Section 4D

By: LiL Pippin Padfoot

Disclaimer: I do not own anything pretaining to Harry Potter, nor am I make money. Darn.

Pre-Half Blood Prince, Pre- Dumbledore showing up.

Hermione Granger read the Daily Prophet, well, daily. She scanned it for any news that was true, though she doutbed she'd find any. She sighed as she finished Section C, which was all Wizarding Sports. She would never tell Harry or Ron that she read the Sports Section. Ron would just take it that she was reading up on "Vicky". Section D was all Ministry News and classified ads. She quickly scanned over the first three pages, not noticing much, smiling when she saw the half page advirtisement for Weasly's Wizard Wheezes, which had a brightly colored ad that had fireworks exploding in the backround.

Then, Hermione found her favorite part: Ministry Retractions.

This collumn normally had no more than a mistake in spelling a last name, or or mistaking the place. This was the case today, the only retraction was the misspelling of Mrs. Wanda D. Mittyglove, a witness to a strange giant sighting. Then something caught Hermione's eye, in bold letters, under 'Legal Notices', the collumn below Retractions. It read this:


The Ministry of Magic has confirmed the exhistance of Peter Pettigrew, former Order of Merlin, First Class. The man accused of the murder, Sirius Black, has been declared innocent. Sirius Black, however, died recently, but his record has still been cleared.

Hermione read the article again, and then again. The ministry had declared Sirius innocent. First, she was elated for Harry, then remembered this came to late. She savagely cut the article out, and waited for Hedwig, Pig, or even Hermes to show up, as Ron sometimes still used Hermes.

As if by magic, the snowy white owl appeared on her window sill.

"Hedwig!" she said, grabbing a quill and spare bit of parchment.


I noticed the article in the Daily Prophet. I just thought you should know. Show it to Professer Lupin, if he hasn't seen it as well.


She took the letter from Harry, and sent Hedwig off

Dear Hermione,

Hope your summer is well. Mine is spent here, at the Dursleys. Same as the summers before (minus the summer when Dobby showed up) I wish Snuffles Sirius, were still here. I guess we can write is name now, huh? Sirius Black, my godfather, is dead. Oh Hermione, I just re-read this, and it sounds terrible. I don't meant to unload on you and Ron...but it just happens. I hope I can go to the Burrow sometime soon.

Your Friend,

Harry Potter

Hermione's eyes teared up. She had learned that Harry hated being pitied, but she couldn't help it this time.

'Well,' thought Hermione. 'At least Sirius is innocent and free now, even if it is too late.'

I set up the Daily Prophet as our paper, The Tri-County Citizen, is set up.