TITLE: Know Me
ARCHIVE: Anywhere, just let me know so I can brag...hehe.
SPOILERS: "Viva Las Vegas" (5-01) and minute "Inside the Box" (3-23)
DISCLAIMER: All known characters belong to their respective owners. So there.
SUMMARY: "Why? What's the point?"


She had stopped by his office just has he was preparing to leave, pressing herself, full-bodied, against his back, resting her cheek on his left shoulder blade.

Gil tensed, feeling her body resting so close to his. He closed his eyes, gripping the key still in the door and breathed deeply through his nose. When he felt her clutching the back of his shirt, he unlocked his door and ushered her in, enclosing them in a darkened safety. He allowed her the freedom of choice between visual revelations or sheltered light, of which he silently agreed with her decision to remain with the latter.

Pain sometimes hid in the darkness, allowing life to trudge by with a welcomed ignorance.

But the most excruciating pain was felt: felt passing from one's body to another, but most often felt, unintentionally, piercing both hearts that longed to beat as one.

This time, the darkness was more than welcoming, hiding her pain as well as his own rising agony. Their arguments, their drifting...their lies. All this lay heavily on his shoulders and heart, and the more he thought about it, the more he realized that they had only been kidding themselves: in all their years of friendship, when had they truly been honest with the other? When had they shared, beared body and soul without second thought? When had the truth come first, and not spawned by pressure and barter? He sighed aloud, lost in the active stillness that his office now boasted.

And now they sat, side by side on the couch. Had they not been in his office, such a meeting could easily be mistaken for an awkward moment between two strangers waiting for the bus. Strangers. It finally occurred to him - this feeling of becoming disconnected. His eyes grew wide and he glanced at her with great surprise: exactly how much did he know about the woman sitting beside him? The woman who he had called friend...best friend, and how much did she actually share with him? He continued to stare, fear building up like bitter bile, rising and burning up his esophagus. And then the realization hit, as the bile's after-taste continued to rot in his mouth: she was alien to him.