Title: Remaining True

Author: Cracklin' Rosie

Timeframe: About 2 years before A New Hope

Characters: Luke Skywalker, Owen Lars, Beru Lars, Biggs Darklighter, Huff and Silya Darklighter, Tank, original character True Knightley

Genre: Drama, some action,

Summary: Luke Skywalker is a sixteen year old kid. He races land speeders, argues with his aunt and uncle, and falls in and out of love. But a new young woman tests Luke like nothing else in his life had before.

Disclaimer: Characters and locations are property of Lucasfilm Ltd. and George Lucas. I intend no profit from this fic.

Like every night before and every night to come, the twin suns of Tatooine set over the sands of the desert planet. And Luke Skywalker, like every night since he had expressed his wishes to his aunt and uncle to go to the Academy, stood out on hard desert floor watching. Uncle Owen adamantly refused to sign Luke's application and let him go. He knew he could qualify for early admission. He was only sixteen, but already a better pilot than any of his friends. The only one who gave him any challenge anymore was Biggs, and his father had signed the early admissions application with visible eagerness and pride. Huff Darklighter was proud of his son's talents. But Owen Lars had rightly refused, over and over, to sign the paperwork. And he wouldn't give Luke any reasons as to why. Luke had given up asking, and was waiting for the end of the current season to try again.

Luke stood alone on raised lip of the homestead, his arms crossed as the two suns slowly sank below the horizon.

Tonight Luke and his uncle had had another argument. It was all they seemed to do lately. Neither of them could do nor say anything right. Tonight, Luke had asked his uncle if he could go to Anchorhead and look around for a new landspeeder. His uncle had come close to spitting his dinner out across the table, but choked on it instead.

"What do you need a new speeder for?" he had asked after his coughing had subsided, always the practical farmer.

"I was going to use my own credits," Luke had said, avoiding the direct question.

Luke had stirred the remains of his dinner, avoiding his uncle's eyes. There was silence at the table. Outside were sounds of the moisture vaporators gearing up for the night. Luke, his nose still in his plate, had shifted his blue eyes up towards his uncle. The older man was staring at Luke, his expression unreadable. But Luke knew what his answer would be.

"Luke, that money is for your future, when you are older. Not to spend on frivolities like new speeders. We have a perfectly good landspeeder that you are free to use anytime. Why is that not enough?" Luke raised his head and looked at his uncle, exasperated.

"Because! When will my future get here? When I'm eighteen? Twenty? When will you let me have the money I've rightly earned as your slave!" Luke had thrown his spoon into his plate of half-eaten dinner and stormed away from the table.

He had heard his Aunt Beru say something to him but he was too angry to pay attention or respond. She never stood up to Owen. She never seemed to take Luke's side. Luke tried not to feel angry at his aunt. But this was becoming a regular ritual. Every night at dinner Luke and Uncle Owen found something to argue over; whether it was Luke's money, the Academy, repairing droids, or extra chores.

Luke had stormed up the stairs and out of the subterranean homestead and onto the hard flat surface of the desert planet; to the only place and time where he found his peace. Watching the suns set over the desert floor he could easily imagine that someday, somehow, he would get off this rock and finally do something with his life.

"One thing's for sure, I am not going to be stuck on this planet as a moisture farmer for the rest of my life," he'd whispered angrily under his breath.

Luke felt the last rays of heat from the twin suns as the first, than the second fell from view. He exhaled deeply, dreading going back into the hovel. He was dawdling as long as he dared when he heard his Aunt Beru calling him in.

As Luke approached the doorway, his aunt reached out and stopped him by the arm.

"Don't be too angry with him, Luke," Beru smiled gently. "He worries for you. With the state of the Galaxy, he just wants to keep you safe."

Luke understood the words, but it didn't stop him from feeling like he was being held back. He felt there was something else out there, something bigger than moisture farming. Luke bit his tongue to keep from saying something he'd regret to his aunt. He looked at her, and could see the pleading for understanding in her eyes.

"I know," he finally forced himself to say. He kissed his aunt on the cheek and entered for the night. "Goodnight, Aunt Beru."

He felt his aunt's eyes on him as he rounded the corner, then he heard the door lock. With the clicking of the locking mechanism, Luke felt his frustration's resurface. His aunt and uncle didn't even trust him not to leave home before they unlocked the door in the morning. Luke shook his head and made his way to his room feeling more misunderstood and untrusted as ever.