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Chapter 1: A Father Figure?

"Ow!" Snatching her hand away from the offending stove, Shyzana glared at the appliance and sucked at her burned finger. All was not lost, however, as the food was only mildly singed, quite edible still, and the aroma of a scorched repast had not yet permeated the apartment. Quickly grabbing up a pair of hand towels off the countertop, Shyzana whisked the tray out of the oven and onto the table, where the wicked burning thing couldn't harm it any more.

"It's only one man, so I guess this much would be enough…" she muttered to herself as she cut away the better part of half the chicken and laid it in a tray alongside some seasoned rice, kebobs, and some pink, sweet mixture with a pudding-like texture. Wiping her brow absentmindedly, she smiled. So far so good. Food was ready, she was ready, and the hubbub of moving things had just died down upstairs. No better time than the present, eh?

A quick dash in front of the mirror showed Shyzana she was satisfactorily put together: a white shirt, with sleeves that tapered off at the elbow and whose neckline laced up halfway down the front, coupled with an ankle length, floral, blue skirt and soft, brown, leather sandals on her feet. She'd let her long, black hair set itself into a mess of half wavy, half straight lengths and left it at that. Hair wasn't important. She remembered the conversation with her new tenant back when she'd first agreed to rent out the upstairs to him.


The phone had rung a shrill, startling note before Shyzana had snapped it up after disentangling herself from the business of unpacking her things into her new flat. "Hello?"

"Hello?" The voice on the other end was pleasant and deep with a rough undertone.

"This is Shyzana Chandler speaking," she prompted the voice. "And you are…?"

"Oh, right, excuse me. This is Remus Lupin; I'm calling in regards to the ad you placed in The Prophet recently about a reasonably priced apartment flat? Situated above yours, I believe?" In addition to pleasant, he sounded quite cultured and respectable. This was a relief, as the seventeen year old girl was afraid the low renting price of the flat might attract shadier business.

Smiling to herself, she answered, "Yes, of course, a one bedroom, one bathroom flat above mine renting out for…" Shyzana paused and thought about it for a minute. This man sounded really nice. She would hate for him to miss an opportunity like this, and it wasn't as if she was renting it out for the money. "A Sickle a month is reasonable, I think?" There was a pause on the other end, prolonged so, that Shyzana began to worry. "Uh…Hel-hello? Sir, are you there?" Her voice bordered on anxious.

"A Sickle a month?" came the questioning reply from the other end. It was followed by yet another pause. "Ma'am…that is beyond reasonable. I don't know how up-to-date you are on real estate, ma'am, but a Sickle a month is much too generous."

Shyzana's smile widened. Such a nice and honest man! "Sir, I implore you to take me up on the offer, I'm aware of the current prices and such, but more aware of the lack of character among people and I'd much prefer having someone such as yourself living in the vicinity. If you take my meaning…" Long pause.

"It feels dishonest."

"We'll discuss the pricings later, then, shall we? You're free to move in at your leisure. It's empty."

"Ah, thanks very much, Madame." There was a smile on the other end that she could here through the line, now. "Have a good day, then."

"Yes, you too, Sir," she replied before hanging up and promptly doing a small happy dance. She was a success! Finally, she wouldn't have to be here all alone!


He sounded so nice and kind and somewhat worn away…maybe she'd come to regard him as a father figure! He could teach her some nifty spellwork, and maybe she'd even have to endure "When I was young…" stories, and she could make him dinner some days and look after him if he fell ill. It was a nice living, she liked the thought of company very much indeed.

'Enough of that!' she told herself. It was quite inappropriate to want a father figure when she had a perfectly fine father of her own. Of course, they weren't exactly on speaking terms, as it were, but that was beyond the point.

Picking up the ornate tray, Shyzana stepped out of her apartment, waited to hear the magical click of the automatically locking door, and made her way upstairs to where her new tenant was supposedly done being semi-settled in.

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