Professor Oak's all day yesterday. She couldn't have even seen me at all."

"So that means, my mom set this all up?!" Ash asked in total confusion.

"That's right Ash."

All three teens looked over at the sound of the voice. Over at the entrance to the arena was in fact Ms. Ketchum, with Mr. Mime by her side.

"Mom? You, you tried to get Misty to steal me from May? You, what, why?!"

"Because I don't trust that girl. Actually I don't trust any girl with you, but Misty seems more self-assertive and strong so I picked her as your partner."

"Hey! What do you have against me?" May asked as she hopped down off the arena platform and went toward Ms. Ketchum.

"What do I have against you? What do I have against you? I'll tell you what! Your family is what I have an issue with, May!"

"M-My family? But what do they have to do with anything?"

"Your father, tell me May. What does he do?"

May just looked at Ms. Ketchum confused. She couldn't understand why the question was coming up now, but she decided to go along. "My dad is the Gym Leader of Petalburg City!"

"Exactly. That's why I can't stand the thought of you with Ash!"

"Hey! What do you have against Gym Leaders?" Misty yelled, jumping off the arena to stand next to May. The battle had apparently ended.

Ms. Ketchum looked at both Misty and May for a second, then looked back at the ground. She looked like she was trying to say something, but the words didn't want to come. Finally after a deep breath she spoke.

"Ash's father, my ex-husband, he was the Gym Leader of Viridian City."

All three teens looked at Ms. Ketchum in shock. Ash with the most surprised look on his face.

"Dad, was a gym leader?! But mom! You told me dad was an alcoholic who left when I was little!"

"That was just until you were older Ash. I didn't want you to desperately pursue your father when you started your journey. While I hated the fact you were somewhat following in his footsteps, I knew you had his drive and couldn't stop you."

"So then what did happen to Mr. Ketchum?" May asked with curiosity.

"Well after his gym was closed down in Viridian when Ash was born he left the gym to a friend of his. A man named Giovanni. Ash's father then left on another journey, saying he missed the excitement in his life. We never heard from him again."

All three teens stared in shock as they found out about Ash's family past. Everything grew quiet until a thought struck Misty.

"But I'm a gym leader too! Why would you even call me out here if you hate them?"

"You're a full-time gym leader at Cerulean City. Though since you came her, Misty, you haven't seemed to change much. May on the other hand is the offspring of one, a pretty good gym leader too in fact. While you are both related to gym leaders in some way, you're Gym; Misty, loses a lot more so I figured you would be a more caring choice for my Ash."

"So I was only picked because my gym had a bad reputation for losing?" Misty was infuriated.

"Well, that and because May doesn't seem like she in good enough shape to give me the grandchildren I want."

This got an equally bright blush from both May and Ash. Although May's expression changed when she realized exactly what was just said.

"Hey, wait a minute! Are you calling me fat?!" May exclaimed, putting her hands on her hips.

"Hahaha! Maybe you should've done more exercise on your journey instead of loafing off Brock's cooking the whole time!" Misty was about to bust a gut laughing.

"Oh you want to go again water witch?"

"Bring it on Munchlax butt!"

"What did you call me Snorlax Feet?"

Both girls looked like they were going to start an argument all over again. This time however Ash came between them before the fight erupted.

"Misty, May, wait! Don't you see this is just what my mom wants? She pinned you against each other just so I couldn't be with May!"

Both girls stopped their fighting and looked over at Ms. Ketchum. Now instead of at each other two equally angry glares were facing the elderly woman

"So May was never cheating on Ash at all? You just called me out here because you thought I would be better for him?" Misty asked, biting her lip so she wouldn't start verbally abusing Ash's mother.

"Well, yes. But I also picked you because you're in better shape honey! And I have this wonderful swimsuit back at the house I think you'll look perfect in!"

"Well while I agree I am better for Ash." Misty paused at her first statement, taking in an angry glare from May. "I would never try to take him away from someone that makes him happy! This battle is over. May, I'm sorry."

May was taken back at that last remark. Misty, was apologizing?

"Misty, I-I don't know what to say. I'm sorry too. I hope, we can be friends now."

The two girls who were originally fighting over Ash went over and shook hands, now smiling at each other.

"A minute ago they both wanted me to themselves. Now they're friends? Well this will sure make my birthdays, awkward. Ash muttered as he watched the scene unfold.

"No! What are you two doing? You're supposed to battle! Misty, knock her out!" Ms. Ketchum's whole plan was falling apart right in front of her, and she didn't like it at all.

Both girls broke away from their newly acquired friendship and gave an angry glare to Ms. Ketchum.

"Hey May. Do you know the one thing worse than an annoying little girl?"

"No Misty, what is worse than a snotty red-head?"

"An over-protective, antagonizing, superficial mother."

Ms. Ketchum looked and suddenly noticed that both Blaziken and Golduck had got off the arena from battling each other and instead now stood by their trainers for battle. Both looked as equally angry as their trainers.

"Ash! Aren't you going to help your mom? Get Pikachu over here!" Ms. Ketchum yelled in desperation, looking to her son.

"Sorry mom, but I learned my lesson. You never get in between two girls when they are angry."

Ash looked down at Pikachu who gave its master a thumb up saying good job.

(I don't even know if Pikachu has thumbs. o.O)

"Alright fine. I can take both of you by myself! Mimey, use Psychic now!"

Mr. Mime's eyes suddenly glowed a bright blue. Both Blaziken and Golduck started to levitate off the floor.

"Oh no you don't! Golduck, counter that with Disable!"

While floating in mid-air Golduck got the same type of gaze that Mr. Mime had to keep them floating. However a stronger light surrounded Mr. Mime and it stopped its attack in mid-air, releasing both Pokemon from its attack.

"No, Mimey! Hurry up and take them down!" Ms. Ketchum cried in desperation. She was not going to lose.

"You know, at first I really wanted your approval, for Ash's sake. But now that I see what you really are grandma, I hope Ash was adopted."

Looking up from her fallen Mime Pokemon Ms. Ketchum noticed a very angry Blaziken looking at her. It was glowing a bright red.

"Why is Blaziken glowing so brightly? Wait, I've seen that somewhere before!" Ash recalled.

He had indeed seen the light from when he battled Normal in the Petalburg Gym. When Grovyle was close to defeat it used the power of Overgrow to win.

"Blaziken has tapped into the power of Blaze due to the battling with Golduck and the anger it now feels toward Ms. Ketchum. I have to admit, that does look pretty cool!" Misty said in awe at the aura that seemed to surround both May and Blaziken.

"Blaziken, Overheat with all your might! Take that mime down!"

Opening its mouth wide a small orange ball started to form in Blaziken's mouth. It steadily began to grow until the beam was gigantic, even bigger due to the effects of Blaze. With a loud roar of anger Blaziken released the Overheat straight towards Mr. Mime.

The beam hit the mime Pokemon dead on and fainted it on impact. But the attack did not stop there. After attacking Mr. Mime, it kept going, and hit Ms. Ketchum!

"Mom! She can't stand up to the attack of a Pokemon!" Ash looked in horror. He was upset with his mom, but he didn't want her dead!

"I-I didn't mean to go that far." May said in a shocked voice.

"Wait, you guys. Look over there!" Misty exclaimed pointing at the smoke.

Both Ash and May looked over and saw the smoke clear from the attack. Both Mr. Mime and Ms. Ketchum had vanished. In their places were two tiny Pokemon dolls on the floor.

"She had Mr. Mime use Substitute to make a dummy, then somehow made one for her as well. That wasn't the real Ms. Ketchum at all." Misty proclaimed as she tried to make sense of the situation.

"So my mother was really a Pokemon this entire time?!" Ash yelled as he came to a horrifying conclusion.

"That wasn't really your mother, Psyduck for brains! She disappeared somewhere else."

"Yeah, but, where?" May asked as she recalled her Blaziken. Still amazed at what happened.

"What do you mean my house is sold?!"

"Well I can't say I didn't see this coming."

"You can always come and stay with me Ash."

"Oh shut up Misty!"

In front of the Ketchum residence the three teens stood. There was indeed a for-sale sign on the front and the whole house had been evacuated. On the front door of the house was a note. It was from Ash's mom.

Dear Ash. I realize now that I was wrong to try and take you away from someone you have feelings for. I know that you do not believe my intentions were good but I really was just looking out for you. If you want to seek out your father I would suggest trying Mt. Silver. That was the last known location of him before we lost all contact.

I will now leave this town we have called home and go somewhere far away, to try and piece my life together after I almost ruined your own. I'm sure you're going to go on a journey so I see no need to leave you a house; I'm hoping by the time you get back you'll have the money to have your own home.

Love, Mom.

"Ms. Ketchum must have done this when she realized she couldn't control Ash." May proclaimed.

"Mt. Silver. Hey, I know that place! It's off the side of Viridian City. Its said only the most powerful trainers can go in, and you need the badges from all the leagues in the world to get in." Misty exclaimed as she read the note.

"But, where am I going to live now when I come home from my journeys?"

"Well, Petalburg Gym is big enough to feed another mouth. And I do get kind of lonely at nights." May stated sheepishly, rubbing her foot in the ground slightly.

"Then use your Pokemon to sleep with you!" Ash exclaimed, completely missing the hint just thrown at him.

"Ohh, you are so hopeless Ash." May muttered under her breath as she pushed Ash's hat down on his head, over his eyes.

Misty watched the couple have their little spit, slightly amused.

"You know the more I think about it, I'm kind of glad you're with Ash. I get a headache worse than a Psyduck just being around him, and he isn't that great of a kisser either."

"Hey, Misty!"

"I'll vouch for that. You know he almost choked me to death with his tongue once?"


Both girls just giggled at Ash's embarrassed expression.

"I liked you two better when you were fighting." Ash muttered under his breath.

"Well, I think I'm going to head back to Cerulean. That gym can't run itself and I'm sure my sisters have gotten beaten so fast we ran out of badges!" Misty exclaimed with a slight laugh. Picking up her things she prepared to leave.

"Alright Misty, do good in your gym. When I visit eventually, I want a battle!" Ash yelled as he held up his fist in a fighting pose.

"It's a deal Ash. I'll beat you too!"

Misty then went over and gave Ash a hug, to which the trainer looked at May for approval before accepting.

May watched Misty carefully, making sure she didn't pull anything. It looked ok, until Misty reached down and pinched Ash's butt before she pulled back.

"Misty!!" May yelled in an infuriated tone. Misty just stuck her tongue out playfully.

"Oh don't worry May, he doesn't have much of a butt on him either. You'll have plenty of time to get him into shape." Misty replied. Winking before quickly running off.

"I swear, I don't know what to think of her sometimes." Ash stated plainly as he rubbed his butt where it was pinched. He flinched upright as he felt another hand tap it.

"Hey!" Ash exclaimed, turning around to see May with a disappointed expression.

"Well she was right about that. You don't have much of a butt."


"But she was definitely wrong about one thing." May wrapped her arms around Ash and pulled him into her. Leaning in she kissed him on the lips.

All of Ash's anger melted away as he gave into May's soft touch. He kissed back, running his hands up and down her curves.

"You definitely know how to kiss." May finished her sentence as she pulled back, gently nipping Ash's upper lip again.

"Ha, thanks May. Your definitely better than Misty is." Ash leaned down and started to kiss May gently on the cheek.

"Her tongue tasted like the body of some sort of nasty Lickitung."

May pulled back at that last remark, giggling heartily.

"Ah, I love you Ash. So what are we going to do now? You don't have a house anymore."

"Well there was another league opening up, the Sinnoh league. I was thinking about entering it. Then after I win that I'll be one step closer to finding my dad." Ash said with determination in his voice. He had a new drive.

A small rummaging and noise could be heard. Looking over Ash saw May packing a few things in her backpack.

"Um, May. What are you doing?"

"Well what does it look like I'm doing? I'm packing so I can go to Sinnoh with you!

"But what about your dad! Don't you have to go back home with him?"

"I think I can convince dad to let me go. I mean, Sinnoh is sure to have contests in it right?"


"And you would get completely lost without me around!"


"I'm only kidding Ashy." May smiled, grabbing his hand.

"Ashy? When did you start with that? That's Misty's name for me!"

"I started when I decide how cute it made you sound." May stated, leaning in to kiss Ash on the nose, to which the trainer just sighed in defeat.

Suddenly a horn could be heard. It was the Pallet Town ferry!

(Does Pallet even have a ferry in it?)

"That's the last boat to Sinnoh! The next one won't leave for another week!"

"Well then we better hurry!" May exclaimed eagerly, breaking away from Ash as she started to run towards the boat.

"Wait! May! What about your dad?"

"Oh don't worry about it. If he asks I'll just say I ran off with the boy of my dreams."

"Oh boy, I can tell her parents are really going to love me now." Ash stated as he started to chase after his overzealous girlfriend.

Nobody knows what adventures lie ahead for the new couple.

But one thing is for sure.

They definitely have one complicated love.


Well there you have it folks! Complicated Love has finally reached its end!

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