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Chapter 1

Robin dashed around the corner with the Titans not far behind. They were pursuing Red X for the 4th time this week. Red X had broken into a museum this time and stole the monkey's eye, a rare and valuable diamond.

Robin caught up to him and kicked him between his shoulders. X fell flat on his face, dropping the possession he was once trying to steal. He stood up and turned to face Robin. He looked over Robin's shoulder to see the rest of the Titans. Raven thought she saw him smirk behind his mask, but it was hard too tell.

X leaped up and quickly kicked Robin in the face. Then he sprinted toward Beastboy. BB turned into a bear and knocked him down with his claws. Starfire then started throwing star bolts at him. X dodged them all in a series of back flips. He sprang up and knocked her out with a gas bomb in the shape of an X. Cyborge grabbed him from behind while Raven through a metal pole at Red X. He wiggled out of Cyborge's grip causing the pole to hit Cy. He was out cold.

Red X teleported behind Raven and grabbed her. He put the sticky material over her mouth as he did a million times before. X held her tight and brushed her hear behind her ear. "You should wear your hair back more so I can see that sexy little face of yours," he whispered in her ear. He buried his face into her neck and took in her aroma. BB got up off the floor while this occurred, changing into a rhino and ramming X. But he didn't hear a word X had said in that moment though. He yelped from the blow from BB and this made Beastboy smirk as he changed back to normal.

Since he was in a tremendous amount of pain, X grabbed what he came for and ran off. Raven and BB just helped gather the others and helped them home. They had clearly lost.

At the tower

"Damit!" Robin yelled while slamming his fist on the kitchen counter. "Hold still while I'm healing your face boy wonder." Raven said in an irritated voice. He glared at her hard. He hated being called boy wonder. "Done." She said while standing up to go to her room. "Come back in an hour. We're having a meeting." Robin said in a cocky I'm the boss- now listen to me-kinda voice. She through up her hand as a sign of ok.

She entered her room and shut the door behind her. Raven felt where Red X's hands were once wrapped around her. 'How dare he touch like that!' he screamed in her head. She was forbidden to anyone and everyone, especially a low down thief. She decided to take a shower to cleanse herself of his filth. She went to her bathroom and turned on the water.

Red X's hide out

"Arhhh!" X growled as he kicked an old dusted table that lay in the middle of his hide out's floor. "What the hell is my problem? Why did I touch and…talk to her that way." He yelled aloud to himself. It was like he couldn't keep away from her and he had a broken rib because of it. She was like a forbidden treasure and he had to have her.

"Don't be so hard on yourself kid." X turned around to see Jack, a mob leader, standing there with two goons behind him. "Beautiful women often get in the way of my work too." X took a few steps back just to be cautious. "What are you doing here?" Red X asked with an angry look on his face. "You got my money kid?" The mobster asked while one of his goons lit a cigar for him. "I told you I need a few more weeks." He said in a sharp tone. Jack's goons then started toward him. "Who do you think you are talkin' to the boss like that!" One of them said. He gave X a sharp blow to his gut. Red X could have easily taken down the two but with his rib broken he could barely breath let a loan fight. As the other goon was ready to kick him Jack made him stop. "You got four weeks kid. You understand…FOUR WEEKS." And in 30 seconds they were gone.

He needed to get to the hospital as fast as he could so he stammered to his feet and walk out his place as careful as he could. When he reached central park he realized he could walk no further so he fell to the ground and passed out.

At the Tower

"I know what we can do!" BB blurted out. The Meeting had started and they were all gathered in the living room. Raven look bored and knew BB's idea was going to be a stupid one. "We could train killer bats and have them fly around jump city and when they find Red X they will bring him to us to through in jail." Raven, fed up with the boredom and stupidity jumped up and said, "I need some fresh air. I'm gonna take a walk." With that she went out the door.

She made her way across town and decided to take a quick walk through the park to help clear her mind. She was still upset at how Red X had acted toward her.

As she walked she noticed something only five yards away. As she drew nearer and nearer she could make out that it was a person. When she finally reached the body she saw they were wearing a mask with a skull on it. It was Red X. He started coughing and blood escaped from his mouth seeped through his mask. Raven knew she had to help him. Although she completely despised him at the moment she could leave him for dead. She would have takin' to the hospital, but she didn't now if they would help him since he didn't have a registered identity that she knew of so she teleported him to her room.