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Episode 3: Chocolate Problems Part II


It was a sunny, merry and joyful day in PS 118, as the weather was inviting and the tone of the air was very friendly on that day. The day was perfect our two lovebirds – Campfire Lass and Chocolate Boy, who were ecstatic or blissful in every way, frolicking under the sun during recess in PS 118's small, yet safe playground, served as a sanctuary for all the children to let their worries go far, far away. Ever since the last chocolate incident, it ultimately and apparently destined them to be inseparatable. Every time, everywhere, they always held their hands together, skipping merrily to wherever they went, and there was always a broad smile on their face. They even came up with new pet names to identify each other, Campfire Lass with 'CL' while Chocolate Boy with 'CB'.

Their joyful euphoria was shared by almost everyone in school, but there were some of Chocolate Boy's classmates made fun of him for going out with a girl and let her cooties run all over him, but he shrugged it off anyway and thought his friends were jealous of him. Campfire Lass' colleagues criticized her for spending too much time with him rather than selling Chocolate Turtles, which was the major source of income of their group. But on the positive side, in reiteration, they being together brought joy and happiness to the other members of the school.

The fourth graders always smiled when they looked at them. Rhonda even nominated them as the cutest couple in school. Helga usually scowled and condemned them in front of the public, but when she was alone she always thought that she was inspired by them to have her relationship with Arnold, hopefully, to be just like those two. Gerald and Phoebe would sigh admirably at them and to each other every time when they saw them skipping together wherever they might go to.

The adult members of the school were gossiping about the new couple too. Nurse Shelley always talked about them with the lunch lady, saying that it was cute to see them together. The teaching staffs like Mr. Simmons and Mr. Packenham reminisced about their good old days when they were just as young as Campfire Lass and Chocolate Boy, having a puppy love relationship they used to have with some other girl in school. They somewhat brought old memories that they forgot to cherish and nostalgic moments when they were just a kid.

However, in spite of joyfulness being shared together, there was always somebody who didn't share the same sentiment. As Chocolate Boy and Campfire Lass skipped together into the school building and went by a row of lockers to their class after hearing the bell, one person stood up after rummaging through his locker. He held the door to his locker in a manic anger of a sort, and slammed it furiously, making a loud thunderous noise that shook up everyone near him. He turned around and saw those two euphorically walking together, side-by-side, holding their hands together. His green eyed jealousy was narrowed with a murderous gaze. There would be no way that gluttonous chocolate hog would get his way with his girl. He then snapped his fingers to call his two faithful bodyguards.

"What's a matter boss?" one of them replied.

"I have a job for you two." He asked to his guards, "I want you two to bring Chocolate Boy into the Boys Room. I have some… business proposition to discuss with him."

"It will be done, Big Gino."


The two blissful children went on at their usual, walking together while holding each other's hand. Suddenly Campfire Lass stopped walking, and it was quickly followed by Chocolate Boy who was perplexed by her reactions.

"What's a matter, CL?" Chocolate Boy asked his girlfriend.

"Ugh, forgive me CB." She replied while holding her stomach. It seemed that her stomach had just acted up all of the sudden in the worst possible time. "I haff to excoose meself to the ladies room. It woon't be long, I be promise ya." She then dashed to the said room, leaving Chocolate Boy, alone and cold in the dank vastness of solitude. He just shrugged and waited for her as he made himself comfortable by leaning against a locker while eating a chocolate bar that he had kept it in his pocket. Radishes were so last week.

As he enjoyed with the delicious, chocolatey treat, he wasn't aware of two large kids, walking down the hallway as if they owned the place or something, with their eyes locking into sight at Chocolate Boy. One of them put his hand on his shoulder, and Chocolate Boy took notice of their presence. The pupils in his eyes shrunk. In shock, he accidentally dropped the chocolate bar to the ground.

"Do you have anything to do right now, Chocolate Boy?" one of the guys asked him with an intimidating voice.

"Uh… I, uh… have class right now… yeah, yeah." he stuttered nervously while pointing his thumb to the back.

"Well, running a little late once in a while wouldn't hurt, would it?" then the both of them grabbed Chocolate Boy by his shirt collar, turned him around and clutched him on his shoulders. They then hauled him off to the Boys Room where Gino was waiting for him, to ask a business proposition to him. Mere seconds later, Campfire Lass emerged out from the Girls Room. False alarm. She quickly noticed that her love Chocolate Boy wasn't there waiting for her. She saw Chocolate Boy's favorite brand of chocolate on the floor, half-eaten. It wouldn't be Chocolate Boy if he ate the chocolate halfway through. She became worried all of the sudden and called for his name. "CB?" she called, "Chocolate Boy?" she then wandered off away from the bathroom, trying to find him.

One of the guards violently pushed the door to the bathroom away, to reveal to Chocolate Boy that Big Gino was waiting inside the bathroom, with an uncaring, cold, indifferent look on his face while putting his hands on the back, implying that he really meant business. There was a stick of some sort on his mouth, but it was soon revealed that it was just a stick to a Tootsie Pop, Big Gino's favorite kind of candy after he took it out from his mouth. It revolted Chocolate Boy that Gino actually consumed it while in the bathroom.

Chocolate Boy was jittering nervously in front of the calm, content Gino, as he examined him carefully with his vigilant eyes.

Gino then finally spoke, "Chocolate B—"

"AAAHHHHHHHHHHH!" Chocolate Boy shouted suddenly in fright.

"For cryin' out loud, I haven't done anything yet!" he sighed. "Look, Chocolate Boy." He put the candy back into his mouth. In a manner of a gentleman, he walked over to him, stood next to him and put his arms across his shoulders, "What I have seen… these past few days that you and Campfire Lass has grown very… intimate lately, am I correct?"

Chocolate Boy nodded nervously.

"So you're saying that…" he took the sucker out, "you're going out with her, aren't you?" he released his arms away and walked away from him.

With a restless stutter, Chocolate Boy replied, "Y-Yes…"

Gino turn around, "Now that's…" he motioned his index finger, "something that I'm not comfortable with. You see Chocolate Boy, just like you, I also like her, like her. But, unfortunately, suffice to say that," he smiled broadly and chuckled and twirled his candy, "You're in my way."

Chocolate Boy narrowed his eyes in alarm and shock. "W-What do you… mean?"

Big Gino then gazed at him a pierced, hateful eyes. He put the candy back into his mouth and he lunged towards him and grabbed his face by clasping his hands together onto his cheeks, "It means this, you little twerp!" he shouted in front of his face, spewing spit everywhere, "I like Campfire Lass, and frankly, seeing her together with a chump like you infuriates me!" he shook his head violently, "Why should she waste her time with you rather than a rich and powerful 'entrepreneur' such as myself! Heck, she's an entrepreneur too! We're practically soul mates! But what perplexes me is that she is willingly going out with you!" and after a hateful glare, Big Gino then slowly calmed down and slowly released his hands from his face. He walked away from him and paused for a while. Chocolate Boy was visibly shaken after Big Gino threw a tantrum at him.

"I'm issuing an ultimatum to you, my dear friend." Gino said calmly as he turned around to look at him. "I want you to leave Campfire Lass."

"L-Leave?" Chocolate Boy responded nervously.

"What? Am I not making myself clear?" Gino replied back, motioning his left hand, "Yes! I want you to leave her, and I don't want to see you go near her, see her or talk to her. Do you understand?"

Chocolate Boy loved Campfire Lass, there wouldn't be any way he'd let him do this to him, "No Gino. I won't listen to you…"

"Aren't you defiant?" he walked over to him, "Well then, looks like I have to resort to my last solution. If you won't leave Campfire Lass, my friend," he took his candy out and gazed at it, "I'll have my cohorts to give you a 'swirly'."

"A-A… A 'swirly'?" Chocolate replied fearfully. A 'swirly' is an act which a person is being dunked into the toilet bowl whilst being flushed, for those who haven't seen the 'Big Gino' episode. Did I just reveal a spoiler?

"Yes. If you won't do as I say, I will hunt you down, bring you into this room and give you in a 'swirly' while one of my companions will a take a picture of you drenched in toilet water and put it on the school's message board for all to see. Do I make myself clear," he brought his face in front him, "Chocolate Boy?"

He could only nod in fear.

"Good." He then turned around and looked at his bodyguards, "Give him a warning." The bodyguards nodded, and he then left the bathroom.

Both of the bodyguards then grabbed Chocolate Boy by his arms and hauled him to one of the sink. One of the guards turned the faucet on and water started to gush out in large volume, almost making the sink to flood. Then the both of them grabbed Chocolate Boy on the back of his head and dunked his head into the sink. They repeated this action many times, until they grew tired of it. They then fixed their ties neat again and walked out of the bathroom, laughing. But as soon they walked out, came in Arnold. Arnold widened his eyes in shock to see Chocolate Boy sitting on the floor, drenched in water, with a scared and shocked look on his face.

"Chocolate Boy! What happened to you?" he shouted concernedly as he ran to him.

But Chocolate Boy didn't reply back. Instead, he just jumped up and quickly ran away from Arnold, and out from the bathroom. He saw Campfire Lass in front of her but he didn't stop and just ran past him. Campfire Lass looked at the fleeing boy with a worrisome gaze as she placed a hand over her mouth.



After School…

"I'm telling you, Gerald." Arnold said to his best friend, "It's like as if someone gave him the 'swirly' or something."

Sid interjected, "Oooh," he shuddered, "Could you please not mention that again? I really had a bad experience about it…" He, Arnold, Gerald, Harold and Stinky were walking together from school, talking with each other about events that happened today.

"Mmph, mmph, mmph." Gerald hummed in disbelief, "You're jumping to conclusions way to fast, Arnold. Did he smell?" he asked while pressing the pedestrian stop button.

"What?" Arnold asked back quizzically.

"Did he smell?" Gerald reiterated back.

"Well… no, but he was wet, that's for sure." The green pedestrian light lit, and they resumed their journey.

"See Arnold, that's why we don't make any assumptions before it's proven real, man. He probably was… uh, probably he was… um…" He tapped his chin thoughtfully. He couldn't think of a credible answer to support his theory.

"Well?" Arnold asked back.

"I'm thinking! I'm thinking!" Gerald replied back, "But what I do know, that he ain't gotten any 'swirly' from anybody, man. Trust me."

"But what if he did?" Arnold said back, in a detective sort of tone while stroking his chin, "And why would someone gave him a 'swirly'?"

"Aww c'mon Arnold, give it a rest already!" Harold whined, "Stop making up all your crazy deduction theories! It hurts my head!"

But Arnold continued, "And why he looked very scared when I saw him in the bathroom, as if someone just assaulted him or something? And why Gino's bodyguards were there when I came into the bathroom? This doesn't sound right, you guys."

"The only thing that ain't right is you, Arnold," Stinky said to him, "You're assuming too much."

"C'mon Arnold." Gerald said to his friend as he patted his back, "It's probably nothing. If you're worried about it too much, then I guess I'll help you investigate about it later after playing videogames at your house."

"Yeah man!" Sid said delightfully, "My finger's been itching to play that new Soul Credible 2 fighting game. You did buy it last week, didn't you Arnold?"

"Well yeah Sid, I did. But I think we have to—"

"Aww come on Arnold!" Harold whined loudly, which was followed by other members of his friend, asking for him to stop thinking about Chocolate Boy and focused more on pressing matters, like participating in playing a violent videogame that they shouldn't be playing in the first place.

"Oh, okay…" Arnold admitted defeat, "But you promise me Gerald, after we're done playing, we're going to investigate this."

"I'm a man of my words, brotha." Gerald replied coolly.


Next day in school, morning…

Something strange was going on this particular day, as if it wasn't cheerful or happy like the previous days. All students could feel the gloom and chill that wrapped around them on that day. That was probably because it was cloudy that day, as nature prepared itself to give rain onto the city. The wind sent chills to their spine and small drops of rain could be seen falling from the sky. But aside from the bad weather, the looks on the student's faces weren't happy or cheerful either. Something was very wrong today. The talk of all people, Chocolate Boy wasn't present at all. The looks on his girlfriend's face, Campfire Lass, was depressingly upset. They usually were in pairs together, but on this unfortunate day, they weren't. Where could CB be, Campfire Lass asked concernedly to herself.

The bell rang, and everybody went into the school building, except for Campfire Lass and Arnold. The wind was blowing very hard, and thunder was heard crackling from far away. Arnold braved the wind and walked over to Campfire Lass, who, in a way describe her, like she was in those old movies, where the love interest of the protagonist was waiting alone dearly for her boyfriend to come back to her hands while the cold wind was blowing strongly, ruffling her hair and fluttering her clothes, while her face had this waiting hopefully and with concern look written all over. Arnold looked at her in pity, and asked:

"Campfire Lass?" Arnold asked, but Campfire Lass didn't budge from her position, "Are you coming to class?"

"No…" she replied weakly, "I'm… waiting for someone."

Arnold was concerned about her, but there was nothing he could do to help, "Okay then," he replied softly, "Make sure you go to class after whoever you're waiting for arrived." He chose not to say Chocolate Boy's name because he didn't want to upset her more.

Campfire Lass nodded weakly at Arnold, and continued waiting for her love as Arnold trudged into the school building, leaving Campfire Lass all alone in the cold, chilly and gloomy, unforgiving morning. Again, thunder boomed at some other part of the city, and rain began to fall onto the city. Yet despite it all, Campfire Lass still didn't budge from her spot, as she continued to gaze down the street in front of the school, waiting for Chocolate Boy. After minutes of waiting, she was drenched in rainwater and started to sneeze due to the cold. Amidst the sound of the downpour and the occasional thunder, she could hear a vague sound of a bus. The sound became louder and louder, and out from the unclear, hazy horizon, a bus emerged and went straight to her. Campfire Lass began to smile. The bus then stopped and out came Chocolate Boy, who usually was glad and happy to see Campfire Lass, but on this unfortunate day he was a complete opposite.

"What's a matter, CB?" Campfire Lass asked worriedly.

But Chocolate Boy didn't answer back, as he blankly gazed at her in a dejected, miserable look. Though he didn't want to leave her, and if he didn't, he'd be a goner for sure. With an extreme reluctance, he said weakly to Campfire Lass:

"I'm sorry CL… It's over between us…" he lowered his head down, and trudged inside the school with a crestfallen feeling rising inside of his heart. His eyes started to become watery.

Campfire Lass was totally heartbroken and saddened by Chocolate Boy's remark. All the beautiful relationship they shared with each other just collapse all of the sudden and so abruptly, without her knowing what was the real cause of why Chocolate Boy decided to make a hurtful decision like that. She bit her lips with her teeth, and she began to cry. She sobbed and bawled as she ran into the school building.

Inside of one of the warm, comfortable classroom, Big Gino sat next to the window while looking at the melodrama that just occurred in front of him. He gave himself a devilish broad smirk as he rubbed his hands with glee.

"Exxxxxxxxxcellent…" he said maliciously. Campfire Lass was all his now, now that Chocolate Boy was out of the way.



The sky was cleared up of any dark clouds, and the sunlight penetrated through the clouds and shone a bright, brilliant light all over the city. But amidst the cheerful sun and the happy go lucky atmosphere, sat a poor little girl on a bench, crying. Campfire Lass sat forlornly on a bench in the playground, sobbing and crying, thinking of the unfortunate fate that was befallen onto her. How could he do this to me, she asked herself. Maybe the old Chocolate Boy started to act up again. He left her without any reason, explanation and justification, as if he was using her or something to gain to this own advantage. She felt like, he dumped her for no good reason at all.

The door next to where Campfire Lass was sitting opened, and she saw Chocolate Boy looked just as, if not worse, like her. He was miserable and dejected. He noticed Campfire Lass on the bench, and stopped as he tried to give her a smile. But, beyond her, somewhere near the dumpster, Big Gino stood against the fence with his legs crossed, one of his hands inside of his pants' pocket, and another one flipping a coin repeatedly, as he glared at Chocolate Boy, as if he was giving him a warning so not to screw around with him. Chocolate Boy hung his head, and reluctantly he walked away from Campfire Lass, looking puzzled and angered at his reaction. She continued to cry. It was time for Gino to make his move. He stopped flipping the coin, stood straight up and fixed his tie. He then strutted to Campfire Lass.

"I'm sorry to see you looking like this." Big Gino said to the crying Campfire Lass, "Not that it's a part of my business or anything, but what happened to you?"

"That dumb bag of haggis left me without saying why or anything!" she wailed.

Gino smiled a pleasing smirk to himself, "Man, what a jerk." He nonchalantly said as he sat next to her. Campfire Lass didn't mind. Gino then faked some sympathy and continued to console her and soothe from her broken heart. In turn, maybe Campfire Lass' naiveté would draw to his charms. What a playa.


It had been three days now, and Gino started to show some progress with Campfire Lass. They could be seen walking with each other and exchanging jokes, but not as cute as she was with Chocolate Boy. People started to realize too that Campfire Lass suddenly started to hangout with PS 118 #1 loan shark, Big Gino. And rumors started to circle around the playground and the school compound too. Some said Campfire Lass dumped Chocolate Boy because Chocolate Boy cares more about chocolates than her, while others said Chocolate Boy dumped her because Campfire Lass was too busy with her business.

Campfire Lass was seen walking with Gino as they smiled and talked to each other. From afar, Chocolate Boy gazed at the two with frustration, sadness, grief and anger. Anger for the most part, was directed to Big Gino. He had this mental image of throwing him off on one of the bridges in the city as he laughed maliciously. He just lowered his head down in misery and walked around the playground without any particular destination to go to, to wander around aimlessly. The fourth graders were perplexed too by the sudden turn of events. The were at the jungle gym playing whilst talking to each other about Campfire Lass and Chocolate Boy.

"Can you believe what Chocolate Boy did to Campfire Lass?" Rhonda said to her friends, "It's like, one day they were inseparatable, then all of the sudden, he dumped her! And without any particularly good reason too!" it seemed that the news spread like wildfire.

"Rhonda, will you cut it out with the stupid rumors?" Helga said at her back. "How'd you know Chocolate Boy dumped her?"

"I don't think anybody dumped anybody." Arnold suddenly interjected, "Guys, see what I mean?" he said to his guy compatriots, "I think Gino has something to do with Campfire Lass and Chocolate Boy. I mean, look at them." He pointed to Gino and Campfire Lass, "Gino's practically using everything in his powers to be with Campfire Lass! He must've threatened Chocolate Boy!"

But the only answer he received was a collective moaning and whining of disapproval from his friends, asking him to shut up and just leave those kids alone. "For crying out loud Football Head, just leave them alone will you! It's none of your beeswax!"

"I'm just trying to help, Helga. There's something going on and I tend to get to the bottom of this. Gino must've done something to Chocolate Boy and make him just as miserable as he is now!" he then jumped down from the jungle gym and ran over to Chocolate Boy.

"One thing's for sure; he's a boooooooooold kid, man. A bold kid." Gerald said, which concurred by his friends in chorus.

"Not to mention persistent." Rhonda continued.

"And a class-A busybody." Stinky said, which to everyone's chagrin, they gazed at him with an angered stare. "What?" Stinky said nervously. "I'm just sayin'…"

"Pfft." Helga scoffed, "Arnold. What a dweeb." She then jumped down from the jungle gym and went to a secluded place in the playground, "What a nosy, meddlesome busybody." She looked around with her peering eyes, to make sure nobody was in sight. She even checked the garbage can near her incase Brainy was in his stealth mode. She then confirmed to herself that nobody was in sight, and so she took her golden locket with a bored looking Arnold for a picture out from a pocket inside the chest, apparently. "And yet, I love him."

She gazed at the picture of a bored looking Arnold admiringly and began to soliloquize, "Oh Arnold. You're the only person who makes my life seems worthwhile and my existence justified in this horrid, unforgiving world. I love the way you always go around and help people to show that you have pretty big heart inside and not being thoughtless and inconsiderate to others." She paused awhile, "Man, you're dumb." She said as he looked at her locket. She then continued her dramatic soliloquy, "It's one of the characteristics that make me love you so much, my love. But still I CURSE MYSELF—" she threw her arms into the air, "—for not bringing myself to tell you my deepest, darkest secrets wherein I could proclaim my love to you, my dear Arnold. Oh Arnold, why, why must I be put into your never ending spell of torment, and euphoria at the same time," a loud wheezing could be heard behind her. She abruptly stopped and turned around.

WHEN ALL OF THE SUDDEN NINJAS STARTED TO ATTACK! …oh wait, it was just Brainy, emerging from the trashcan that she checked earlier. Maybe he was a ninja after all, if he was there with Helga all along, even when she checked the trashcan. So according to their long, unbroken tradition, he then got punched by Helga. Boy did she ever felt good doing that…


"Gino threatened you, huh?" Arnold said, "Says that he's going to give you a 'swirly' if you won't compel, is that it?"

Chocolate Boy nodded weakly.

"Chocolate Boy, I don't get it. You used to be head over heels over Campfire Lass. Then Gino came in and started to give you some lame threats, you just stop liking her?"

"What can I do, Arnold?" Chocolate Boy sighed, as he opened up a chocolate wrapper, "Gino made it clear, yeah, yeah, if I don't he'll do something terrible to me. I can't fight him. He's too powerful and has bodyguards! And what do I have?" he munched his chocolate, "Chocolate!" he said with a mouthful.

"But you have to do something, Chocolate Boy." Arnold said, "Stand up to him! Don't let him push you around. If you won't, you'll get pushed around by him for the rest of your life!"

Suddenly Chocolate Boy stopped munching, "For the rest of my life?" he said dreadfully.

"For the rest of your life." Arnold reiterated back.

Chocolate Boy started to think. Maybe Arnold was right. If he won't show any backbone now, Gino will continue to push him around and bully him forever. So he had his mind set, threw the chocolate away as a symbolism of defiance, and stood up with determination. "You're right Arnold." He said, "I'm not going to let Gino push me around anymore. If he wants to give me a 'swirly', then so be it!"

"So it is true…" Arnold thought.

"I won't let Gino take CL from me! I love her! If he wants to take her from me he has to deal with me first!" he said with a sense of machismo growing in his heart. He than ran of to confront Gino.

Arnold stared blankly at the path where Chocolate Boy ran out to. "Well, that was easy…" he said to himself. Then he rethought of what Chocolate Boy just said to himself, "Oh my gosh, what have I done?" he said, in realization that a fight would soon develop between Big Gino and Chocolate Boy, which could seriously hurt Chocolate Boy if Arnold didn't intervene.


"Gino!" Chocolate Boy shouted murderously as he over ran to his foe, "I'm calling you out!" Gino stood in defiance and glared angrily at him. He then snapped his fingers to summon his bodyguards. It was too late for Arnold to intervene now.

"What do you want, twerp?" Gino asked him coolly with his eyes narrowed. By now, every kid in PS 118, except the ones who preferred to watch it from far away or didn't care, stood around the two boys in circles to watch the escalating tension between them and hopefully a schoolyard fight would commence after this. Campfire Lass was amongst the crowd as she watched them uneasily.

"I want my girlfriend back." Chocolate Boy said to him. Kids in the crowd hooted "OOOOOOOOOHHHH!" in unison of Chocolate Boy's remark to tease him that he actually admitted that he had a girlfriend. Campfire Lass didn't know whether to be flattered or not, since she felt that she was being used by him. "I love her." Chocolate Boy spat defiantly to Gino, which launched another round of hoots from the kids, which some of them gave a flirting, wolfish whistling sound. "And nobody, including you, will make me leave her!" Chocolate Boy continued, "I don't care if you give me a 'swirly' if I go near her or talk with her. Your threats don't scare me at all!"

Campfire Lass finally knew the truth, the reason why Chocolate Boy didn't talk to her and left her alone was because he was threatened by Gino, and only now he had the guts to fight him back. She was very delighted to hear this. But yet, she was still skeptical of Chocolate Boy's allegation.

"Hah! You don't have any proof to back up your claims!" Big Gino said with a broad smile. "For all we know, you're making this all up!" the crowded started to boo Chocolate Boy for making those false accusations. Chocolate Boy was in deep trouble now. How could he back up all his accusation of Gino while he had practically nothing to show?

"I have proof! I'm a witness." Somebody said. Everyone turned around to the jungle gym to see who said that to them. It was Arnold, standing on top of the jungle gym, as his friends looked at him quizzically. "Three days ago, I overheard one of Gino's bodyguards saying that they're giving Chocolate Boy a warning. So I wait for them to come out and when I came into the bathroom, I saw Chocolate Boy totally drenched in water. That, is your proof."

Gino looked back at Arnold with his eyes narrowed in anger. "I should've given him a 'swirly' along with Sid when I had the chance…" he thought bitterly to himself.

"Is it all troo, Gino?" Campfire Lass asked him accusingly.

Gino didn't answer her back. Instead, he glared murderously at Chocolate Boy and said, "We settle this once and for all." He then unbuttoned his prized Armani suit and gave it to one of his bodyguards. He now wore his undershirts, pants and shoes.

"FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!" chanted the crowd with extreme enthusiasm and hopefulness that they would fight. Gino put his fists up and jabbed the air. But Chocolate Boy stood defiantly and boldly said to him "I will not fight you."

"What's a matter? Scared?" Gino taunted him. Some laughs were heard coming from the kids.

"No. I'm not afraid of you." Chocolate Boy said back, "I'm not fighting you because Campfire Lass isn't a prize to be won over a fight. She's an individual, just like you and me. And I refuse to take part in this fight, yeah, yeah, because I know I'm more civilized than you." He apparently knew a lot of new big words now like 'individual' and 'civilize' ever since he hangout with Campfire Lass. Campfire Lass was so happy that he maintained his chivalry and gallantry.

Gino was very angry at Chocolate Boy's remark. He couldn't control himself. The hate was burning and raging in his heart. Without hesitation and thinking clearly, he jumped on Chocolate Boy, punched him and tried to choke him as they both fell down to the ground. The crowd was getting wilder and wilder, chanting "FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!" repeatedly and calling for each other to duke it out. Chocolate Boy tried to fight back by trying to pushing Gino away from him, but it was proven hard since Gino was gone totally ballistic, and not to mention berserk.

"STTOOOOOOOOOOOOPPPPP!" Campfire Lass shouted out loud, to break up the fight. Everyone went silent, as they all look at her. She was angry. She inhaled and exhaled loudly as she glared at Gino venomously. She then lifted her left sleeve up and walked over to Gino, only to give him a nice juicy yet hardcore punch on his face. Everybody gasped in shock. Gino hastily got up and held his nose in pain, trying to bear with it. His bodyguards quickly came to help escorted him out.

"You won't see the last of me!" Gino shouted threateningly as he pointed his finger at Chocolate Boy, while holding his nose with a tissue covering it. And after the crowd's approval and dispersal, Campfire Lass kneeled down and helped Chocolate Boy.

"Are ye okay?" she said, as she applied some first aid to Chocolate Boy that she learned. Campfire Lass ain't all about Chocolate Turtles, ya know.

"I'm okay CL," Chocolate Boy said, "I'm fine."

"Okay… if ye insist." Campfire Lass said to him, as she helped Chocolate Boy get up on his two feet again. The looked directly at each other's eyes, and the both of them blushed, as they darted their heads away embarrassedly, smiling. It was an awkward moment for them, as they observed the uncomfortable silence between them.

"So…" Campfire Lass finally said, "I'm glad that ye finally stand oop for yerself. What ye said is troo, then?"

"Which one?" Chocolate Boy replied shyly.

"About ye… do ye really… love me?" she asked again giddily.

"Yeah… yeah," Chocolate Boy replied again, "I think I am."

And suddenly, without any expectation or anticipation, Campfire Lass kissed him on the cheek. The reds in his cheeks flushed, happy and yet embarrassed at the same time when Campfire Lass gave him a peck. So Chocolate Boy grabbed her right hand, and they once more, merrily skipped away together wherever they might go.

"Another happy ending." Gerald said with a smile, as he and the other fourth graders observed the two couples from the jungle gym.

"All thanks to you, Arnold." Rhonda gave him a pat at the back, which Arnold responded with a broadening smile. Rhonda then looked at them again, "they sure make a cute couple together, don't they?"

"I wish my relationship with Arnold will be just a cute as them or cuter…" Helga thought to herself, as she gazed at the two kids admiringly.

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