Seraphim Shadows

Written by: Fallen Seraphim Azarael

AAACCKKK! I FORGOT to even slightly MENTION the pairings! Dear heavens please forgive me! Ok here they are:


Lucifer/Azarael BOTH ENDINGS.


Azrael/Lilith BOTH ENDINGS.


Second Ending will be a special feature that will arrive as the story ends. Each ending will hopefully fit the different people I'm sure will find conflict in this version.

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Azarael should be finished around the end of next week, and she probably won't appear for a bit unfortunately. Dark and Riku will feature at the end of this chapter and somewhere in the next.

Chapter Three: Thy Kingdom Come…

Previously in Seraphim Shadows:

Quietly, they landed behind a small hill of dead angels, and peered through the bodies at the bleeding mass that created a path to the Sanctifier. Another glance at each other, and they readied their weapons.

Azrael's Sword began it's smiting blaze, and Lucifer's Arch was strung with an arrow, ready for anything. One more nod, and they split across the field of bloody wings at frightening speed, each prepared to destroy…

Presently in Seraphim Shadows:

The bloody angels scattered haphazardly paved the way to the now-pulsing Sanctifier. White light emanated softly, casting eerie shadows over the dead. Someday Heaven would return to its peaceful centre and soothing atmosphere. Someday.

As the two Seraphim dashed across the bloody field, dodging spears and javelins still deeply lodged in the corpses. The sky turned black with misery, and the flowers that once thrived on the Holiness of the plane withered into the blood-sodden ground.

"Azrael! Slash it open now!" Lucifer called across the battlefield as he positioned himself above the Sanctifier. The Sanctifier essentially was a gold jewel, shaped in pyramid and supported on a dais of bronze. Only a powerful force could break it, and free the entwined Powers of the Three Gods.

Azrael called back a confirmation to his friend, and began summoning his strongest Power of Annihilation. Carefully he levered the Sword in front of him, bracing himself for the barrier he was sure would be in place.

One… he thought. Two… THREE! Azrael lunged at the shining Sanctifier, concentrating on its blazing center. Suddenly it began to slowly spin, as if someone were turning it.

He felt his sword whistle towards the gem, and braced for barrier impact. But there was no barrier. No barrier at all, only the sound and feel of air force past him. The tip began to glow, and he felt himself pull back from the suctioning of the Sanctifier. A terrible thought entered his mind. What if the Sanctifier had been- had been Transformed!

Lucifer watched Azrael plummet towards the Sanctifier, apprehension building. Just five more seconds and then his Bolt would strike and destroy the Sanctifier. His friend's hair whipped crazily in the gust he was whipping up from the force of his dive. Silently he winced in expectation of the barrier, hoping Azrael's Sword would pierce through it. And then everything was slow motion.

He watched as the Sanctifier began its lazy spiral, its point beginning to glow. He watched as Azrael's face went from brace to shock. He watched in horror as the Sanctifier started sucking both Azrael and himself towards it. The thing he had feared most was happening, for the second time in Holy Order history.

"Azrael!" Lucifer flew towards his friend, grasping wildly for his hand to pull him back, away from the Transformed Sanctifier.

"Lucifer!" A screech rang in Lucifer's ears, and he looked down upon his friend's panicked face. Together they clasped their hands, and felt the weight of Three Gods screaming for freedom, and two thousand souls release their vengeance…

(A/N: The Transformed Sanctifier of the Vatican Chronicles supposedly was Transformed by the captivity of two thousand souls. Since the souls would only be released upon contact, they would also keep the Powers of the Three Gods contained in the remnants of the Sanctifier)

Two Hundred Thousand Years into the Present…

A raven-winged thief flew across the sky, searching eyes wandering across his city.

His city.

Indeed it was, his city. For he alone protected it from the magical dangers posed by ancient items of mythological lore. He alone defended those too weak to, and he alone rescued those beautiful maidens…

And speaking of beautiful maidens, there was his fine beauty right below him. He dipped down through the sky like a falling bird, diving directly for his princess, his dark, unruly, violet locks swirling about his face. Looking as if he were a teenage angel, he fell.

Standing on a balcony, all alone in the moonlit darkness was a cinnamon-haired girl around the age of sixteen. And a sweet sixteen she was. Clad in a violet nightdress with cinnamon bows round the wrist, neck and hem, her wide matching-color eyes stared wistfully at the moon.

Her delicate face rested against her palms as she placed her elbows on the railing, sighing. Elbow-length hair fanned gently around her in the breeze, and thoughts fluttered with the soft locks.

Dark could only think of his princess, the one so beautiful and kind, the one he used to watch through other's eyes. And then he had watched her tears fall, as her sister Risa had passed with his host Daisuke. His Riku had suffered two losses, and he one. He had gained his own body back, and lost a friend in the process. She had lost her dearest sister, and a close friend.

Silently they had endured pain, Dark wanting to hold and comfort her. She had refused, shaking her head and asking him to leave, saying she wasn't in the mood for his playboy antics. And then she had turned with tears streaming down her cheeks back inside, holding Risa's nightgown close to her heart.

The same nightgown dyed violet worn by his princess Riku. She had grown her hair to the length her sister's had been when she passed, just below the elbow. He found it charming, and so fragile of her to dress and act as her sister would wish, had wished. How vulnerable she looked tonight, every night he came to see her.

Each time her eyes would reflect anguish, and each time she would refuse his comforting arms and welcoming wings. Each time saying she had to live her life strongly, the way Risa would wish her to. And each time he would say that Risa loved her, and would want her to take comfort from him. A glance of tears, and she would disappear through her sliding glass door, pulling her drapes as she did.

It never pained him when she rejected him. He understood. But this time, this time she would not escape him.

Landing silently next to her, Dark wrapped one black-clad arm around her waist, tugging her next to him. A smile graced his lips as she gasped at the sudden movement. Carefully he rose into the air, savoring the feel of her body against his, the way she clung tighter to him and whimpered as her feet left the ground.

This was the way he wanted to live every day, every night. Riku with him throughout. He wrapped another soothing arm around her shoulders, his hand reaching up to play with her hair.

"Dark!" He looked down amusedly into the charming face that belonged only to his darling Riku. "Put me down this instant! What do you think you're doing!" She began attempting to free herself, twisting around in his arms and pounding her delicate fists against his muscled chest. Her eyes were wide in panic, dark circles betraying her lack of sleep. Cherry lips were shaped in a perfect pout, hair framing her porcelain face.

"Oh, somewhere you'll actually sleep princess. And I would stop wriggling dear, you'll only succeed in me enacting my dreams and wrinkling that pretty nightgown." He gave her his award-winning smirk with his special charm, enjoying the cute blush that rose quickly to her cheeks.

Upon hearing that statement about, 'enacting his dreams,' Riku immediately ceased her fist-pounding. If only she didn't feel so secure in his arms, and fearful of falling to the ground if kicked him… Another gasp was wrenched from her mouth as he suddenly poised for forward flight, positioning her so that she was clamped even tighter to him.

Dark smiled again as she rested her head against his chest, fists curled into the black fabric of his skin-tight tee, his jacket closing somewhat around her shoulders to add extra warmth. And then like lightning he shot off in the night…

A/N: And for that less-than-satisfactory chapter you get a grand total of five pages in Word. Oh well. At least I finally introduced Dark and Riku. And for all you who thought I was talking about Risa in the beginning of their introduction, SHAME on you! I did jump her age slightly. I mean she's what, fourteen in the anime or something? So here she's sixteen, and with longer hair and a memorial dress sense. And for all who enjoy Risa, have no fear, Satan's here! Keep in mind, there's a plan. Daisuke, I'm sorry to say, will have no featuring in this story unless some brilliant mind creates a pretty entrance for him later on. Ta!

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