I'm alive. Really I am.

I know you all hate me now.

The last several years have not been the greatest or easist for me. I lost most of my close friends and my trusting nature because of events that were beyond my control. My parents separated and then divorced, leading to me moving; shortly after which I transferred from the school I had attended most of my life to a new school, which was a very difficult move for me.

I lost my confidence in myself and was very lonely for a while. I couldn't write the story I wanted to write anymore, because I knew I would probably end up killing everyone in the story.

I apologize because I know how frustrating it is when an author abandons a story; it drives me crazy as well; and I'm sorry that I became that person. I'm hoping to get back into writing my story again soon.

Thank you for the reviews; they always would brighten my day when I would see new ones.

Hugs, Sariana