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It was official.

Rupert Giles had hit rock bottom.

It was bad enough he wasn't a Watcher anymore. It was even worse that he lost his librarian's job when Sunnydale High was annihilated.

But there was nothing.

Absolutely nothing, that quite amounted to the shame and humiliation he felt at this moment.

Watching Passions with Spike.

Anything at all would have been preferable to this. Talking with Joyce, practicing the guitar, even accompanying Buffy and Willow to the mall...

Okay, perhaps not that.

But it was close.

"Dear God, do we have to watch this?"

His unlikely host merely spared him one annoyed glance and a raised eyebrow. "Don't like it, leave. 'Sides, this is a brilliant show." Spike replied, his sapphire eyes riveted to the screen.

"I'd hardly call this melodrama brilliant." Giles muttered, rubbing his eyeglasses on his shirt in that same manner he always did.

"This coming from a man who works with a Slayer, an ex-demon, asoldier,and witches, all of whom are tangled up in their own bollocks while trying to save the world?" the blonde drawled, opening another beer and taking a swig.

The former Watcher opened his mouth to reply... and found he really couldn't. The loudmouthed vampire was right...

But he'd rather die than admit it.

"Not you though, right?" Spike shot him another glance, drinking from his beer, "You're jobless, with nothing to do except sit around all day, watching the telly."

Damn. The blonde was incredibly perceptive... perhaps spending years around Angelus gave him insight into the human mind.

Or maybe his situation was just that obvious.

"Like you?" Giles replied bitingly, the vampire's words cutting deep.

"I still get my tumbles every now and then." The vampire muttered sullenly. "Not that anyone cares, what with soldier boy playing the extra muscle." He paused, and drained his can. "I know I don't really belong here. I don't really like any of you Scoobies, and I only kill demons 'cause I can't get my licks in any other way."

Strangely, Giles actually... sympathized with Spike's predicament. Laying around all day, nothing to do...


It seemed to make William the Bloody just a tad less alien, less of a demon and more of a man.

"Aw, don't give me that look." Spike muttered, annoyed, tossing his can away. "I don't want pity, especially from a sod like you."

Well, sympathized for a brief moment. "Well, at least I have a place." Giles shot back, leaning into his chair.

One male actor (he didn't really remember the name, nor cared to) ranted on about something or another, his voice barely audible to the former Watcher.

"Right. Sitting around my crypt, or your home, and watching the telly on your behind. Real valuable." The vampire drawled sardonically, unfazed.

Again, the words cut deep. Buffy seemed to be getting along fine without him. Willow was learning magic elsewhere...

And what the hell could he really teach Xander, Anya, Riley, or Tara?

Unexpectedly, Giles had debated with Spike... and lost.

The poor dialogue went on, and the over dramatic actors wept and cried and shouted.

Yes, he decided, this was something that he would never tell anyone of.

Author's Notes

This was inspired by that hilarious line, "I watched Passions with Spike. Let us never speak of it again." It gave me the idea of a scene between the two, accentuating possible feelings Giles has about his place. This is set before Season 5.