Behind The Scenes – My 1st Teen Titans Fanscript – Fanfic Adaptation




"After reviewing your plan, I – The Producer - have decided that the Titans their budget slashed - by two!" He sent a shower of razor-sharp dollar bills at both Beast Boy and Raven. Raven shielded herself and Beast Boy turned into a fly and dodged.

"Hey, that wasn't in the script! It'll cost you extra!"

The Producer pulled out a checkbook. Raven zoomed towards him, firing dark energy blasts. He ripped out a blank, pointed it in Raven's direction - and it enlarged like a sponge taking in water, so fast Raven couldn't stop and hit it with a wooden TWANGGGGGGGGGG!

Beast Boy turned into a peregrine falcon and dove at The Producer from behind at a full 200 mph. The impact sent the villain tumbling. Beast Boy changed into a Rottweiler and turned to hit The Producer again.

"Oh my, yes - of course!" said The Producer as he got up. "I forgot to add in the animal training!"

He took out a silent whistle and blasted it - his cheeks puffing out so much it'd make Dizzy Gillespie's pet chipmunk envious. Rottweiler Beast Boy was halted in his tracks, yipping and running every which way, as if possessed.

"Hah! Try changing back to your human self now!" The Producer cackled.

As if on cue, in the middle of 3-metre high leap, Beast Boy did just that - changed back to his human self. "Thanks, Raven!" he said, as he braced for the impact on the way back down.

The Producer turned. "Huh?"

WHAM! A seriously juiced up blast of dark energy hits him square in the back. It was Raven, and she quickly followed up with even more blasts of dark energy. She detoured to catch Beast Boy right before he hit the ground, swooping him up. Beast Boy smiled at her when she had him in her arms.

"Thanks again, Raven."

Raven smiled.

"You're welcome, BB."

Their moment was interrupted as little explosive mini-quiches were lobbed their way by The Producer. Raven caught them coming out of the corner of her eye and shielded them both. The Producer then chucked explosive baby carrots at them.

"How bout you take a break and enjoy the craft services? Hah hah hah! Oh, I wonder how my good friends on initial photography are doing, my stars!"

He cocked his ear up. Suddenly, the sounds of the other Titans fighting in Jump City Park could be muffledly heard.


Robin was seeing stars after a punch from The Writer connected dead center with his forehead. Starfire - still fat - retaliated for him, landing one starbolt blast - but The Director snuck up behind her and threw his megaphone over her like a raincoat hood. Starfire struggled to free herself. Cyborg walloped The Cameraman, knocking the Arricam off the villain's shoulder. Starfire finally blasted herself free and zipped through the air, catching the Arricam before any of the villains could. Then The Cameraman socked her hard in the gut. The Arricam came out of her hands and was about to be caught by The Writer - when Robin came out of nowhere with a roundhouse kick. The Arricam slammed onto the ground. The Director popped Robin with his knee. Robin swallowed dirt, spitting it out as he got up to fight some more.


"Sounds like somebody's giving an awful performance, my stars!" The Producer gleefully laughed.

Raven sighed. "Ugh. Beast Boy, I apologize. You're hilarious compared to these guys."

"Yeah," said Beast Boy, "It's like they're all connectedto the same guy who can't think up of anything but bad puns. Get a variety!"

Raven stopped. Her whole body seemed to turn into a neon sign reading "IDEA," which flashed a few times before shattering back into Raven again. "Beast Boy! That's it!"

"Huh? Oof!"

She'd bear hugged him again. However, he didn't protest this time - but neither did he hug her back just yet – his arms stayed at his sides. As she continued hugging him, her shield seemed to disappear.

"You did it, again, BB. I don't know how to thank you."

Beast Boy watched nervously as the shield dissipated. "Um, could you start by - huh?"

He looked down. Her clothes were light blue! And they we getting lighter! Her shield wasn't disappearing - it'd become a swirling dark energy tornado! She hugged him tighter. The tornado picked up speed. Beast Boy siezed the moment. He finally returned her hug. Their mouths were right next to each other's ears. "You can do it, Raven," he whispered into her ear. Dark energy lightning started crackling everywhere. Beast hugged Raven tighter. "I know you can do it."

Her robe was white. Everything seemed to go on "mute", then-

"Show em your green side," said Beast Boy.

FOOM! Dark energy exploded in every direction like an atomic blast! The "walls" and the "ceiling" started to crumble.


In the park, the villains suddenly stopped fighting the Titans. Soon, the Titans stopped. All eyes became focused on the Arricam.

Dark energy sparks, along with regular sparks, were FLYING from it.

"Yes! Yes!" proclaimed Cyborg.


"No! No!" cried The Producer, as he backed away from Raven.

The whole place was collapsing. Beast Boy dodged rubble left and right.


SHWIH-BOOM! Raven sent a huge blast of dark energy at The Producer.

He started to break up like a jigsaw puzzle. "NO! NO! This can't be!"

Raven glared.

"Go back to film school."


Raven leapt into the air, and on the descent, drug two fingers like special knives down the The Producer's front.

There was a slight hesitation.



FWA-KOOM! The top of the Arricam shattered into a million pieces. Dark energy rocketed out the tiny hole like oil in a gusher! A small blue beam escaped and wrapped itself around Starfire - and when it unwrapped her, she wasn't fat anymore!

All the dark energy spread out like a mushroom cloud, going high overhead - then with a FHIIIIIWHIP, it all collapsed back in itself, sending up one last massive cloud of dust.

When it all cleared, Raven - her clothes back to normal as well - and Beast Boy were standing there, over top the flattened Writer, Director, Cameraman - and The Producer, who was now tied up and gagged with the Arricam's film stock.

Raven pumped her fist. "Hoo-wah! That's a wrap! High fives!" She high-fived Beast Boy. "High fives! Come on!"

"Booyah!" Cyborg gave her and Beast Boy a high five - and a hug, as well. Then the three of them looked at Robin and Starfire - whose eyes wre spinning, the both of them dumbstruck.

"Starfire?" said Robin. "Remember when you asked me about Raven acting "just plain freaky?""

Cyborg, Raven, and Beast Boy shared a giggle at this.

Robin leaned down to address the beaten villains.

"Next time you guys wanna make a movie, I'd pick a good script first."

"Yeah, because nobody wants to see a sequel to a bomb!" added Beast Boy.

"Just goes to show you that all the special effects in the world won't save you if your audience don't believe em," interjected Cyborg.

Beast Boy looked at Raven - who looked away, blushing.


It was nighttime at the Tower. Everyone was on the couch in the main room. Raven was in the middle of explaining what happened inside the Arricam.

"...when BB said "it's like they're all connected," I remembered reading that a producer is who hires everyone and keeps a show or movie running-"

"-So by silencing the producer-" cut in Cyborg-

"-their show was canned," Beast Boy finished.

Raven nodded. "Mhmm. And I couldn't have gotten away with it without Beast Boy to help me."

"Aw, shucks, it were nuthin'..."

"I am just glad to know that my friends are alive and well," said Starfire. "How must we celebrate this wondrous occasion tonight? Ice cream and pizza?"

"We could go see that movie Beast Boy wanted to see," said Robin.

"No way!" said Cyborg. "My favorite show's on tonight!"

Starfire thought it over. "Then perhaps we could rent a different type of movie?"

"I told you, no way!" said Cyborg again. "My favorite show's on tonight! Do I have to say it twice?"

"Actually," said Raven, "You guys do what you want. I'm too tired from this whole day."

Starfire looked hurt.

"No one wants ice cream and pizza?"


It was much later when Raven peeked out of her room. Seeing that no one was there, she floated out towards the stairs to the Tower's roof.


She floated out over the roof, and down to the rocks below. Sitting there was Beast Boy. He didn't even turn around.

"You know when I said I knew it was an illusion immediately? That was a lie."

"How did I know you were gonna say that?" said Raven.

Beast Boy turned around. "Soo, is there any chance we could-"

"-I can't, Beast Boy." Raven sighed. "It'd be an insult to Terra. And we've both been hurt before. Dating is...unpredictable, and I don't want to end up hurting you more if it ends suddenly." She put her hand on his shoulder. "I still care for you, B. But as a sister; a friend. You're a good person. Someday, someone new will come along, and you'll be happy. That's what I want to see, Beast Boy - you happy."

Beast Boy sighed, got up, and walked back to the Tower. Something fell out of his pocket as he passed her. Raven picked it up.

It was a Jasmine flower. Raven was stunned. But then, she decided just the perfect thing to do with it.


Deep under the city in a spacious underground cavern, Raven placed the flower on the frozen statue that used to be her friend, Terra. She looked up at Terra's petrified face. And smiled.

"Guess we have a lot more in common than I thought."