Author's Note: In the whole entire show, I would say my most favorite character of all is Stoop Kid. Yes, Stoop Kid. Not Arnold, not Gerald, not Helga, not Lila, not anyone else for that matter. I don't know... he has that certain... something... quality attached to him. Like mystery. Or the fact the dude is pretty laid back, crazy and yet insane. Screw the others man, Stoop Kid is the character of this generation. No doubt about it.

Legal junk: I don't own Hey Arnold, but Nickelodeon does and Mr. Craig Bartlett created it. But this fic belongs to me. Clear? Good.

Episode 9: Pigeon Mystery


Arnold and Gerald were walking down the sidewalk as they threw to each other back and forth a baseball. The street that they were walking on was very familiar to them, because this was the street where Stoop Kid resided. The abandoned tenement that used to be Stoop Kid's humble abode was upgraded and retrofitted into a classy condominium recently. Rather than kicking Stoop Kid out of the place, the landlord was kind enough to help Stoop Kid out by giving him a job as a doorman in the establishment and let him sleep nearby the stoop. Stoop Kid proudly accepted the offer, since he did not want to be parted with his beloved stoop. And with Arnold's help, he turned Stoop Kid from a futureless junkie to an upstanding citizen overnight. He now has a nice looking hair and he proudly wears his red doorman uniform.

"Good afternoon Miss Vanderfeller." He greeted politely to the kindly old lady as he opened the door for her, "Nice weather we're having."

"Hey Stoop Kid." Arnold greeted him, waving his hand.

"GET AWAY FROM MY ST— oh, it's you Arnold. What are you doing here, man?"

"We just got back from playing baseball." He replied back, smiling at him.

"How's the job so far man?" Gerald asked him.

"Wow, this is great!" Stoop Kid exclaimed happily. "I get three square meals a day, this brand spanking—" he randomly slapped some lady's behind as she squealed "Ooh!" while opening the door for her, as she looked at Stoop Kid in disgust and horror, "new uniform, and with an adequate pay too! Plus I get to sleep here man. There's no way I'm ever leaving this stoop."

Suddenly a bird doodie dropped onto his stoop, enraging and angering Stoop Kid. "I TOLD YOU NOT TO LET YOUR STINKING BIRDS DEFILE MY STOOP YOU IDIOT!" Stoop Kid shouted furiously at the guy on the roof of the opposite building.

"Who are you yelling at, Stoop Kid?" Arnold asked.

"Ah, it's that stupid dumb hobo guy who just moved in there a couple of weeks ago. Since then, pigeons started to flock the place making the whole stinking neighborhood stink with bird poo!" Stoop Kid said loudly and angrily at them, pointing at the rooftop.

"Wait a minute." Arnold said, producing his palm to stop Stoop Kid from saying anything, "Did you just say pigeons?"

"Are you deaf, kid?" Stoop Kid shouted back, "Of course I said pigeons! There's nothing stinkier than those flying poop factory flying around you and suddenly drops a load on your stoop! Or on my nicely pressed uniform for that matter! I want that guy out of here!" and then an old guy walked up to the stoop, and Stoop Kid politely opened the door for him, "Good afternoon, Dr. Kleiner. I hope the experiment back at the lab went well today." Stoop Kid was suffering from bipolar disorder, Gerald thought. "Look guys," he continued, "I'd love to have a little chat with you, but I have a job to do."

"Yeah, we understand." Gerald said, nodding. "See ya around, Stoop Kid." And the both of them walked away and waved at him.

"And if you ever find that hobo guy around, make sure you guys beat him up!" Stoop Kid, shaking his fist. Arnold and Gerald walked away, and as soon as the both of them walked out of his sight, Arnold said to Gerald:

"Gerald, I think the hobo that Stoop Kid's been talking about is The Pigeon Man."

"The Pigeon Man?" Gerald said, shocked. "No way! Didn't he leave the city after Harold, Sid and Stinky trashed his place?"

"He didn't say he's leaving the city, Gerald. He just said that he wanted to move to a better place." Arnold explained. "And I think this is the better place that he has been searching for."

"So what are you going to do?"

"I'm going to pay him a visit Gerald. I want to know what has been up to. And if I'm up to it, I just might help Stoop Kid with his problems."

Gerald shook his head, smiling. "You're a bold kid Arnold. A bold kid."


It had been a while since the last time Arnold saw Pigeon Man. Arnold could remember it quite vividly: It was an amazing sight to behold when he saw him flew to the sunset with the aid of his pigeons. He wondered what has become of him now that he finally found a place to live. He was ascending up the stairs to the rooftop so he could once again, have a talk with Pigeon Man. Hopefully he'd still remember him.

Arnold opened the damaged door to the roof and scanned around. Looks like Pigeon Man had put some pretty cool decorations around the roof. There were lots of handcrafted pigeonholes around the place and some bizarre structures made out of wires in far and between. There were also birdseeds and some bird poo practically littering the floor and Arnold tried to be careful not to step on them. He wandered around and saw a figure at the end of the ledge while some birds flocking around him. That must be The Pigeon Man. Arnold carved himself a smile and he quickly went up to him.

"Coo… Coo…" The Pigeon Man cooed as he fed a pigeon from his hand. Arnold could see the pigeon pecking his hand, reaching for the seed.

"Pigeon Man?" Arnold said humbly.

Pigeon Man turned around slowly, but still, the pigeons surrounding him didn't fly away. They do maintain a special bond together. Pigeon Man carved a soft smile at Arnold, as he was happy to see him again. "Arnold." He spoke softly.

Arnold then grinned back, and stood next to him while looking at him feeding the birds. "So this is the place, huh?" he asked.

"It most certainly is." He spread his arm wide, and all of the pigeons flew away majestically to the sky. It was like a John Woo moment. "So how is Chester?" he asked about Arnold's pet pigeon's wellbeing. He hadn't seen it for some time after Chester recovered.

"Thanks to you Pigeon Man, he's completely recovered." Arnold beamed back at him. They then turned their heads to the street below, looking at Stoop Kid shaking his fist at them.

"ARNOLD YOU TRAITOR!" Stoop Kid shouted angrily at him from the stoop, "How dare you gone to his side! You're gonna pay for this!" Arnold then quickly turned around, stepping away from the ledge and out from Stoop Kid's view. He was a bit scared from the threat.

"Hey man, don't scare the kid!" Pigeon Man shouted back at Stoop Kid.

"Oh wow! Awesome comeback! You defend him old man! YOU DEFEND HIM!" Stoop Kid retorted back, "Mark my words: Someday I'm gonna get you and your stupid pigeons for defiling my stoop!"

"Well, if you'd just stop acting like a dang fool, the pigeons wouldn't have dropped their loads on your precious stoop!" And Pigeon Man sicced his pigeons to bombard the stoop and Stoop Kid himself just to annoy the heck out of him, and the objective was completed successfully.

"Someday I'm gonna get you old man! And you dirty smelly flying rats too! YOU HEAR ME?" Stoop Kid made one final repartee before he went in to wash off the foul thing off his nicely pressed doorman uniform.

Pigeon Man scoffed, and smiled softly, pleased at himself for teaching Stoop Kid a lesson. He then turned around, only to see Arnold sitting on a slab of concrete while feeding the pigeons. Pigeon Man then walked up to him, and asked, "Arnold, I saw you talked to Stoop Kid before you got here. Why are you being friends with him? He hates my friends, has a huge temper and he always yells at you."

"You got it all wrong, Pigeon Man." Arnold replied back as he watched the pigeons eat the bird seeds off from his hand, "He's not always like that. He's always friendly towards me, but… I don't know. I think, ever since you moved into the neighborhood he's been very angry that you made the pigeons… well, drop their loads on his stoop. You should stop them from doing it."

"Arnold, I've trained them to relieve themselves at a place faraway that you couldn't guess."

"It's either at the park or at the plaza near the mall, isn't it?" Arnold asked back, slightly lowering an eyebrow.

"Uh… yeah, but let's not get ourselves into this matter, okay?" Pigeon Man replied nonchalantly. "As I said before, I've trained them to go someplace else. The real reason why my pigeons chose Stoop Kid's stoop to drop their load is because he provoked us first."

"Well, what did he do to make you guys all angry and stuff?" Arnold asked back.

"I remember it quite well." Pigeon Man began to reminisce, stroking his unshaved chin.


I was a very much like a nomad before I settled down here. Those were hard times, as I couldn't find any suitable place to stay at all. With the help of my friends, I flew from roof to roof, only to find them unsuitable for me to look out for my friends.

Pigeon Man was high in the sky, flying across a large setting sun in the background. People down below could only looked at him with a sense of awe or in disbelief. Others feared for his safety, and some of them even called him a loon. But Pigeon Man ignored all the comments and continued on his journey finding that perfect place for him and for all of his friends. As he flew across the cityscape, he noticed that he was being lowered down, little by little. He then looked up, and saw his pigeon friends were absolutely weary for flying him around town. Something must be done before they become absolutely tired and couldn't fly anymore. So, Pigeon Man searched around and saw a safe looking rooftop on a tall modern office building.

"Coo…" he cooed to his friends above him, pointing to the office building to their left. And like any other well trained animals, they quickly did as they are ordered and flew to the building. The landing was smooth landing for Pigeon Man, and after he landed, his friends followed suit and all the cords that the pigeons used to carry Pigeon Man zipped back to his belt. All of them collapsed to the ground, panting for air. Pigeon Man sympathized with his friends, and he then took out a bottle of drinking water and poured them into a small bowl that he had brought along with him. And almost instantaneously all of the pigeons got up and scampered to the bowl to quench themselves, creating a frenzy.

Pigeon Man was amused at the foray, as he snickered softly at them. He too, decided to relax by taking a quick nap. When he opened his eyes, he could see the sun was slightly lower at the horizon. He must've overslept. He then looked around of his surroundings. The rooftop was a vast open area, very clean and relatively safe. This could be a perfect place for him and for his friends.

Or so he thought.

Suddenly, he could hear whirling blades of a helicopter coming ever closer at him. He stood up and saw the helicopter, trying to descend down. The whole area began to be swept by the wind generated by the blades, forcing Pigeon Man to take cover behind a small service room. After successfully landed on the rooftop, a person came out of the chopper and ran to a door nearby. He then opened the door, and out came some guy in a business suit with his colleagues and bodyguards following him from behind. The bodyguards then swept around the rooftop, trying to make the area secure. Then suddenly, one of them saw Pigeon Man.

"Ksshh! Code Red! Code Red! Ksshh!" The bodyguard said through his walkie-talkie. "Ksshh! There's an unidentified intruder on the roof! Ksshh!"

Pigeon Man quickly came to his alertness, and he immediately stood up as he spread his arms wide. It was a gesture to summon all of his pigeons to go to him. His friends then quickly perched on the cords and pull them out, thus flying away along with Pigeon Man. Everyone looked back absolutely stunned and disbelief at what did they saw. A middle aged man flying with a help from a flock of pigeons.

Then I tried another place.

Pigeon Man and his friends then landed on a rooftop of an old steel mill at the outskirts of the city in a quiet abandoned industrial area. He felt this place would be an ideal place since the industrial area was mostly abandoned and the neighborhood was quite quiet. Vegetation began to creep inside the factories and they would provide some extra food for his friends - not to mention, there was a river flowing lazily behind the factory he was on. Pigeon Man then saw an emergency exit ladder at one of the corners and walked there. The roof was sturdy enough for him to walk on.

Or so he thought.

Suddenly, the roof collapsed and he fell into the mill inside, hitting a beam, a crane and finally, a loud thud on the floor. But despite the bone-crunching experience, he survived because he landed on soft vegetation on the beam, crane and floor that broke his fall. After the dust settled, he then got up, groaning in pain as he rubbed his back. The pigeons then flew down and crowded around him. He was glad that he had friends that concerns about his wellbeing.

Pigeon Man then stood up and looked at the enormous hole that he fell in earlier. He changed his mind. This place was not safe at all. Given the current condition, the entire building would collapse soon. And the vegetation surrounding the building would harbor safe sanctuary for predators, like a snake. He then quickly left the abandoned factory and flew away.


The search for a perfect haven for him and his pigeon friends was not over, as Pigeon Man once again, heads to the sky in search for that perfect place. He entered a familiar neighborhood, although he was not in the same territory. He was quite jittery at first since he felt the same similar fate could happen to him again if he chose this place, but with options running out, he had to take this place into consideration.

After circling around the neighborhood, much to the enjoyment of onlookers – especially children, he then spotted a place that was almost as the same as his former residence. He then cooed to his friends to ask them to lower him down to that place. The pigeons heeded, and landed Pigeon Man on the building he pointed to. It was an abandoned tenement, much like his old house, but it was much cleaner looking and it wasn't as tall as his old one. The place also was a couple of blocks away from the park, which means his friends could find food there easily, since old ladies would feed bread crumbs and birdseeds at them, thus saving Pigeon Man the trouble finding food. Though, there was a minor annoyance at the opposite of the tenement he was on since there was a reconstruction going on. With the banging and clacking…

Pigeon Man then walked to the ledge and looked down below. He saw Arnold teaching Stoop Kid proper manners of a doorman since the owner of the building was kind enough to give Stoop Kid a job as a doorman at his stoop, if he had the proper manners to work there. Seeing Arnold brought warmness in his heart since he was the only human being in the world that understood him. Due to the strategic place and minor distraction, he then decided that he will stay in this place and create a permanent haven for all the pigeons in the city.

Or so he thought.

After finding enough materials for him to build homes for his friends, he then carried all the building materials on a wheelbarrow out from a junkyard to his new home. As he went pass Stoop Kid's stoop, he looked at the old man with disbelief, but slightly amused at it. "What is that guy doing?" He said to himself. "Oh well, as long as he doesn't annoy me or step on my stoop, he's cool." He then began to read an alphabet book. "G is for gyroscope… H is for hypervelocity…"

But as days went pass by, Pigeon Man kept on bringing stuff into his place, and the sound of the rolling wheelbarrow began to sweep into Stoop Kid's mind, and the sound it made kept playing in his membrane. EVERY. FLIPPING. TIME. It annoyed him to no end. Every time Pigeon Man went pass by, the sound of the rolling wheelbarrow entered his mind, and he began to twitch his eye. He then closed his ears by putting his hands over them and said "LALALALALALALA…" repeatedly. And yet despite all the efforts, the sound still made it into his mind, and finally he snapped.

"HEY OLD MAN!" Stoop Kid yelled angrily at Pigeon Man while pointing furiously at him. Pigeon Man stopped, looking at the weird young man incredulously. "Will you stop carrying all those junk on that stupid wheelbarrow you been keep hauling around? IT'S ANNOYING!"

"Now son, let's be rational here…" Pigeon Man said to calm him down.

"Shut up!" Stoop Kid replied back, looking at Pigeon Man with his narrowed eyes. He then rolled his sleeves up and prepared to cross the street to confront with Pigeon Man. Unbeknownst to Stoop Kid, a rope carrying a bucket of liquid plaster above him suddenly snapped and fell directly onto him. "Oh, snap!" A construction worker yelled as he watched helplessly at Stoop Kid being lathered by a bucket of yucky liquid plaster. Stoop Kid was extremely angry, furious and embarrassed that he got himself into this mess. He then looked up, and saw the rope and a pigeon flying by. He then presumed:

"You did this to me, didn't you?" he yelled accusingly at Pigeon Man.

"Hey, why you're blaming me for? You're the one who's on that spot when that thing falls on you." Pigeon Man replied back coolly.

"LIAR!" Stoop Kid yelled back whiningly, like Anakin Skywalker. "That dumb bird is with you! You sent him to destroy me!"

"What? Listen to yourself. You're making a fool out of yourself!"

"Quiet!" He then ran up to Pigeon Man to give him a beating of his life. Fearful of the safety of their friends, the flock of pigeons then attacked Stoop Kid by pecking and scratching him as Pigeon Man ran to safety. Overwhelmed, Stoop Kid had no choice but to retreat. The pigeons then went back to the roof. By now stoop Kid was all covered in plaster and pigeon feather, and everyone around the block laughed at him. But before he ran in to hide from the shame, he gave Pigeon Man a warning, "I swear to everything that is holy I'm gonna get you and your dirty little friends too! Mark my words!"


"Well," Pigeon Man shrugged, concluding his story to Arnold, "That's my story and I'm sticking to it."

"He's mad at you because he thinks that one of your pigeons dropped a bucket of plaster on him?" Arnold asked. "Man, I don't believe it. I think I can help settle this feud, Pigeon Man. Just give me some time to talk to him."

"I'm not going to discourage you Arnold, but hey, do what you hafta do." He said, patting Arnold's shoulder. Then suddenly, they heard a hissing sound and they turned around. Both of them widened their eyes in shock. "Get down!" Pigeon Man shouted as he dived to the floor and forced Arnold to go along with him.


And all the pigeons on the roof flew away. "HAHA!" Stoop Kid laughed maniacally, "How'd you like those stink bombs, jerks!"

"And you have to do it quick." Stoop Kid said to Arnold as they ran away from the disaster area. "Even my clothes aren't as smelly as those bombs!"

A day later, Arnold then walked up to Stoop Kid to begin his diplomacy talk with him. At first, it was met with hostilities since Stoop Kid thought he was fraternizing with his enemy. But after Arnold explained the length and breadth of his actions, Stoop Kid then agreed to hear to him, and provide Arnold to his side of the view.

"That jerk is lying to you." Stoop Kid scoffed back, crossing his arms. "C'mon man. I'm your friend Arnold. Would I lie to you?"

"Uh…" Arnold didn't know what to say.

"Okay, let me tell you my side of the story." Stoop Kid replied back. "I was reading the book you gave to me, you know, the 'Proper Doorman Etiquettes for Dunderheads,' which is a great book by the way, when all of the sudden, that stupid old man came rolling with his stupid wheelbarrow, interrupting with my studies. So naturally I was very ticked off and politely said to him that he should keep the noise down. But, being a big fat jerk he is, he angrily and rudely said at me:" he paused for dramatic effect.

"Yes?" Arnold replied.

"NO!" Stoop Kid yelled at Arnold, "He said no, and told me he wants to continue to do this forever just so he enjoys seeing me get all angry and stuff."

"Wow. Then what did you do?"

"Of course, like any other human being, I got angry when all of my polite suggestions are ignored by him. So one day I decided to talk to him. You know, settle this over lunch and all that. But no, he has another plan in his mind. As I prepare myself on meeting him, he secretly ordered his pigeon to put the bucket of plaster over me and bite the rope away. I saw with my very own eyes, man!" Stoop Kid raised his voice suddenly, "One of his flying poop factory carried on a mission to destroy me!"

"Stoop Kid, you can't be destroyed when a bucket of liquid plaster is on you." Arnold replied back, "Yeah, you'd be humiliated of course, but it can't kill you, ya know."

"Hey, I'm still traumatized by the incident, man!" Stoop replied back, holding both of Arnold's shoulders, shaking them. "I have nightmares about it every time I go to sleep! It's crazy, man! See!" Stoop Kid suddenly pointed upwards at Pigeon Man, looking at them.

"Look through those sympathetic eyes and into his evil soul Arnold." Stoop Kid said, "He has one thing in his mind, and he wants me to go away, and leave my stoop. I can't leave my stoop, Arnold. I've been living on this stoop since the history of forever. Parting with it is like leaving your best friend away or throwing your favorite shirt for a new one. I can't do it Arnold. It's just too hard for me." He said melancholically, trying to win Arnold's sympathy.

But Arnold, being a bold and smart kid he was, replied back, "Stoop Kid, you and Pigeon Man gave me two completely different stories altogether, and it's hard for me to say which one of you is to blame about it. Is there a thing, like evidence or something, so I can investigate properly about this?"

"Sure." Stoop Kid motioned his head and hand and let Arnold in. They walked inside the apartment and to a janitor's closet where Stoop Kid kept most of his personal belongings. After a few minutes of rummaging, he then gave Arnold an item for him to investigate.

"A rope?" Arnold said quizzically. "Is that all?"

"That's the only evidence that I can salvage from the scene of the crime. I did give it to the cops but apparently they are too busy finding some bigger fish to fry." Stoop Kid scoffed at the thought of the cops rejecting his evidence.

"Well, beggars can't be choosers… Okay, I'll go have look at this rope tonight and I'll tell you what I've found tomorrow. Thanks, Stoop Kid." Arnold then left, as he and Stoop Kid waved at one another.

That night, Arnold had his head deep into the investigation that he had forgotten about dinner. The door to his room was knocked, and Grandpa showed up with some dinner on a tray. "Hey there Shortman. Still can't find a dang thing about the rope, can ya?" He said, putting the tray next to his grandson on the table.

"Thanks for the dinner Grandpa. But yeah, I can't find anything." He said frustratingly as he threw the magnifying glass that he had held in his hands for quite some time. "Do you have any thoughts about this, Grandpa?"

"Well…" Grandpa said, as he picked the rope up, looking at the end with one of his eyes closed, "If my eyes still hasn't failed me, I say this end here was cut." He then showed the rope to Arnold. Then Arnold came to a realization, that he, or rather his Grandpa, had solved the mystery.

"THAT'S IT!" he exclaimed. "Grandpa, you're a genius!"

"Hehe, naturally." Grandpa replied back proudly.

"This might be just the evidence that I need! I can't wait to tell them what I've found tomorrow!"


And so on the next day, Arnold rushed to Stoop Kid's and Pigeon Man's place to tell them about the discovery that his grandfather founded. Both of them at first denied the allegation and refused to believe it. But after much persuasion and reiteration about the facts, they finally came to realization that Arnold might hold some credibility to his claims. With that came to rest, now it was time for Arnold to ask the two adversaries to sit at a table together to declare truce and find a common ground so they both could work the problem out together. It was proven harder than Arnold thought.

"Because he's a big jerk, that's why!" Stoop Kid said angrily at Arnold, refusing the idea to meet Pigeon Man.

"C'mon Stoop Kid." Arnold said back calmly, "You know he didn't do it. I thought we're all okay now?"

"Well, I'm still not. Unless he gives me what I want, then I might cooperate."

"He wants me to do what?" Pigeon Man said in disbelief after Arnold told him about Stoop Kid's demand.

"Yeah, he wants you to do these things before he can formally accept your apologies. Here's a document of the said demands." Arnold then handed Pigeon Man a document with the list of demands from Stoop Kid. The document was actually a crumpled piece of paper with the list written with a pen with depleted ink.

"1. Wash and clean the stoop for the entire month." Pigeon Man read the demands, "2. A month's supply of Yahoo Soda. 3. Order your birds to stop their bombing raids. 4. All pigeon forces must not fly to this building as the area has been designated as a no fly zone. 5. Read all of the above. Man, I didn't know Stoop Kid can write." Pigeon Man said, looking at Arnold.

"He knows… a bit. I… helped him out at some parts." Arnold replied back, rubbing the back of his neck.

"His claims are outrageous!" Pigeon Man scoffed back, shaking his head. He then placed his hands on his waist, looking at the cityscape, deep in thought. He then sighed deeply, and turned around, looking at Arnold.

"All right, if it's for long lasting peace, I then agree to his demands, under several conditions."

"He wants me to do what?" Stoop Kid said in disbelief after Arnold told him about Pigeon Man's demand.

"Déjà vu." Arnold thought to himself. "Yeah, he wants you to do these things before he can formally accept your apologies. Here's a document of the said demands." Arnold then handed Stoop Kid a document with the list of demands from Pigeon Man. The document was actually a crumpled piece of paper with the list written with a pen with depleted ink.

"Arnold…" Stoop Kid said shyly as he looked around with his shifty eyes, "You know I can't read… that well…" he whispered back.

Arnold rolled his eyes, and took the paper back from him, "1. Cease hostilities to me and my friends. 2. The bombardment of my abode must come to an end at once. 3. Any form of defamation should also stop without delay. 4. A month's supply of bird seed and bird crumbs. 5. Demands must be met immediately or no deal." Arnold concluded the list.

"Gosh…" Stoop Kid said, scratching his head. "I don't even know some of those words meant." Arnold felt like banging his head against the wall. He then reluctantly went inside the apartment and to the lobby area to ask anyone for a dictionary. Thankfully he found one and ran back to Stoop Kid.

"WHAT! No way!" Stoop Kid replied back furiously.

"C'mon, Stoop Kid. This is the only way." Arnold tried to reason. "Besides, he's not asking much. You just stop making him angry and buy his birds some food. Nothing else that'd put you into trouble."

Stoop Kid gazed at Arnold. Maybe he was right about this. "No funny business?" he asked.

"No funny business." Arnold replied back, grinning broadly.

"Well… okay…"

The diplomatic maneuver pulled by Arnold worked, and now it was time for the two guys to sit together at a table, trying to reach an agreement. They both met at a chess table at the park and they began their talks about their demands and claims. The whole talk was monitored and administered by Arnold. And by the end of the day, they finally reached an accord and they finally declared their truce by shaking their hands.

"So what now?" Stoop Kid asked.

"We're gonna find the culprit who cut this rope." Arnold replied showing them the rope. "Maybe when we find him, we can truly put an end to this feud once and for all."

"But how?" Pigeon Man asked.


Arnold then ran into the apartment building and began to search for the landlord. Stoop Kid pointed out that he had an office somewhere at the lobby area. Arnold searched around, and finally saw a door bearing the landlord's name. He knocked the door and was allowed to enter, much to the landlord surprise.

"A kid? What are you doing here?" he asked.

"If I could just have a moment of your time sir, it'd be wonderful." Arnold replied back politely.

The landlord stared at Arnold for a while, contemplating about his request. "All right…" he sighed, "But make it quick."

"Are you the proprietor of this housing establishment, sir?"

"Yes I am."

"Who did you contract for the building's reconstruction?" Arnold asked.

"Uh, it's some company called Bricks & Cements Construction Co. located a few blocks away from this place. Say, why is a young man like you be interested—"

"Thank you very much Sir. Bye!" And Arnold slammed the door, leaving the landlord looking at it in disbelief.

"Crazy kid…" he shook his head, and resumed his work. Outside the room, Arnold then told where they should be heading next. Both former adversaries nodded in agreement, and followed Arnold to the shop that housed the small, privately owned construction company. And remember, Stoop Kid was brave enough to leave his stoop now. Upon entering, they saw many construction workers loitering around the front reception area, chatting, drinking coffee and in some sort of a competition where they bash their heads together to see which hardhat would crack first.

"Where do we start?" Stoop Kid asked Arnold.

"I dunno." Arnold replied, shaking his head. "Let's walk around, maybe we might find some clues." And so the three of them walked around the office area, looking for the guy who cut the rope. The conversation by the workers was also monitored closely by them. By now, all of the construction workers thought the trio might've been lost, but they wouldn't want to take any action since they were too lazy to do it and they knew that security would kick them out sooner or later eventually. Arnold, Stoop Kid and Pigeon Man's effort paid off though, because they could hear a guy talking about the incident.

"So I took my knife out and cut the rope!" A lanky guy said to his big burly colleague. "Then the whole dang thing came crashing to that guy's head!" And he then laughed out loud, as he colleague looked at him in disbelief and displeasure, to hear that his friend was this cruel to some innocent guy beneath it. And by now Stoop Kid was furiously angry. He then rolled his sleeves up and stomp over to that guy. Upon arrival, he tapped the guy's shoulder and he turned around, looking at the somewhat familiar guy.

"Can I… help you?" he asked.

"Are you the guy who worked on the apartment building nearby some couple of weeks ago?" Stoop Kid asked.


"And are you the guy who cut this rope," Stoop Kid showed him the rope, "Promptly plunging the liquid plaster on some guy?"

"You saw that, didn't you?" the guy asked again, snickering. This was Stoop Kid's guy. And so Stoop Kid cracked his knuckles, and gave him a punch on the face.


"Satisfied now?" Arnold asked, beaming at Stoop Kid as they walked out of the construction company.

"Utterly satisfied." Stoop Kid smiled back.

"So, this means we're all friends now?" Pigeon Man asked them, and Arnold and Stoop Kid agreed. Stoop Kid then extended his hand at Pigeon Man to shake hands with him. While he was a bit surprised, Pigeon Man accepted the gesture and shook his hands with him back. Arnold smiled to himself pleasantly that he finally created peace between the two by being an excellent mediator. Arnold also thought he might make a good diplomat someday.

I don't like Pigeon Man much, since I prefer Monkeyman more than him. But I have to put him in because it's his story. In term of awesomeness, Monkeyman is about as awesome as Stoop Kid, albeit slightly less awesome. Microscopic less, and all that. Well, that's that. Thanks for reading and please leave a review.