Sitting alone on the corner of the street she had once called home, Hermione fought back tears as she recalled the events of that night.


She walked downstairs to find her mother sobbing at the kitchen table and all her things packed. Confused, she looks at her father, resting her hands on her slightly bulging pregnant belly.

"Daddy, what's going on" she asked slowly, looking from one parents to the other

"Hermione , We are very sorry, but on discovering your….err…condition, we aren't going to be able to allow you to stay here any longer…you're no longer welcome here" struggling with the last few words, her father opens the door, Hermione's mother bawling even louder as he does so.

Nodding slowly, Hermione takes her trunk, and drags it out the door, leaving behind the place she had called home for so long. Walking to the end of the street, not sure where she was going, she perched herself on her trunk, and tried to sort things out.

end of flashback

Awoken from her deep thoughts by a flash of light from around the corner, she wraps her arms around herself and stands up to see the Knight Bus stopping in front of her.

"Welcome to the Knight Bus, emergency transport for the stranded witch or wizard. My name is Stan and I will be your conductor this evening." A thin man, with greasy hair and a conductor's cap set askew on his head looks up "Hello miss, let me get those things for you" his eyes resting on the barely four month along young girl that stood in front of him

As the young man pulls her trunk aboard she follows, making a mental note to try and hide her slightly swollen stomach better. Pulling her hair into a ponytail she tugs self consciously at the bottom of the grey turtleneck she was wearing, as she follows the conductor forward, past the rows of beds that appear to all be empty. Taking a seat on one closest to the driver, she still tries to figure out what she ought to do in her currently very tedious situation…

"Where're you headed, miss…" handing her a ticket and leaning against the railing near by.

"Oh, well The Leaky Cauldron, I suppose…" she dreaded being there alone, but she had no where else to go, she couldn't go home, she most defiantly couldn't go to Ron's so this seemed to be her only option.

Drifting off to a restless sleep, she sits up abruptly as the bus pulls to a stop outside the magical pub. Unloading her things, Stan tips his cap and boards the bus again, off to pick up the next stranded witch or wizard.