It had been days since Raven and Jason had spoken. Raven was extremely on edge. It seemed like Jason had disappeared off the face of the earth. She went by his hideout only to find the familiar ancient furniture she'd grown accustomed to. She missed him. She moped around the tower, barely ate, even cried for moments at a time (alone in her room of course). This was not like her at all, what was happening to her?

It was like, from the moment their flesh touched, he had become apart of her. Their emotions seemed to feed off of each other, feed FOR each other. She hadn't noticed until now, now that he was no longer around. And it had only been 3 days. She felt almost sick without him around. How could I let this happen? She thought, angry at herself.

And then there were the visions and nightmares. The last vision was so intense with negative energy it made her nose bleed. That scared her. He was definitely a scarred soul, lost in the abyss of a traumatic past. She wanted to help him, she felt obligated to. She wanted to be the one he opened up to, and she wanted to return the same thing. He had trusted her, told her and showed her some of the most personal aspects of his current life. And she blew it. The look in his eyes when he saw me and Robin…what was Robin doing anyways? She had been avoiding him since that night.

Robin tapped her shoulder, causing her to swiftly look up from her tea. "Yeah?" she asked, irritated that he had ripped her from her thoughts only to now stand there with a blank face. "Are you okay?" He finally asked, raising a single eyebrow, "You've been out of it lately. This is the first time I've seen you in two days."

The Titans East were still staying at the tower, so she didn't even bother to go out to help with the crime in the city. She'd only harm the others anyway. Her emotions were so out of wack, she doubted she could even levitate a cup without leveling half the city. She hadn't felt this out of control of her powers in months.

She was again lost in thought. Robin reached out and waved his hand in her face. She snapped out of her trance and refocused on Robin. "Yeah, I just have a lot on my mind." She finally said. He gave a sympathetic smile and took a seat across from her at the kitchen island. She sat back, crossed her arms, and raised an eyebrow. He chuckled at her new position. It always amused him when she made things more difficult than necessary, like clamming up when a friend's just trying to help.

"Well…tell me what's up." He said light heartedly. Things had been tense with them since that night they went to the café. He noticed he hadn't heard from or about Jason since, which pleased him. But he hadn't gotten a chance to get acquainted with Raven on a new level yet either. He didn't want to hurt Starfire, and to avoid suspicion, he had devoted all his free time to her since the night she waited for him. But as naïve as Star was, he doubted she'd even second guess his motives in spending time alone with Raven. Even still, he was making sure all his bases were covered.

Raven sat quite for a minute before replying to Robin. "Look…" a knot seemed to swell in her throat as she began to speak, so she decided to cut straight to the point. She would of avoided the subject completely, but she knew he'd never let it go. He was just as stubborn as she was, if not worse.

"It's Jason." She said plainly. His mood quickly changed. His once sweet smile was now a stern look. He looked away from her to the counter in spite. He knew she had been upset that night, but he thought it was more because Jason was rude to her. But now it seemed, she was sad without him. This made him even angrier.

Just as she went to open her mouth to continue, Robin stood, causing her to stop. "You need to pull it together," he began in that leader tone of his, "you haven't helped us during the last 7 crimes. That's A LOT to miss Raven." He looked back up at her. "I'm surprised to even see you in your uniform at all," he said, seemingly to be a smart ass. She began to grow upset, but he continued with his speech anyways. "What if one of those times would have been Red-X? You know he's been antsy all month. We need you to stay professional and do your job under any circumstances and-" She stood, tears swelling up in her eyes, and raised her hand to cut him off. He shut up, clenching his jaw in irritation.

"I got it boss." She hid her face as she stormed out of the room. His anger quickly switched to shame. He didn't mean to upset her. But just as he went to follow her and apologize, Star busted into the room, with a couple others close behind, ran to Robin, and clenched him tight. He hugged her back absent mindedly as he watched Raven disappear into the tower.

Raven's Room

'What if one of those times would have been Red-X?' His words rang in her head. That meant that Jason wasn't off committing crimes either. Where was he, what was he doing, was he okay? Her thoughts went crazy over him. She needed to get out, and now. She changed into her street clothes, grabbed her leather jacket, climbed out of her window, and teleported across the bay into the city.


Jason sat in the corner of a dark café downtown. He had wondered the city for days just clearing his head. He hated this, this pull she had on him. He just wanted to work, get his debt paid, and leave the city for good. That was it, he had made up his mind. But he wasn't thinking straight. This wasn't like him either. Even when he did take the time out to have a little fling with a woman, it was never this…involved. He was WAY too close, WAY too trusting. And now it was up to him to fix it. But she was in his system and didn't seem to be going any where. He even found himself missing her. But no, he wasn't going to let this happen, he was going to suck it up, and pull another job…tonight. He got up, and staggered out of the place.


The air was crisp but chilly. Raven walked the downtown strip with her arms folded for warmth. Seeing as it was a Monday night, not many people roamed the streets, which was a huge relief for the empath. The last thing she wanted tonight was attention from some random grateful citizens or to be hit on by an overly obsessed "fan" of the Titans.

She closed her eyes to the evening breeze, as it caressed her face. When she reopened them she saw a shadowy figure down the street from her. That energy, it felt so familiar to her, but it was too faint a signal to clarify who it was. As she got closer, the silhouette became much clearer. "Jason!" she yelped before she couldn't even get in a second thought. He snapped out of thought and looked up to see a tearful Raven just feet from him. His face twisted up with confusion and nearly disgust. These feelings seeped out of him in great quantity, making Raven even more upset.

"Where've you been?" she asked shakily, trying to hold back the tears. He looked away, unable to speak. "Hello??" she waved her hand in front of his face as she said this. He looked back at her and quickly grew angered. "What?!" he snapped back. Her eyes grew wide and then narrowed into a glare. "Are you serious right now?!?" she found herself raising her voice. He shot a glare back at her and began to yell too. "Leave me alone Raven…" his voice was rough and stern.

This was a side of him she had yet to see. His usually warm eyes now seemed cold with distain. His body was tense and his jaw was locked tight. The tension between the two was so intense, people walking up to them began to cross the street before reaching them. He stepped to walk passed her and she stepped in his path. He looked at her with shock, like she was crazy to throw herself in his path.

"We need to talk." She said with a stern tone, even more so than his, "you've been M.I.A for days. Jason, you're-" she was cut short by his grip on both her arms. He pressed her against a building near by and closed every inch of space between their bodies. Her breath caught in her throat and her body began to glow black. But this didn't phase him as he gripped her tighter.

"No. You need to leave me alone. For good." He held her a moment longer then simply let her go. She was too busy calming her powers to even snap back at him as he began to walk away. "You're a coward!" she finally yelled as he got farther away from her. He seemed to freeze for a moment, but then continued walking away. She rolled her eyes and walked the opposite direction as the tears began to flow…