I don't know anything. I don't own anything. Leave me alone.


Images flash in and out of the view of the girl. She is alive. Tubes in her mouth choke her but also keep her alive. Why is she alive. Someone had to have saved her. Someone. Him. Ran..

Pain rushes into her mind and heart. Tied down, with dark shadows hovering around her, she screams wordlessly. Just raw ragged crys and straining against her bonds. A cool rag and gentle but firm hand on her fore head is the only sensation she can feel.

"I will not leave you like this…"

There is no night and no day in her world. Tubes run chemicals into her, to counter act the painful withdrawal she is going through. Her vision has not yet returned though there is nothing stopping her from seeing. Nothing but her. The doctor feels her blindness is in her mind. She can hear him talking to her, but rarely responds. Always also she feels HIS presence, even though she never hears his voice. She knows he cannot in truth be there. He is gone, lost to that bitch. Lots to her forever. But her mind will not let his presence fade from her mind.

"For as long as it takes, I will stay with you.."

A part of her mind listens as the doctor talks to someone who is with her. The conversation is rather one sided as the other person never responds. Anger at her lots grows in her. He should have seen what was happening. He turned on her those many years ago, and did it again. He betrayed her again. Leaving her to die alone, in the dark. Damm that bastard to the deepest pits of hell. Why could he not see that she was the one who loved him the most. The only one who loved who he was. She curses him out loud, and the doctor pauses in his talking, and waits while she rants about how cruel he is to her. She feels the cool hand again on her forehead, while she talks, stroking her hair. And something wet hit her cheek.

"I am sorry for all I have done to hurt you"

Time has passed and her sight still ahs not returned. Nurses come and go, the doctor comes each day. Her constant companion is The Other. She does not know if they are male or female, just that they are always there. And always silent. No matter what. Her doctor enters the room. She can feel him. "Ukyo, good morning."


Some pleasantries are exchanged. Nothing of import. He talks to her of going home soon, there is no reason for him to keep her longer. She is not sure what she will do. How she can survive. The Doctor telling her that she will be cared for, by… but for some reason she can never hear the word. Never comprehend it. Something on the edges of her mind that he is telling her. Her 'Something' will take care of her. Eventually she gives in, though she still does not understand. The doctor talking to someone, the Other. "someday she should be over this. We will have an in-house councilor visiting you both a couple of times a week." A pause. " yes, I understand that. I will update your records to show the new home. Moving you both away from here is a good idea, R…" silence again. Sleep takes her again. Then movement, an arm wrapped around her as she walks, in the darkness. Not alone, but she cannot understand why she never hears her benefactor speak. Maybe she is partnered with a mute, her being blind. Fitting. Though sometimes, she could swear it was a girl with her, and others a guy. Maybe she has two. Maybe she is insane.


A new location, someplace unfamiliar. She hears folks mention streets she is not familiar with. In a cab, she hears the driver talking to the Other. Juuban district. She is somewhere in Juuban. Why there? Some place different for sure. The doctor told her, or told the other that them moving was a good idea. Why. She lost, why would anyone care. Depression wracked her again. She imagines him again, being with her. She can almost smell him. Feel his strength and power near her. And it depresses him more. Tears on her face, lightly run, and the Others arms are around her. The other is female. She feels her breasts as her head is pushed down between them. Comforting her.

Food smells permeate her new residence. She can smell her dish, cooking. It smells good, not as good as her own, but almost. Definitely better than hospital food. Someone helps her to the table. Guides her to sit. This time the Other is Male, she can tell from when they move together. And taller than her. Almost like him. Why cant it be him. " Who are you?. Answer me." Silence. Arms wrap around her as she breaks again. In her mind she see's blue eyes, haunting her. Why doesn't he answer her.

Another doctor comes. They talk. About him, about her feelings. About her father. About the blindness. And then the Doctor is gone. But the blindness remains. So does the silent Other. Every day the other baths her, takes care of her. Makes her exercise. She takes to calling him Ranma in her mind. Knowing how foolish that is. Not caring. When the other is the girl, it is Ranko who is tending her. Who is making her food. And brushing her hair. Its Ranma in her mind that holds her at night when she wakes screaming. She still needs medication for the addiction. Still needs to be cared for.


She dreams. A woman stands before her. Asking her if she is ready. Ready to face herself, and her future.

She wakes. And the light is visible. Fuzzy, but visible. She strains to make out shapes, and a voice in the vast distance seems to be talking to her as she is guided around the place she lives in. her name is called out, while chatting. She starts to respond and a dark shadow moves across her vision. More blinking as the vision starts to clear, a voice saying her name.

The first thing she sees is His startling blue eyes. The first thing she really hears is his voice saying her name.