Author's Note:

Okay, guys, here's the deal with Whispers.

I love this project, I really do. However, there were good reasons it came to a stop where it did. Certain things were simply not working out, both in the writing and in my life. On the other hand, things IRL have cleared up, so if I were to continue this, it would only be a matter of some rewriting. That rewriting will probably take a while, though.

I'm not as much in the fandom anymore, and sadly I couldn't finish this fic while I still was. I've also learned a lot about writing that makes this fic seem kind of badly written, to be honest, and I want to make it as good as it can be, which might be difficult to balance with my old writing style. In addition, I've seen more of the series which kind of invalidates some of the timeline/events I had planned for Whispers in the future (and in what's already happened), so untangling and reworking the plot is going to be a big pain, if that's what I choose to do. I might also just leave it semi-AU and take it where I was planning to anyway, regardless of canon. But no matter where it goes, I don't want to let it just sit here unfinished. I really appreciate all of you who've read and reviewed it, and I'm so glad so many people were able to get some enjoyment from it. I'd like to repay that by giving a specific date when a new chapter might be posted, but I can't make any promises just to be unable to keep them. So instead, as vague as it is, know that I am working on this and restructuring it, and sometime probably by the end of the summer (I hope) there will be a new chapter waiting, at which point this dreadful author's note will be removed. ;

What I'd really like to say is that I'm sorry for leaving all of you hanging, and I'd like to try to make it up to you by finishing this.

Thanks for reading, guys, and I'm really sorry.