Summary: Ryou is an angel, Bakura is a demon. They are in love with each other, but what will happen when their love is not accepted in both races. BxR, MxM Yaoi

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16:00 PM…

Bakura sped up his bat-like wings to fasten to his goal.

Bakura sighed. He was going to be late again. Only because his stupid work, his boss had let him work 30 minuets longer as he normally would.

See Bakura wasn't just anybody, and defiantly not like a normal hardworking demon. Oh no! Bakura was far more too special for that.

Bakura was one of the most powerful, high ranked demons in the country. He was chosen to be a captain, of a five star solider base. And only the strongest soldiers could make it that high.

In the beginning Bakura was a solider to. But as the teen grew older he was good enough to be a captain, let alone smarter.

Now normally not anyone could be a captain for someone like Bakura's age. The teen was barely older then a thousand years, which wasn't very old if you looked at the previous captains, who where hundreds or sometimes thousands of years older as he was.

No, the main reason -other than his unbelievingly high IQ or his amazing fighting skills-, was his past life (the life he had when he was human).

In his life Bakura was a thief, or Tomb robber to be precise.

In his past life, when he was young, Bakura had seen his family and village burn down for the pharaoh who once lived back then, had stolen many things and had killed many people -good and bad- to survive. But when he wanted to take revenge on his family and friends, he was killed by the pharaoh's most powerful high priest.

So, with all those things together, Bakura seemed to be the most perfect captain they had in ages.

But nobody ever seemed to understand, why Bakura always had a hurry to leave the place, or why he always seemed to daydream about something. If the day was over Bakura would be quicker gone as lightning would have. Some said that it was because his age, they would say 'He's young and free, that lucky bastard'.

But the real reason, for Bakura's hurry was the person sitting under the large Oak tree. A beautiful angel boy who looked a lot like him. He had the same white hair as Bakura, only less spiky. The boy had the same paleness like him too, but one of the most visible differences where their eyes. Bakura's eyes where red-violet while the boy's eyes where a pretty soft green colour.

There where differences between their wings to. The wings the boy had where beautiful as every feather shined like a pearl. On the other side were Bakura's wings just plain black, like every demon had.

Another difference where the clothes they had on. Bakura was dressed in tight black leather pants and an even tighter blood red T-shirt. He had to wear a cloak too, his boss said it was to look a bit formal for being a captain.

The boy on the other hand, was dressed in a white overall and a soft light blue T-shirt, which made his eyes even more beautiful.

"Bakura!" The boy shrieked happily as Bakura landed on the ground next to him.

Bakura smiled as he captured the young angel in his arms, and kissed the boy soundly on his soft lips.

"Good afternoon Ryou-koi" Bakura murmured as he hold the angel close to him.

"Mmmm… you're late today Bakura" The boy, now called Ryou, said softly enjoying the warmth of being in the arms of his koi.

"I'm sorry for that my love…" Bakura said as he gave Ryou another soft kiss. "…But my boss let me do some extra work today"

"You're forgiven" Ryou said happily, his eyes shining like beautiful green diamonds, that where filled with love and caring. "I couldn't be mad at you anyways"

Bakura smiled again and gave Ryou a now deeper kiss, wrapping his arms around the little angel. Ryou moaned as Bakura's tongue curled around his, both fighting for dominance.

When they let go of each other, Ryou went to sit back under the Oak tree. Bakura let himself gently lay on the ground, with his head in Ryou's lap.

"So how was your day today" Bakura asked Ryou.

"It was exhausting" Ryou said with a sigh, while he began to stroke Bakura's hair.

Ryou had the job of a healing angel.

Now anyone would have asked what would be so exhausting about healing. It was harder than someone would think. The whole day Ryou did nothing else but, pluck some herbs in the warm sun, then clean the herbs, and then he would have to cut it. When that was done you had to boil the herbs into a flubby goo and make sure it was save to drink it all.

And that was only the potions class, there where lessons about healing by hand and healing from far away, after that.

Ryou was a healer of the highest classes. Next to his studies of healing, Ryou tried to learn the basics of fighting and archery too. To bad he wasn't very good at it.

Bakura sighed and looked up at the tree. Here under the large Oak tree, the small lake that was next to it and the small grassy field, where the only places where a demon and a angel could meet each other. It was a place between good and evil, heaven and hell, and they where both aloud to come here. Many angels or demons didn't know about this place, nor did they care. 'Falling in love with your enemy was ridicules and a waste of time' they would usually say.

Bakura thought back when he had first met Ryou. He was a soldier back then, and he had one of his first battles with some angels. He had fallen from the sky, almost landing on the Oak tree, wounded.

Ryou was at that time washing some herbs in the lake, and saw him lying unconscious on the ground.

It was a good thing that Ryou saw him, or else Bakura might have died. The first thing Ryou did was cleaning up his wounds, and doing some healing. He had a first aid kid with him so Ryou had bandaged some of his wounds too.

When it was night time, Ryou was still with him. Bakura remembered that Ryou had his arms and wings around him, just to keep him warm from the cold night breeze. He couldn't forget the warm feathery wings around him, or the warmth of his angel's body, or the soft spoken words of comfort and gentleness.

The next morning had come, and Bakura was totally healed. Later that day Ryou and Bakura separated, and had gone of to their homes. Both of them told nothing about the incident at home.

When they met each other again on the same spot as ever, they decided to be friends.

Every day they came back to the same spot to talk about their lives, their chrushes and their other personal things.

But as the time passed, their friendship grew to something more… they fell in love with each other…

And that was another problem. Heaven and Hell didn't accept demon x angel couples, even worse was, if they would catch you with another being, other than yourself, you could get a terrible punishment.

Another problem, was: what if you get caught, or which side. If they fond it out in Hell, you would probably be 1) do slave work and slowly die, 2) be separated from your love, or 3) a nice combination of both. All 3 options weren't very attracting.

And they didn't know what heaven had for then. Probably not very nice either…

Bakura sighed for what had to be the tenth time in a whole hour, looking away from the sky to look at Ryou. He smiled at what he saw. Ryou had dozen of in to sleep, his beautiful perfect round face, was looking relaxed, while he was snoring gently.

Bakura pushed himself of the ground to sit next to his little angel. He gently lifted Ryou up from his place and sat him on his lap. Ryou nuzzled Bakura's as he wrapped his arms around him. Bakura gave Ryou one last small kiss on his forehead, before falling into a slumber too.

Both of them didn't notice someone was looking at them, someone with red with black spiked hair, and two innocent violet eyes, who where currently looking at them in shock…


Two days later…


19:00 AM…

Ryou was sobbing, the other angels had somehow found out somehow about his and Bakura's relationship, and they had now locked him up in jail…

Someone had seen them… 'is this the end?' Ryou thought bitterly, as he looked at the beautiful wand clock. One hour… and then the judgement from Yami, one of the most important men in heaven, would give him his punishment, for having a relationship with a demon…

Ryou didn't care anymore, he loved every minute he had spend with Bakura. He couldn't wait to see Bakura again, even if they had only been separated for a few hours. He missed him.

A soft murmur, shook Ryou out of his train of thoughts. Ryou looked at his friend Yugi, who was looking to be deep in thoughts. Every now and then Yugi would look up at him, looking like he committed a crime, and look the other way.


Scene change…

Bakura looked at the high throne Yami was sitting on. He had been realised, and was almost been hugged to death by Ryou. As soon as the bonds that had been on his wrists came of Ryou had healed him.

"So, about your punishment, Ryou… what should I give to you two?" Yami began. Yami wasn't one of long speeches, he was always strait to the point. Everybody knew what Ryou had done anyways…

"Hmmm… should I lock you two up for a lifetime? (separated of course) …or should I kill the demon…hmmm… you chose"

Yami couldn't help but smirk evilly as the angel and demon paled, it was so much fun to mess with peoples minds. He knew it wasn't a good quality for an angel, but he just couldn't help himself.

"…Buuuuut…since I'm in a good mood today, I'll give you both a test" He began. "You will both stay one year on earth, on the some spot together. However you will both forget about each other, if you two fall in love again in that one year, the demon is aloud to stay in heaven"

"And what if we don't make it" Ryou asked unsure.

"Then your love isn't pure, and you will both be locked up for a lifetime" Yami said.

"Fine" Bakura said. "We agree with your deal"

"But Bakura—"

"Ryou this is a one chance, its better than nothing" Bakura said.

"Okay" Ryou said while hugging Bakura, while Yami began to chant a spell.

Ryou and Bakura both fell asleep. Holding each other close. They where under the spell now…

"Take them to earth" Yami ordered the guards…

How long until they meet again…?

Scene change…

Meanwhile Yugi was sobbing…

"Oh Ryou, I'm so sorry…"

To Be Continued…


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