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Chaper 3 (No title)

"Dark…Dark! Wake up!" it was the old wrinkly scientist that captured Dark, by tearing him from his owner's body eight years ago. Well Dark wasn't owned just joined at the soul, anyways now was the time to test the Dr's work. He had made an artificial body for the brooding spirit. His plan was for Dark to do his bidding for him, while having ultimate power.

Dark just mumbled a little and turn away, "Why should I help you? What the hell had you done for me? Except for fucking up my life." Dark was thinking of Daisuke again, hoping that he was okay, and no in trouble.

"Dark with your own body you can move about as much as you want. See the people you want." What the Dr. failed to mention was that Dark would be under his control. With a press of a button Dark's artificial body would only answer to the Dr. that was something Dark would have to find out later though.

"Are you serious? You think I don't know that you would want something in return?" Dark looked to the body, it was him just lifeless and soulless. The black clothing matched his purple hair perfectly. Not a scratch on it, perfect as they would say.

"No, I find it hard to look at you so lonely, and miserable. Please just use it, if you don't like it you can go back to your cell. With a smile the Dr. opened the door to the body. "Now go, do as you wish for now."

"Fine…" Dark moved into the body, it felt good he could stretch and move on his own no help from any one. 'Daisuke' he thought quickly and walked to the door. "I'm leaving."

"wait!" the Dr. waved his hand in the air "You are able to fly but, you must use the powers you have in yourself. Wings as Black as night will show, this is for your safety just in case you need to make a fast get away."

Dark was gone soaring the sky's, back to his former home. "Please be there." Dark said quietly half way there.

While Daisuke was a sleep rain quietly fell, washing stench of sex and dirt off of his torn up body. After a few hours the rain stopped, and Daisuke awoke. "Mmm?" looking around he did have a clue what was going on. "Where am I? …Who am I?" Daisuke slowly stood on his feet, tilting from side to side try to get balance. Walking around he saw few people and the few he saw he didn't talk to. They looked angry and not very friendly, so Daisuke walked on passing a bar. He put his hands in his pocket not realizing there was a chain in it, until it was wrapped around his frail hand. Pulling it out Daisuke saw the little charm dangling down, "To Daisuke From mom" it read. "Am I Daisuke?" he asked himself, not seeing the man running by snatching the necklace right out of Daisuke's hand. The man was about six feet with mossy green hair. "Hey! That's mine…" Daisuke didn't follow knowing he couldn't catch up with the green haired man. The man just ran, and ran until Daisuke couldn't see him any more. "Daisuke… Is that my name? I guess it is…" Daisuke was trying to remember thing from his past and about him but he did remember anything. Walk past a large building Daisuke read a sing that was vibrantly shinning out. 'Looking for Bartenders will pay good money for the hired help!' Daisuke was thinking but he knew nothing about bartending, or alcohol. He knew nothing of his past maybe he could do this! Daisuke walked in and looked around.

There was a split in the hallway to the left was a nice layout of a check in station for a hotel, and to the right was a dance club. Both sides shinned vigorously, but the club beat the hotel side in gimmicks. "Hello may I help you?" a voice came from the left side behind the oak desk.

"Y-yes I would like to apply for the bartending opening." Daisuke wasn't sure if this was the right thing to do, but what did he have to loose anyway.

"Ok well let's see how old are you?" The man leaned in noticing Daisuke's shortness.

Just as Daisuke opened his mouth to speak some one pushed him to the side. "I quit! I'm sick of being here you don't pay enough and people are so fucking annoying!" it was a young girl, or at least she looked young. As she walked away the man started to grumble.

"Damn, that was our last one, ahhh when can you start? I'll pay you $8.50 an hour Monday though Friday 12 pm to 2 am. Also you may have a room here if you wish." The man waited for an answer patently.

Daisuke thought about it for a bit and decided this would work out good; he will have shelter and a job to keep him away from the people out side. "Sure! And I do need a place to stay..."

The man bent behind the desk and pulled out keys, picking one and giving it to Daisuke. "You room is on the top floor all the way to the right, you start tomorrow." With that the man disappeared into the other room. "Oh feel free to look around!" the man's voice was being drained by the music but Daisuke could still here it.

"Thank you so much!" Daisuke went up stairs, to the top floor and turn right. Room 3910, this was his own room. Walking in Daisuke gasped it was beautiful the colors of black and red mixed in such harmony it was an amazing sight. He had a bathroom, living room, and a small kitchen, and of course a bed room. It was normal sized and fit the room perfectly. "I guess I should sleep, I wonder if I know how to blend drinks… I hope I do.." Daisuke fell onto his bed and went to sleep.

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