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The red brick building seemed out of place among the modern metal and glass edifices to either side of it. Unlike the seven story high towers, it was a squat two stories. Yet the building had a comfortable air about it, a gentle reminder of other, perhaps happier, times. By the plain wooden door hung a simply engraved brass plate which read 'Grayson – Detective' in a unambiguous script.

If the building looked strange among its neighbours than the man who had just walked out of it looked bizarre for emerging from such a reassuring place. He held an indefinable air of danger about him, yet not a trace of menace…He was tall, at least six feet, although from the observers perch on the opposite buildings roof, the view was awkward and the man may well have been a few inches taller, but certainly not shorter. His black hair was long and tied back in a style reminiscent of a fashion several decades past.

The observer smiled slightly. Even if his age had been unknown, there would be no mistaking it for anywhere near that generation. From the few, and rather fine, lines on his face, the man could not be older than thirty. Indeed, the observer knew that he'd celebrated his 27th birthday early that month.

Despite his age putting his slightly past his peak, very few could have possible missed the muscle hidden behind his well-tailored shirt, or the grace and strength behind each step. He moved in accordance with his nature, he was a fighter, a warrior. If you were to ever catch a glimpse of his eyes behind the ever-present black sunglasses, or other covering, the first thing you would see would be a cold determination. Proof of the steel will that had dominated his life since childhood and was rarely thwarted. Not that many ever saw his eyes. They exposed far too much emotion for him to readily reveal them. After all, as he had learnt so many times, emotion always brought pain, and pain was weakness. A warrior could not afford to be weak…

The man walked into the concrete, many-tiered parking lot, a mere four buildings down the street from where the observer had first caught sight of him.

"It's been a very long time Robin…"

With a cold indifference mastered over a decade, Richard confidently walked past the rows of silent machines, their rainbow assortment of colours gleaming in the low light. His unseen eyes scoured every hiding place, his senses open for the tell tale signs of an ambush. He'd been attacked in this place only two weeks before and had no wish to repeat the occasion. The price demanded for the car he had thrown the professional thug against had been ridiculously high.

Still musing over his would be assailant, the private detective pulled out his keys, pushing a button to deactivate his motorbikes alarm. He spun as he heard a noise in the shadows.

"I'm not in the mood for games," he stated in a bored voice. "Either show yourself or stop following me…"

His heart stopped as a woman stepped out of the shadows. Over the last decade she'd definitely matured from the teenager he'd once known. She was dressed in an elegant and extremely well-tailored black suit that could only enhance her naturally perfect curves, her large amethyst eyes were filled with life as she looked at him, and her violet hair cascaded past her shoulder blades, freely hanging to her mid back. Only her elegant grey skin had not changed, still looking as soft and cool as silk.

His self-induced paralysis broke enough for him to speak in hushed tones. "Raven…"

She smiled slightly, sending his now very much alive heart thumping in his chest. "Hello Richard."

He desperately tried to stop his mind comparing her voice to the softest winter breeze as he remembered she was telepathic. He failed.

Richard shook his head as if to rid himself of his thoughts. Heshut his eyes, leaning against the motorbike behind him as he tried toignore the storm of emotions that threatened to overthrow him at the sight of her. "You haven't aged much."

She didn't respond to his whisper. It was true. Although their ages were only weeks apart, she looked to be in her early twenties and the prime of her life. The sorceress silently waited for him to regain control, if his heart rate hadn't stayed double what it should've been, Richard would've believed she had left… or that she'd never been there…

After a few more minutes he looked back up, not sure whether he was relieved, glad or angry to find that she was still standing there. He wasn't sure of anything anymore."What do you want Raven?" he asked in a harsh, cold voice that betrayed none of his turmoil.

The empath sighed, her eyes downcast. She had known that this would not be easy, yet she had to at least try… He could at least trystay sociable. She wouldn't have come if it wasn't important andit wasn't like she'd just left without saying goodbye...Her eyes met his once more, Richard almost stepped back at the fury contained in those crystal orbs.

"I require a detective. Nightwings services would also be appreciated."

Richard didn't blink. "Then let's keep this professional. I charge $9.50 an hour and whatever expenses I deem fit," she sharply nodded. "Good, now what do you want a detective for?"

"A series of kidnapping. Victor and Isabelle Stone, Kory and Robert Adams as well as their daughter Marina, Garfield and Terra Logan…"

This time he did step back, his hostile pretence gone from his shock. "What?"

For the first time he looked at her... truly looked... andsaw how tired she was, how the worry that sapped her energy hid behind her brilliant purple eyes. "You heard me Robin, the Titans are being kidnapped. I'm sure it's by the same people but I don't know who, why or where… I also suspect it's not just the old Titans who have gone missing…"

On a metal table, in the middle of a dark room, lay a blonde woman dressed in a coarse, white cotton gown. Next to her were several machines… all of them connected to her, puncturing her skin. The only recognisable one was an IV drip. From the shadows the woman heard a mans voice and whimpered. The voice took no notice.

"Recording experiment 6930. Subject 1678. Interrogation 1. Chemicals used are Tryothepan…

Terra recognised the words… she knew those drugs. 'Tryothepan… for memory recall…'

"… Dimethoncate…"

'For paralysis… helplessness…' her mind supplied. Now she knew why she couldn't move…

"… and Hycrotorall."

'… for truth…' and why she couldn't think clearly…

"Subject is female, Caucasian and approximately 5ft 7" in height. Subject has a rare form of telekinesis, specific to the earth. Maiden name is Tara Markov, more commonly known as alias Terra. Married Garfield Logan or Subject 1679 in the year 2008. Interrogation topic is about subjects power. In the year 2004, subject reputedly both caused and stopped a volcano eruption. As a result the subject was covered in lava and presumed dead. Seven months later the subject managed to revive herself."

The man walked up to her. Terra desperately tried to shrink away as she heard him approach, not that he took any notice. With a gentleness that made her skin crawl he placed electrodes on her temples. They were connected to what looked like a TV screen. Terra whimpered as a jolt of electricity ran through her. Tears started flowing from her tightly shut eyes.

The man withdrew into the shadows once more. "How did you revive yourself?" This time she didn't make a sound as another jolt ran through her at her refusal to answer. He repeated his question in a cold, threatening yet impersonal voice. He'd done this many times and in the end they always gave him what he wanted. "How are you alive?"

The blonde resisted a few minutes longer before her pale blue eyes flew open… and the TV screen came to life. The man in the shadows watched as a piece of the womans past replayed itself for him…


There was only darkness. In the first few seconds of her imprisonment there had been pain as the lava washed over her, but that had ended quickly. Now there was only emptiness, leaving the teenager alone in her thoughts and guilt.

For the first time in an eternity she heard something. Quickly she dismissed it. At the beginning she had heard things often but she soon realised it wasn't real, it only caused her more pain to imagine his voice… especially when he said he forgave her…

Unlike the other voices this one became louder. She almost recognised the voice… although she didn't understand it.

"…deramui shythool frashala." The entombed Terra mentally leaned forward. This was new. Every other time the voices had been in English, and she hadn't heard Ravens voice very often anyway. "Grethy jas meelars… By the sight of silence and the tears of the fallen I bid you. Gaya grant me audience. Release your daughter… by my power obey!" Terra winced, the voice had risen to unbearable levels. She wanted to call out, to beg her to stop, it was tearing her apart…

The geomancer heard the scream of the earth and cried out as pain filled her veins. A steady thump echoed in her ears, a noise she hadn't heard in so long that she'd almost forgotten it… the sound of her heartbeat…

Slowly she fell, revelling in the sensation of movement as the pain receded from her soul and a pair of arms caught her. Even through her daze she realised her rescuers was definitely female.

Wincing as the light streamed into her unaccustomed eyes, Terra looked up.


The sorceress kindly smiled, the show of emotion shocking the confused earthmover. "Hello Terra. Welcome back…"

Memories flooded the teens mind, her last moments screaming at her as she realised the purple haired empath was the only one present.

The teenager desperately tried to talk, her voice rough from not speaking in so long. "Beast Boy… Titans… the City…"

"All are fine, thanks to you Terra."

The blonde felt rejection as she thought of another reason why only the empath was here. Raven caught her emotion and shook her head, still showing sympathy to the weakened girl lying in her arms.

"They've forgiven you Terra. You saved our lives… they just don't know you're awake yet. Beast Boy's missed you a lot. If he knew I'd found a spell to wake you then he would have been here… they all would."


Raven looked away, an expression of pain briefly crossing her features before she turned back to the teenager.

"I left the Titans. A lot has happened in the seven months you've been gone. One of them is a new control over my emotions… If you want to know exactly how long you've been gone you'd have to ask Beast Boy. I wouldn't be surprised if he knew the exact number of hours." Gently Raven helped the still weak Terra to her feet who nodded her thanks. "You'll find all of them back in the Tower, as well as your undisturbed room." Raven critically glanced over the barely balancing geomancer. "I'll have to take you there."

In her state of mind Terra didn't quite understand what Raven meant… until a moment before Raven teleported the both of them out of the cavern and to the Titans island, mere feet away from the front door. The geomancer looked around in alarm.

Raven smiled once more. "Don't worry, they'll accept you Terra…" the empath looked away nervously. "If they ask would you tell them I'm ok? That I'm happy? And that I promise he will not return to his old ways…" Terra blindly nodded as her rescuer transformed into a large black raven and let out a loud cry before disappearing. The geomancer watched in confusion, she was still dazed from her ordeal. Later, when she'd fully recovered, she'd curse herself for not talking to the empath, for not thanking her… but that would be later.

In response to the ravens cry the team rushed to the door and opened it. They paused as they took in the awkward figure standing there.

Beast Boy stepped forward. "Terra?"

Terra smiled slightly. "Um… hey guys…" she murmured before being cut off by the cries of her name and overwhelmed by hugs. The relieved geomancer relaxed in the company of her friends and spotted a figure in the doorway. Robin smiled at her before turning away and slowly moving back into the house…


The figure in the darkness watched as the blonde fainted and the TV screen faded to black. So Raven had brought the telekinetic back. Interesting…

He turned to a small, slightly cringing man in a white lab coat who had been trying his best to both shrink as far away from the man as possible yet still be within easy reach of the machines if anything went wrong.

"Has the former Titan Raven been located yet?"

"… no sir…"

"Hmm…" the man gestured to the woman on the table. "Take the subject back to her cell. Increase efforts to find Raven and inform me as soon as she is captured. Unharmed." The man walked out of the room, his orders given in a perfectly cold, authorative tone. The assistant sighed in relief when he left and started to disconnect the blonde from the many machines.

Terra opened her pale blues eyes slightly and in a hoarse voice that no one heard, begged for help. "… please Rae… come soon…"