Seraphim Shadows

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Prologue: Thy Father in Heaven…

It was night. The only time of day that Lucifer could truly speak his mind. Parchment was spread across the desk, quill and ink dangerously close to the edge. The candle was dying, it's last flickers casting small shadows on the marked surface.

Soon it would be morning, and Lucifer would almost have completed his finest piece of ideals. In the morning it would have to be hidden, away from the watchful eyes of Azrael, his closest ally besides his God.

Azrael… a true friend if ever there was. A heavenly scholar though he was, he still maintained some semblance of connectivity with Humanity. Truly a strange phenomenon. Humanity. Another puzzling subject. Why was it not perfect, if it was so fashioned after the Lord himself?

Was it merely a plaything of the First God, of the Seraphim, of even the other Races? Perhaps, but if he had his way, Humanity would not suffer any longer. He sighed deeply, contemplating the many mysteries that surrounded the Holy Order and Humanity.

A knock echoed in the enclosed room of Lucifer's, disturbing his musings. He turned a bemused expression towards the sound, curiously. Who would be awake at this time, and why would they come to him? Unless they knew… He shook his head. They wouldn't, they could not possibly know.

He waited for another knock, hoping to play the part of the sleeper. Another one came, followed by an urgent, "Come Lucifer, I know thy is not slumbering."

Immediately the black haired Seraphim shot to the door, throwing it open for his God. A small query formed at the back of his mind, how did his Lord learn he did not slumber this time of night? Pushing those thoughts aside, he kneeled hastily, bowing his head to the floor in respect.

Soft footsteps proceeded in front of his kneeling form, and stopped at the side. Lucifer's long unruly locks sprawled over his face, back, curling on the floor. The satiny white robes of a Seraphim crumpled, the red sash that signified his status brushed against his elbows.

"Rise, my son, and close thy door." A booming voice reverberated in his ears, and Lucifer rose and did as bade.

"You are likely curious as to why I would visit you at this time." The First God spoke softer this time, as if pondering Lucifer's reaction.

Carefully averting his eyes from his Lord's face, he replied equally soft, "Yes Father. I am quite puzzled."

A smile made it's way into the face of the First God. "You are also pondering if your masterpiece is safe in my presence, if it is safe in any Holy Being's presence."

He couldn't stop his gasp of surprise from ricocheting in the room. Silence followed, broken by his words. "Father, please, it is not what you think. It is simple mere question-"

"Enough, Lucifer!" Any softness or gentleness was gone from the First God's voice, replaced by harsh authority. "I have read your scrolls of lies, of questioning, of Humanity. You are defying this Holy Order with your written words of treason! You are desecrating all that is sacred with the taint of something that has not existed, and that all of Heaven has prevented from existing!" Another silence echoed in the room, locked in painful breaths of Lucifer.

"All that I have wrote, Father, is true. I find the way that Humanity was created, the way it exists, and it's purpose for existence revolting! How could you say that I am tainted with this desecrating presence, when you Father, in all your Holy glory, has done something as this to our beloved Race? How can you-"

"SILENCE Lucifer! Your daring to question me is intolerable! I have done what I have for reasons you shall never comprehend." The First God bellowed at Lucifer, sharply turning to the lightened window.

"Father, let me tell you what I speak of. In those scrolls, I have presented my theories of Humanity, of what Humanity truly is." Lucifer stood taller, suddenly empowered by his Lord's silence, and continued.

"I have watched as these people have begun their lives out of Eden. Eden, their true home, that you tricked them out of! They make mistakes, cause accidents, but yet they keep trying to do better. All that you and other Seraphim do is push them farther. I do not disrespect you Father, but it seems that you want you wrath felt. But I've found that in order for your wrath to be known, Humanity must rise up to be crushed beneath your might. All this time, since the time I was born, I have been told that Humanity was created in your image. But Father, all I've seen of your image is that of pain, suffering, and inconceivable despair." As if in a trance, Lucifer stepped protectively in front of his masterpiece, shielding it from the eyes of the First God.

The First God made no move at all, not even a glance or whisper. He stood and looked out the window, appearing to wait for the dawn.

"Lucifer, I don't know what caused to fall into this foolish madness, but I will do all that I can to-"

"Father, if you cannot accept what I have tried to tell you, then I am afraid I shall have to take action of my own accord! I shall not allow Humanity to fail because of your carelessness!" Lucifer tore his amulet of Aphimity from his shoulder, and threw to the feet of the First God.

A look of rage masked the God's face, and in deadly quiet he stated, "Then, Lucifer, there shall be war like no war before you, Humanity or Heaven!"

And so upon that dawn in Heaven, the greatest war was declared.

A/N: In case any of you reading this is confused, the First God is the Humanity God. In times of that age there were Three Gods, two of which will be appearing here sometime. Lucifer was later declared the Devil, because after his Fall he became insane. But in this story I won't make him insane. Just a little tiny bit of data that doesn't even touch the tip of the iceberg. Other characters featured will be Azrael and Azarael. Please review- comments, questions, flames, ANYTHING will be welcomed! I am actually anticipating a lot of questions, but don't worry, all this confusion will evaporate. It is only the prologue.