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T minus 5 –

She gasps as the pipe is once again in her hands. She has to be strong. Everyone thinks she is, but she is not. Its calling her, some mild death, to match her soul. A flick of the lighter, a deep breath, a few more.

The pipe clatters from her deadened hands, striking the floor.

T minus 4 –

he is downstairs, must put on a good face, I AM his best man after all deep inside a sob is felt, but she looks into the mirror, adjusting her bandolier, and hiding the pain in her eyes.

Behind her, the pipe calls her again, but not now. Now is smiles, breakfast made for her best friend, and fake laughs. Later, she will pay the price for her act. She has that silence at least to look forward too.

T minus 3 –

Hands shaking, she tries to light the pipe again. One more hit, its all she needs for blackness to come tonight. That Woman hit him again, in her presence, and she was not able to strike Akane down for hurting him. He stopped her. Again. Like everything else in her life. Deep breath, as the drugs are lit again. Wracking coughs as she holds the smoke in her lungs, longer than before. Blackness claims her.

T minus 2 –

"Ucchan? Anyone home?" knocking on the locked door, but no response. "Ucchan?" An angry voice behind him makes him turn to leave. He will have to find her later he thinks to himself. Odd that the shop is closed right now, but, with the wedding in a few days maybe she had some things to pick up herself.

Upstairs on the floor, Ucchan lies unmoving.

T minus 1 –

Rain comes down, hitting the roof and making a soft murmuring. A whole day she has laid there, unmoving, barley breathing. The pipe long since has gone out. The cold of the air matches the cold of her heart. She is not even strong enough to shiver, as some semblance of awareness comes back to her. She cant move, still, too weak, but awareness is there. The one thing she wants to hide from the most, and its all she has left. Her own awareness. Not even strong enough to try oblivion again.

A crash, as the window opens, rain pelting her as she cannot move, blackness calls her again.

"Ucchan!" as she comes in through the window, and sees her laying there. Awareness enters Ranma-chan's mind, as she takes In the scene. she knows in a moment, what has happened, what she is doing. Picking Ucchan up, through the night they go, a familiar doctor to see.

Ignition –

Beep-Beep-beep monotonous, it continues the unending noise of the monitor, droning on. After awhile, you stop noticing it, and would only hear its lapse. In your heart you would fear the silence, if you thought about it, but of course you do not.

He looks down at the hand he holds in his, knowing what brought this to be. Why didn't he see what she had done for him. She had understood what he needed, and with soft advice, and friendship, she brought the chaos in his life to an end. Almost single handedly. It was because of her that he had been having any sort of peace, and this is what it brought her. A hospital bed, tubes stuck in her, and monitors beeping in the distance.

A month after the Wedding fiasco, She had broken off thier engagement, telling him that he was her friend, first and foremost. Even though it cost her the family, she was not willing to give that up. Over a long evening spent talking she hammered this into him, that he was her best and only friend, really, and even if it meant giving him up as her love. This she knew she wanted more. This act alone, had given him more peace, and happiness, than anything in his life had ever done. Someone who actually cared for him, without needing him as a prize.Akane of course, had her usual response, and the beating he got after that nights conversations was legendary, even for her.

Ucchan gave him the idea on how to satisfy the old ghoul, becoming a formal friend of the tribe, and being adopted as Colognes son. Being Shampoo's great uncle made Ending the wedding with her easy to deal with. Cologne did try and give him the out of still being married to her if he wished. That precedent was not unknown in her tribe. Ranma also suspected thought he could not prove it that it was from Ukyo that the anonymous phone calls came, that brought the police to investigate Kodachi, in her estate. Her commitment ended many of his problems. This really left Ranma alone with Akane, and now a year later they had reached the point that they were to be married again. A week left, and then this. Not even once did he suspect her change was solely for him, what it was costing her. That she would rather die, a bit at a time, than continue like this. Every morning, she cooked him breakfast, she made jokes about wanting to see him live to see the wedding night, always smiling. She had Never been high once while he was there, he would have been able to see that in her Ki. That this was happening was a complete shock to him, and he felt guilt. He should have known, he should have been more aware of his best friend. Long and hard that night, he spent watching her, and thinking about what he needed to do.

Beep beep beep it drones one tonight. Elsewhere, a girl is convinced of his infidelity, even though the Doctor has called, and told them where he is, what has happened. She storms back and forth in her room, because she dares not go down to them, fearing that she would blame her, trying desperately to convince herself that its all that Baka's fault anyway. She decides that she needs to punish him, harsher than normal both for her sake, but Ukyo's as well. It's the only way to balance this pain she feels inside. Maybe she may even be able to stop punishing him, once that pain inside is balance. Maybe. But pain can never be balanced, or avoided. It can just be dealt with, learned from, and moved past. Akane never learned this.