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Seto walked out of his office, his brief case in his hand. He glanced at the watch. 12 am. Not good. He wondered if Mokuba had eaten dinner and was asleep or if he was still waiting for his big brother to come home. Seto hoped he was already in bed. He sat in his limo and instructed his driver to take him home. The driver didn't respond to his command.

'What the hell?' He wondered. He got out of the limo and went to the front, only to find the driver sleeping.

"Wake up you lazy man." He growled at the poor man, who woke up in a panic, hearing the voice of his boss.

"I'm sorry master Kaiba. Please forgive me." He begged Seto, hoping the short-tempered teen would not fire him.

"I have no time to deal with you right now. I'll decide your fate tomorrow. Just take me home now." He got back in the limo and leaned back into the comfy seats. His eyes threatened to shut, but something in the back of his mind kept him awake and alert. Suddenly, he felt the limo go zig zag. What was happening? He was suddenly wide-awake as his sixth sense told him something was very wrong. He tried to contact his driver on the intercom but all he heard was snores. The driver had fallen asleep on the wheel. Seto didn't have time to think of another insult because the limo crashed into a concrete wall. Seto's body went flying forward and a sickening sound was heard.

Mokuba sat at the dinning table, breakfast cereal in front of him. He didn't feel like eating. In fact, he didn't feel like doing anything at all. Seto hadn't returned home from the office last night. Seto never did that. Even if he worked at the office till late, he always came home, but that hadn't been the case last night. Mokuba hadn't seen his brother at all. He had tried contacting him, but the cell phone was probably off. Kaiba Corp receptionist had said that Seto hadn't come to the office yet. Mokuba had checked every place where he thought he could be but no success. What worried Mokuba even more was that no mansion employee had seen the teen billionaire either, last night or this morning. Roland was out right now, trying to locate the billionaire. He had instructed Mokuba to stay home, in case Seto returned and panicked at not finding Mokuba home.

The phone rang, making Mokuba jump. He ran towards it and picked it. It was Roland.

"Roland, what did you find?" Mokuba asked eagerly.

"I am afraid it is bad news master Mokuba." Roland's shaking voice came, freezing Mokuba's blood with fear.

Mokuba was frantically running through the hospital corridors, trying to locate Roland. He spotted him, sitting in the lobby. He came towards Mokuba as soon as he spotted him, and led him into a room. Mokuba gasped at what he saw inside. Seto was lying on the bed, his eyes closed. He was hurt. There were various bandages around his arms and torse, but Mokuba's main concern was the bandage he had was around his eyes. Around his eyes. That couldn't be good.

"Who is there?" Seto's rough voice ripped through the silence of the room.

"It's me Seto, Mokuba. What happened to you? Are you okay?" Mokuba ran to his brother's side, sitting beside him on the bed. He was careful not to move the bed too much, fearing it may cause his brother pain.

"It's nothing Mokuba. The stupid driver fell asleep on the wheel and bumped into a wall. I got some cuts on my arms and legs, and bruised a few ribs but thankfully nothing is broken. Everything is fine. Even the idiotic driver survived, though his injuries are a bit more severe than mine. Still, he survived to suffer my wrath, and I'll oblige as soon as I am able and he is conscious."

"Fine?" Mokuba said incredulously. "How could you say that? And what about the bandage on your eyes?"

"I hit my head and… I damaged the nerves around my eyes. So I am temporarily blind. Nothing to worry about. The doctors have performed the surgery already. I just need some rest to fully recover." Seto assured his worrying brother.

"How long will you stay like this?" Though he couldn't see his brother's expression, Seto could sense Mokuba's fear for him. He knew Mokuba was used to seeing him as a strong and healthy individual. In fact, the kid thought him invincible, and seeing him in such a vulnerable and weak state was wreaking havoc on his mind.

"Probably a week in the hospital and then I'll come home. Don't worry kiddo. I'm fine." Seto again tried to assure his brother. He didn't want Mokuba to worry over him. It was his responsibility to worry over Mokuba, not the other way around.

"No you're not. I am going to talk to the doctor." Mokuba left the room to find the doctor, leaving Seto and Roland in the room. He spotted the doctor talking to a nurse.

"Excuse me Dr. I am Mokuba Kaiba, Seto Kaiba's brother. I need to speak with the doctor who treated my brother." He extended his hand for the doctor to shake, who accepted it graciously.

"Ah Mr. Mokuba. I was expecting you. I was one of the surgeons. It's a good thing you are here because I needed to talk to you since your brother refused to listen to me." Mokuba smiled nervously.

"Yeah. He is like that sometimes. So what is it Dr.?"

"As you know, your brother was in an accident. Lucky for him, he didn't get hurt badly thanks to the seat belt he was wearing. But the accident did bruise his body. He hit head pretty hard. Thankfully, there was no brain damage, but the hit damaged some of his nerves used for sight. W have already performed surgery on his eyes. Again, he was lucky to not suffer any lasting damage but he needs rest. You mustn't remove or let him remove the bandages for at least two weeks."

"Ok, I'll try. He doesn't really do what others tell him to do, but I'll try. How is he supposed to get around if he can't see anything?" Mokuba knew Seto wasn't going to use a walking stick.

"You can hire someone to help him around the house. That person will take care of him, help him walk, and do other odd jobs for him." The doctor suggested.

"That's a really good idea. I just hope Seto agrees as well. Thank you doctor." He said and walked back into Seto's room. Roland was sitting on a chair, writing some notes on a diary while seto was talking, probably dictating stuff. Mokuba sighed. Seto never stopped working.

"Roland stop." He told Roland, who looked at him surprised but stopped nonetheless. Mokuba then turned to Seto. "And you. What do you think you're doing? You're not supposed to work but rest. After we leave this place, I will be the one going to Kaiba Corp. I can handle it." Seto's face went pale.

"Then what I'll I do Mokuba? I can't stay home all day. I'll be bored out of my mind." His concern wasn't for Kaiba Corp. He knew Mokuba was capable of handling the current affairs at the company. He had faith in Mokuba. His issue was the free time he would get and what to do with it.

"You are injured. The only thinh on your mind should be getting back to your full health, not work. You need rest so I'm going to hire someone to help you get around the house. I can't have you bumping into stuff and falling of the stairs, breaking your neck." Mokuba told him.

"Hire someone?" Seto chocked. "Oh no you're not. I am not going to spend the whole day with some old hag who'll scold me every waking second." Mokuba laughed.

"Fine. We won't get an old hag. I'll hire some pretty girl. Then you'll be happy." He laughed even more when Seto made an even more horrified face.

"I think I'll stick with the hag. I don't want some bimbo giggling all day and doing nothing but trying to touch me. No way."

"Calm down Seto. I'll post an add in the paper. We'll have every girl in the city. I'll pick the best one, someone who is nice, beautiful, and qualified." Mokuba assured him.

"No mokuba. I'll pick one. I'll conduct the interviews myself." An evil smile appeared on his face. 'And I'll make sure no one leaves without tears falling.'

Mokuba sighed as another girl ran past him, crying loudly, hands covering her face. That was the last unfortunate one. He frowned and walked towards his brother's room. Countless girls had been in the same situation before and they all came from Seto's room. He had been brought home yesterday and was conducting the interviews today. Just as Mokuba suspected, all the girls in the city and some girls from other towns and cities came for the interview. He sent them into Seto's room, one by one, and they all ended up either crying or storming off in anger. He glanced at the watch. 6:00 pm.

The add was in the morning paper. And it seemed like every girl who read it ran towards the mansion without wasting a single second. At 7:30 am, they were banging at the door, ringing the doorbell. After they had been invited inside the mansion, mokuba was informed of their arrival. The poor kid was shocked to see a hundred girls in their living room. All of them were dressed in scant clothes. He inwardly laughed, realizing they didn't know that Seto couldn't see, so all of their hard work was wasted. They were gaping at the beauty and the size of the mansion, some of them probably even day dreaming, imagining themselves living there.

Mokuba was told by Seto to stall the mob, as Seto had called it, until he was ready to see them. Stalling them wasn't much of a problem since they were already busy glaring and yelling at each other. However, Mokuba did have a problem trying to stop some of the girls from ripping each other into half. They were threatened by each other and were acting like rabid animals. It got even worse when it was time to send them in his room. Everyone wanted to be the first one to be blessed with the sight of Seto Kaiba. Two girls started a catfight and had to be escorted out. The rest drew straws to determine the order. It was completely crazy. When the first girl came out crying, Mokuba knew what fate would be fall the rest. The other girls, however, seemed relieved at the fact that they still had a chance.

It was funny how all the girls tried so hard just to get a mere glance from his brother, and he knew his brother would die before acknowledging their presence. He sighed again and entered the room. Seto was sitting in a chair. His head shot up in the direction of the door as Mokuba entered.

"You should have learnt from the other losers and left." Seto began, thinking it was another girl. "Or do you think you are different then them? Even without my eyesight, I can see what a pathetic loser you are. Nonetheless, if you want to get humiliated, then let's start. I don't want to keep you waiting and I don't want to spend a single extra second in the same room as you." Mokuba shook his head disappointed.

"It's me Seto." A relieved look appeared on Seto's face.

"Finally. Is it over Mokuba? Tell me they are all gone." He practically begged Mokuba. Mokuba could see he was tired.

"Yeah. It's over. That was the last one. I can't believe you did this to them Seto." A satisfied smirk appeared on Seto's face.

"Did what Mokuba?" He asked innocently but Mokuba knew better.

"You scared half of them by the look you gave them. And if they didn't run, you insulted them until they could take no more and ran away." Mokuba accused him.

"It's not my fault. That was merely a screening process I used to get rid of the morons. It's not my fault all of them turned out to be morons." Mokuba felt like screaming in frustration.

"Seto. If you had just let me pick one, it would have been over a long time ago and you wouldn't have been this tired."

"It wouldn't have been over easy or soon Mokuba. Besides, I couldn't let those shrewish women hurt you." Mokuba sighed at his brother's concern. He was the one who was injured and helpless, but he was still worrying over Mokuba's health.

"But now we don't have anyone to look after you Seto." He pointed out.

"Nonsense Mokuba. I am not a cripple. I can take care of myself just fine. There's not a girl in the world that can handle me and you know that. Don't worry about me. I'll be fine." He tried to get up and walk towards his bed but bumped into a table, then the dresser, and would have bumped into a chair if Mokuba hadn't gotten up and guided him towards the bed. If Seto had bothered to spend time in his room, maybe he would have known where the furniture was. But he only came in his room to sleep, and that was for a few hours each night. No wonder he was bumping into stuff left and right.

"You need to rest Seto, so I'll see you later. Okay. Rest." He emphasized on the word 'rest' because he knew Seto wasn't going to get any.

Closing the door behind him, he walked out of the mansion and walked down the street, deep in thought. What was he going to do about Seto? He knew his brother was right when he said that no girl could handle him. No girl could withstand his insults and his horrible attitude. But he couldn't watch over him 24/7. He had to go to school and Kaiba Corp. Leaving Seto alone without supervision would be a big mistake. He feared Seto would break a leg or two trying to go to the bathroom. He was so engrossed in his thoughts that he didn't see the person standing in front of him, and so ended up bumping into the person.

"Oh I'm so sorry. I didn't see where I was going." He quickly apologized to the person who happened to be a girl.

"It's okay Mokuba." The girl smiled at him. It was Tea.

"Oh Tea. Hey. How are you doing?" He asked with a smile.

"I'm doing okay. What about you? I heard about your brother. I'm so sorry to hear that. How is he?" Mokuba wasn't very surprised at the concern in her eyes or voice. She was always so nice to him and his brother, even though Seto was always rude to her and her friends.

"He's doing fine, considering its Seto Kaiba who got hurt and not Seto." Mokuba said bitterly. Tea put a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"Don't worry Mokuba. If it's Kaiba who got hurt, he'll be good in no time. He is stubborn, and he won't let any injury keep him down for long."

"I guess." Mokuba nodded slowly. "But he can't see anything. He had surgery and has bandages covering his eyes. That's what concerns me the most." Tea looked surprised at that piece of information. Of course she didn't know. All everyone knew was that Seto Kaiba had gotten into an accident but had escaped with minor injuries. The news of his surgery and temporary blindness was kept secret. Seto didn't want media to spin a story and declare him a blind person. He didn't want anything that would impact Kaiba Corp. stocks and share values.

"Then why don't you get some nanny to look after him? Not exactly a nanny but someone who will stay with him." Mokuba smiled wryly ather suggestion.

"I tried that already. He scared about 70 girls and made the rest of them run away crying." Tea started laughing and he couldn't help but smile.

"I didn't expect anything less from him. Anyway, what are you going to do now?" Mokuba's smile turned upside down.

"I don't know. Can you help me Tea? Please." Tea stared at his puppydog face and sighed in defeat.

"Okay, let me think about it." She taped her chin a couple of times and then snapped her fingers. "I got it. I know someone who can help your brother." Mokuba's smile dimmed a bit. He had been suggesting that she herself help Seto. He wanted to clarify what he had meant, but then decided to listen to what she had to say.

"Serenity is the perfect person. She was in the same situation as your brother and she made it through. She will help him." Tea seemed very happy at her idea but Mokuba seemed less than enthusiastic.

"Umm Tea, I don't think it's a very good idea."


"Because it's my brother we're talking about. He insults every living being. Serenity might not be able to take the insults. I don't think she can handle my brother. And if Seto finds out that it's Joey's sister who wants to take care of him, he would go berserk." Mokuba didn't want to deal with a crying girl, or worse, her quick-to-anger-and-physical-violence brother.

"I know. But what if he didn't know who was looking after him? He wouldn't treat her the way he usually would." Mokuba's face lit up.

"You're brilliant Tea."

"I am?" She was taken back at his reaction. What exactly made Mokuba think of her as brilliant?

"Yes. It's perfect. He won't know who is the person. Tea, can you please take this job?" Tea blankly stared at Mokuba.

"It's not funny Mokuba."

"It's not a joke. I'm serious. You are the only one who can stand up to him. I have seen you tell him off a couple of times before, and I know you can get him to do whatever you want. He is stubborn but you can be too. You can match him, insult to insult. And I'll be relieved knowing that you're with him. I trust you. Please take this job Tea, please." He pleaded.

"I'm sorry but I can't. I already have a job, and I can't—." She couldn't finish because Mokuba cut her off.

"I'll pay you double, tripple if you want. Just say yes. If not for Seto, then for me. Please Tea." the puppy dogface was added to the request, making it impossible for her to refuse.

"Okay Mokuba." He literally jumped with joy.

"Cool. You can come with me right now and see him." Tea apologetically glanced at him.

"Sorry. I can't come now. I am supposed to meet Yugi and Joey at the park. I'll come later, probably at 7:00pm. Okay." Mokuba didn't care about thetime as long as she came.

"It's perfectly okay. I'll see you then. And thanks tea." she smiled.

"No problem. I'll let the guards know you are coming so they will let you in." He said and after saying their good-byes, they walked their separate ways.

'I hope I didn't make a mistake accepting Mokuba's offer.' Tea thought. Seto couldn't see her so he wouldn't call her cheerleader and annoy her. She could do it. How hard could it be to take care of a mature, 18 year old CEO, who just happened to be the biggest jerk alive? Little did she know, she was in for one hell of a ride on the ass express.


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