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A broken mind with frozen wings

Daisuke opened his eyes reluctantly as he knew it was time for school. This will be the first time in eight years he will see his friends. They may not recognize him though after every thing that has happened in these past eight years. His once cherished family dead, his mother and grandfather were caught in an uproar of raging forces. The only way to save Daisuke was to sacrifice their living forces. Not long after that horrid day Dark was stolen by unexplained forces. Daisuke had no clue to what happened, but he felt the pain as Dark was extracted from his body. Dark was never seen again after that day. Daisuke's life was shattered into a million pieces; ever thing was turning upside down. Nothing could ever put back together the missing pieces in his loveless life.

"Daisuke! You little bitch! Get your fucking ass out of my house! Or I will get Peter to help!" shouted Daisuke's aunt Clarix, who was now forced to let Daisuke live in her house these past eight years. The courts told her there was no choice for her she had to take him, but they never said she had to love the red headed boy. She wanted him out as soon as possible. She saw no problem letting Daisuke go without food or water on days at end. Also is she loved to call her dear friend Peter to beat Daisuke on a regular basis.

Peter was a tall man about the age of forty-two; he was built as strong as they come. He worked next store on a ranch pulling the barrels of manure to the selling grounds. He loved Clarix very much and would do anything for her, normally this would be fine but Clarix ask him every night for eight years to beat the poor boy. Peter at first did not like the idea, but as time went on Peter loved his feeling of superiority as he watched the boy curl up into a defenseless ball.

Daisuke walked to his dresser, pulling out a pair of worn black jeans with a dark blue pull over. His clothes covered from his stick like wrists to his thin neck. The jeans he wore were hammy downs from Peter. They almost fell of his skeletal frame only being held by an old belt. Daisuke was very pale to the point he looked sick. Cuts and bruising could be found all though out his body, luckily though most of damage done was covered by his baggy clothes. Except a long thin scar that went from his shoulder all the ways to the tip of his middle knuckle. This was his present for his tenth birthday, the first year he was damned to live in this horrid place.

Peter was drunk and Clarix didn't care, so when Daisuke walked to get a glass of water Peter beat him. All night the pain was to much for poor Daisuke, falling in and out of conciseness Daisuke felt the last pain for that night. The glass slid though his skin swiftly making the warm blood flow down Daisuke's arm.

Daisuke left for school walking fast until he could no longer see the miserable sight of that house. He slowed his pace and walked leisurely past the city Hall, and found him self at the front of the school building.

Daisuke felt his tension loosen as he walked through the old school halls, this was a haven compared to his home. Just as the bell rang causing a rush of students to flood though to their class rooms, Daisuke spotted a familiar face. It was Satoshi, he looked almost the same, from when Daisuke first met him in forth grade. His build was different though he was building muscle, and was much taller than Daisuke. Satoshi walked right past Daisuke not even glancing at him. "Well what do I expect…?" Daisuke though to himself as he walked though the same door as Satoshi to get to his class.

Once in he took a seat in the back where no one really was, he didn't want to answer questions on why he looked the way he did. "Niwa, Daisuke?" the teacher called as students glanced around the room, one in particular was Satoshi.

"I'm here…" Daisuke said holding his head low, he was so happy to seeing his friends but, not like this. They had probably forgotten him any way. The teacher looked at Daisuke and nodded, showing her approval of him sitting again.

Satoshi kept glancing back to look at Daisuke, he noticed small things about him that was different. 'He always was so happy and bright…Why is he alone?' he thought to himself. Then when he caught a glimpse of his arm he mentally gasped. 'Who? Who did that to him?" seeing the scar raised many questions in Satoshi's mind.

The class went on until lunch break, Daisuke wait for everyone to leave before he left the room silently. As he walked he felt a light touch on his shoulder.

"Daisuke?" Satoshi asked softly, wanting Daisuke to turn around and say 'no' and say this wasn't his past friend.

Daisuke didn't turn to see who it was; he knew that voice even matured as it was he knew. " Yeah…" with that Daisuke kept walking. He didn't want to talk, not to Satoshi, there was no reason to cause worry on him or let him know of his horrid past. Daisuke didn't hear the foot steps following him, until he was a grand tree. It was so big and yet was so peaceful and beautiful.

"what happened?" Daisuke froze for a few seconds, it was still Satoshi but now he was in front of Daisuke. "You…This is not the Daisuke I remember! And tell me who did that." Satoshi said venomously as he pointed to the scar oh Daisuke's right arm.

"No one…things change, you of all people knows that." Said Daisuke trying to hid the scar with his sleeve. Daisuke didn't want to be there anymore so he quickly turned face and started to walk.

"Wait!" Satoshi grabbed Daisuke's right arm causing the sleeve to slide up, showing all the scars and bruises. "What…" Satoshi's eyes were widened in awe. "Tell me Daisuke, tell me now…" Satoshi was quickly loosing his temper, when Krad came in his mind.

"What the hell?" Krad said looking though Satoshi's eye's at Daisuke.

"What is it?" Satoshi still holding Daisuke's arm

"Dark…He is no longer with that boy." Krad said in Satoshi's mind

"What!" Satoshi said aloud by accident

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