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"I've got a bad feeling about this." Seto said in a concerned tone to Tea, who nodded in agreement.

"I'm feeling the same, but I have to go." She sighed and snuggled into his chest.

They were sitting in his living room, her in his lap. It had been two days since that incident with Keith. Those two days had been hell for Tea. She was very jumpy, expecting Keith to come out and grab her anytime. And if that wasn't enough, her fears of her friends finding out had skyrocketed. Seto had been there with her all the time, assuring her that nothing bad would happen, and if it did, he would be there to support her. His words were what kept her from going insane.

But today, she had just received a call from Yugi, inviting her over to the game shop, and her fears had risen again. She was afraid to face them, expecting Keith to have told them the truth already. But Yugi's tone was calm, and she believed that it was a good omen, but Seto's heart was beating madly, informing of upcoming trouble.

"I guess I better go." She said, getting out of his lap. He reluctantly let her go.

"Take your cell phone with you and if anything happens, call me." He advised, kissing her briefly. She giggled at his protective behavior.

"Stop acting like a mother hen. I'll be fine." She said and walked out of the house, praying that she was right.

A deathly silence greeted her when she entered the game shop. She glanced around and found everyone seated. Yugi, Joey, Tristen, Duke, and Bakura. No sign of Keith or Serenity. She breathed in relief. So he wasn't there.

"Hi guys. Why so quiet?" She asked cheerfully.

"We just found out that someone among us is a traitor." Duke replied hotly. Tea's heart stopped at his words.

"What …do you… mean?" She hesitantly asked them.

"Where were you right now?" Joey asked her.

"I was… I was at my house." She lied.

"LIAR." A shrill sound came from her left, startling her. And soon, the face of the person appeared as well, a tear-streaked face of Serenity.

"Serenity." Tea managed to say. So she was here, just hiding in a corner… and crying.

"I hate you." Serenity screamed gain. "You bitch. How could you do this to me?" She was crying hysterically. Tea also spotted Mai sitting beside Serenity, holding her.

"Serenity, I…" Tea began, but didn't know what to say.

"We had an unexpected visitor today. He told us you have met him a lot in the past few weeks." Joey spoke again.

"Bandit keith dropped in today." Yugi said in a sad voice.

"He… did?" Tea stuttered. Oh God. It was happening. Her worst fears were coming true. They knew the truth. He had told them. They knew.

"Yes. And he told us some very interesting things." Tristen said through gritted teeth.

"He said you were secretly dating Kaiba behind Serenity's and our backs." Duke said. Tea's face went pale.

"Of course we refused to believe him…." Bakura said hesitantly. He wanted to speak more but seemed to be having trouble.

"But he showed us proof. Want to take a look?" Joey spat and threw some pictures at her. "Here. Look."

With shaking hands, she held the pictures and nearly fainted at what she saw. There were pictures of her kissing Seto in the church, in the alley and on a lot of other occasions. How did Keith get those pictures? Could it be that he had a hidden camera that he used, unknown to their knowledge?

"Care to explain?" Mai asked in a mocking tone.

"This… I…" Tea was speechless. She knew that no matter what she said, they wouldn't believe her. And what could she say anyway? They had seen the pictures.

"I will tell you the truth." Serenity spoke, her eyes glaring at Tea. "She was jealous because Seto loved me. And so she tricked him and seduced him. That's what she did."

"No. That's not true." Tea quickly said in her defense.

"Then how do you explain all this?" Joey screamed, causing Tea to step back in fear.

"Admit it Tea." Serenity spat venomously. "Admit it that you stabbed me in the back. You lied and fooled all of us. You are a horrible and disgusting person." Tea could not find any words to say. She just stared at their angry faces.

"I can't believe you did this Tea." Yugi's sad voice came. Tea glanced in his direction and saw the disappointment in his eyes.

"I didn't. I-." She began but Duke interrupted her.

"You whored yourself to Kaiba." Mai spoke knowingly. Tea was horrified at her words.

"How could you say that?" She asked in shock.

"How could you seduce him like that?" She spat back. "Or are you going to say that it's not true? That the pictures are fake." She challenged her.

"I never once thought you would stoop so low." Joey said. Along with hatred, Tea sensed disappointment in his voice. She wanted to speak but they wouldn't give her a chance to say a word.

"She must have done some pretty low things to get that job." Tristen said to Duke who nodded.

"Probably stripped." Duke commented.

"I think she slept with him. The way he acted towards her, I'd say she screwed him every night." Serenity spoke again. Tears fell from Tea's eyes at the harshness of their words.

"Stop crying Tea." Bakura said. Although he hadn't said much, Tea felt that he too, hated her. Her knees gave up and she collapsed on the floor. No one came to help her, or to comfort her. No one.

"That's not true." She whispered between sobs. "You don't know the truth." Mai laughed.

"And what is the truth? That kaiba loved you all along?" The sarcasm in her words told Tea that even if she did say anything, she wouldn't believe her.

"I always trusted you Tea." Yugi spoke in a low voice. "I never thought you would do such a low thing. You disgraced yourself in our eyes." Tea's heart wrenched at the pain in his voice.

"My sister cried so many times, all because of you." Joey accused.

"While you were having "fun" with Kaiba, Serenity was all alone, feeling neglected by her boyfriend." Mai said. "Weren't you ashamed when you whored yourself to kaiba?" She asked.

"Didn't you once think about Serenity when you selfishly seduced him?" Joey yelled in anger.

"I won't let you take Seto away form me." Serenity spoke determinedly. "He loves me and he'll always love me."

They continued to hurl nasty words and accusations at her, but she could no longer hear them. Her mind was buzzing with their words.



Seduced kaiba



Stripped for him


Slept with him


These words ripped her heart in tiny pieces and their attitudes acted as salt on her wounds. They didn't give her a chance to tell them the truth. And even if she did tell them, they wouldn't believe her. This was what she had feared, being accused falsely. She felt alone and scared. She felt weak and vulnerable. Her body shook uncontrollably with sobs. There was no one who listened to her, no one who believed her, no one who wanted to help her, to comfort her. She was all alone.

"Get the hell out of my sight." Joey's voice shook her out of her painful trance and she raised her head. She gazed into their eyes, hoping to find some kind of support, some pity from anyone. But all she found was hatred and disgust. They despised her for falling in love. They despised her for doing what her heart believed to be right. They despised her.

Not having the courage to face them all, she stood up and began running out of the house. But bumped into someone along the way.

"Tea?" The person spoke her name with such concern that she broke into tears once again.

"Tea, what happened?" He spoke again. Now she recognized the voice. It was Seto.

"Seto?" She looked up, not believing her ears.

"I'm here Tea. What happened?" He assured her and asked.

"Oh Seto." Was all she said, before collapsing into his chest. He wrapped an arm around her petite body and glared at the people in the game shop.

"What the hell happened? What did you do to her?" He growled.

"Are you going to defend your bitch kaiba?" Joey asked nastily.

"Shut up mutt. If you say one more word about her, I swear I'll cut your tongue." Seto said in a dangerous voice, shutting Joey up.

"Seto, how could you do this to me? I thought you loved me." Serenity broke into tears. Seto glared at her and spoke coldly.

"You thought wrong. I never loved you." He said, causing her to cry even more.

"What are you saying Kaiba? You asked her out. You showered her with affection and gifts before Tea seduced you. Now you're saying it was all a lie." Mai spoke.

"Tell me what did you do to Tea." Seto demanded in an icy tone.

"Look at these." Bakura handed the pictures to Kaiba, whose eyes widened in shock.

"Keith gave these to you?" He asked, already knowing the answer. Bakura nodded, surprised at how Kaiba knew. Seto clenched his teeth. "That bastard is going to pay."

"Why did you do this to my sister Kaiba?" Joey asked as he glanced at his crying sister.

"I didn't do anything. And she's lucky I didn't. I should have gotten rid of her the very first day I found out." Seto spat.

"What do you mean? What did you find out? Stop taking in riddles." Mai huffed.

"Little wheeler has been lying to you all." Seto said. "She wasn't the one who cared for me." Surprised looks and gasps filled the room.

"You're lying." Mai said.

"No, I am not lying Valentine. It was Tea." Seto said.

"How is that possible? She said…" Yugi began speaking but realized soon. "So the kid she was babysitting was… you." He said in disbelief. Seto nodded.

"Yeah. It was her. She was the one who dared to challenge me, and to order me around in my own house. But she never told me her name or anything about her identity, because she knew I would push her away. Though my eyes were closed, my heart opened for the first time. So when I was to get my bandages off, I asked Mokuba to bring her so I could see her face and know who she was." Seto paused there and wiped Tea's tears away from her cheeks with love in his eyes. She faintly smiled at him and he began again.

"But Tea was afraid of rejection, because she had developed feelings for me. So she convinced your sister to meet me, hoping that I would let her go without many insults." Seto said to Joey, who seemed shocked at what he was hearing.

"When I took the bandages off, I was shocked to see Wheeler. I never thought she had the guts to even speak, let alone stand up to me and boss me around. And the way she acted when I talked to her was pathetic, proving she wasn't the real girl. Right then, I wanted to humiliate her for trying to fool me, but I didn't. I figured the real girl was close to Wheeler since she trusted her this much. For the next few days, I tirelessly searched for the identity of the girl in the shadows. And I have to thank you all for solving the mystery for me."

"What did we do?" Yugi asked, having a hard time taking all the new information in.

"You told me about Tea's uncle and her habit of volunteering at church. Tea had told me all that when I was temporarily blinded. After finding out and putting the pieces of the puzzle together, I ran to the church and confronted Tea. She, however, refused to accept her feelings, because she didn't want to hurt Wheeler." Everyone was shocked when Seto said that.

"Even when Tea knew she could be with me, she refused because she didn't want to hurt Wheeler." Seto said, staring fondly at Tea.

"But I didn't want to let Tea go. So I proposed a secret relationship. Tea was reluctant because she knew one day you would find out and there would be trouble. But I couldn't bear to be away from her, so I managed to convince her. I wanted to dump Wheeler right there, but Tea didn't want her to get hurt. So I decided to ignore Wheeler, hoping she would get a clue and leave with dignity. But she stuck to me like a leach, thinking I loved her." Seto mocked.

"So that's why you never called her." Mai said in realization.

"Yes. I even hired Tea at Kaiba Corp. so we could spend more time together. We were perfectly happy, but then Keith found out. He blackmailed me to get money. I gave him all the money he wanted, but that bastard wanted Tea as well. He tried to rape her and so I beat him. That's when he decided to get revenge and told you guys." Seto finished, his hands curling into fists.

"No wonder he was beat up when he came here." Tristen said.

"He said he had an accident." Yugi said.

"Hn." Seto scoffed. "That bastard had it coming. And now I'll dispose of him for good."

"So basically, Serenity lied to us all." Mai concluded.

"Why Serenity?" Joey asked her, who started crying even loudly.

"I… fell... in love… with him. … I... loved him. I… love him." She managed to say.

"So you made up all the lies and tricked us into believing all the shit about Tea." Duke said.

"You're more pathetic then I imagined." Seto said with disgust.

"Please Seto, I love you. I'll do anything you say, please don't do this to me." Serenity begged him. Seto turned his head away.

"This is all your fault." Serenity screamed at Tea. "You did this to me. I hate you."

"Shut up Serenity." Joey said. "You've already said enough."

"She's right Joey." Tea finally spoke, shocking everyone. "It is my fault. I was the one who got her involved into this. And I'm sorry for that." Tea said.

"We're sorry too… for saying all that we did." Tristen said sheepishly, feeling shame burn his face.

"It's okay guys." Tea smiled at them, forgiving them instantly.

"So why did you come here Kaiba?" Bakura asked. A grim expression appeared on Seto's face as he spoke.

"I came her to give some sad news. Tea, your uncle… has passed away."

The gang, along with Tea, Mokuba and Seto stood in the graveyard, looking over the grave of her uncle. Serenity wasn't there, since she was still angry at Tea for stealing Seto. Joey apologized for her behavior, but Tea said it was okay. She knew it would take some time for Serenity to accept it.

Slowly, they started to pay their respects and leave. In the end, only Seto, Mokuba and Tea stood.

"Go wait in the car Mokuba." Seto told his brother, who nodded and walked away. Seto turned to Tea.

"You okay?" He asked in a concerned tone.

"I guess. It's just that… I feel so alone now." She admitted. Her only living relative was now dead. He wrapped his arm around her, hugging her. He knew how she felt. He too, had experienced the same feelings of lonliness.

"You're not alone Tea. I'm here with you." He assured her. Tea nodded.

"Thanks Seto. Your support means a lot to me."

"Tea, I wanted to ask you something." He said. "Since your legal guardian has passed away, and you're not old enough to live on your own, would you like to come live with me?" Tea was surprised at his request. But she smiled broadly and said.

"Oh Seto, I'd love to." Seto smiled as well.

'I'll never leave you Tea. I'll never let you be alone. I'll give you all the happiness in the world. I promise.' Seto swore to himself as they walked back towards the car. The sun was setting in the horizon, ending the day, but it marked the beginning of a new life for Tea and Seto.



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