Chapter Three

X-Mansion, West Chester

December 21 11:09

Brilliant light flooded the spacious bedroom when the sun rose that morning, though it still took a good few hours for the stupor Wanda had been put under to wear off. Her eyes half opened and she yawned, lazily rubbing her nose with the back of one hand. Then sat bolt upright. Where the hell was she? A surge of pain filled her head, black spots peppering her vision, and she instantly regretted sitting up so fast. She groaned, bringing a hand up to her forehead. Had she been on a bender? Grogginess and a murderous headache were only two of the signs but that didn't explain how she'd ended up here… where ever here was.

Her vision returning to normal, she surveyed the room she was in, which left her with two questions. One: Who in God's name had decorated this place and had they been apprehended for crimes against interior design? And two: "Who the hell took off my boots?" She voiced the second, looking down at her bare feet. "Oh God." A horrible possibility dawned on her. "Some weirdo with a foot fetish stole my shoes." Stumbling out of bed, she searched the room, which, aside from causing a wave of nausea –the third sign she had a hangover- turned up her boots strewn at the end of the double bed. "Okay, so maybe I'm overreacting." Wanda tried to calm herself, slipping them on. "I mean, at least they didn't take the liberty of removing my clothes." She looked down and after a hasty check that all her garments were still in place, sighed.

"Okay." She said in a tone that exuded purpose. "I remember getting on a plane because…because, um…I was going to see someone. But who? Who…" In her mind both face and name were hazy; trying to grasp them was like trying clutch mist. The unbearable headache didn't help much either. "Okay, that's not going to work. So, I got off the plane…um, and I went somewhere…and I might as just say that somewhere was here. Then…then I met someone…wait, no I met people…no, I fought people! Okay, this is good."

Wanda stood up and started pacing, confident that she was on a roll. "So I fought them…but they weren't just people they were…they were…mutants! They were Mutants!" She exclaimed triumphantly. "I fought them and I trounced them…but then…then someone came…they made me stop. They…they made me angry, no…furious…they made me fall asleep." Time seemed to stop as the memories of what had transpired suddenly came to her in a rush. "Xavier." She whispered then dashed out of the room into an unfamiliar corridor. "Xavier!" Wanda shouted, her voice faintly echoing down the hall. A door opened.

"You alright?" A teenage girl's head poked out, a wayward finger twiddling a lock of short, blonde hair. "Need help or something?"

"Um, where's Xavier?" Wanda inquired, her temper subsiding for the time being.

"I dunno." The girl replied; far too chipper in Wanda's opinion. "But I can help you find him if ya want." She offered, stepping out of the doorway to reveal the fact she was dressed in a pair of purple, pinstriped pyjamas.

"Yeah, um, sure." Wanda agreed, walking down the hall till she drew level with the girl.

"Name's Tabitha." The girl made a show of putting a hand forward which, after a brief moment of hesitation, Wanda took. "You're Wanda or something, right?"

"Right." Her tone was deadpan. Tabitha just smiled and stepped out of the doorway.

"Well, come on, the Prof's bound to be round here somewhere." She stated, walking down the corridor with Wanda following a step behind. "So, um, how'd you like New York?"

"Haven't seen much of it yet unless you count the airport." She replied shortly.

"Well you totally have to, it's amazing, especially at night and it's the best place to shop. It's a total blast. The place where I used to live was a hardcore drag, as foster parents tend to be, they only wanted the monthly check not to mention the fact they counted watching paint dry as a form of entertainment." Wanda simply nodded. "It's just getting out of here that's complicated; the Prof is like a total sucker for rules. But we love him despite that. Hey Kitty!" She called after a girl who'd just phased straight through a wall up ahead of them.

"Yeah huh?" The tall girl with shoulder length, red hair replied.

"Have you seen the Prof?"

"Uh yeah, he was like, downstairs a little while ago or something." She half smiled, casting shy glances in Wanda's direction. "Um, I gotta go. Jubes is waiting for me."

"Sure thing." Tabitha said as the girl disappeared through the opposite wall. "That's Kitty." She explained as they carried on, starting down a wide staircase. At the bottom, a group of boys roughhousing quickly ran the in opposite direction when they saw her and Tabitha coming.

"So how many people actually live here?" Wanda inquired, her curiosity genuinely peaked.

"Um…a lot. Dunno exactly, most of em are just kids which gets kinda annoying, but you deal. There are always new people comin' 'n' going so it's kinda hard to keep count but I guess it's just like having a really, really big family. It's kinda nice." She paused to take a breath as they came to another corridor, the sandy coloured walls seeming vaguely familiar. "But like, a lot of peeps went home for the holidays, so it's mostly just us poor orphans left. But who wants to deal with relatives anyway?" She smiled as they walked down the few steps into a hall with a large fireplace yet scant other decoration aside from a chair or table here and there.

"Um, Pete?" Tabitha addressed the colossal teenager standing in the front doorway who had to have been at least 6"5. Wanda cast an admiring gaze his way; aside from being tall he was also extremely good-looking. The fact that he was using an electric drill to fit a hinge in place meant that Tabitha went unheard despite the fact she called to him another two times. The girl sighed dramatically. Then, very slowly, a dreadfully devious smile crossed her face. "Watch this." She instructed, bringing her right hand up to eye level already a small orb of radiantly bright light forming between her thumb and forefinger.

When it reached the size of a golf ball, Tabitha crept up behind Piotr; stealthily placing the orb in the back pocket of is kakis. He seemed oblivious to any mischief, the drill still boring away in his hands. Well, that was until a small explosion went off, causing that same pocket to be blown clear off his trouser. Startled, he dropped the drill. It made a pathetic noise after it hit the ground and stopped, inert.

"Tabitha!" He scolded harshly, metal plates clinking over his fingers, continuing up his arms towards his bare chest.

"Hey, no need to go psycho, Pete." She backed away, hands in the air. "It was just a lil harmless fun."

"Yeah, it's always harmless, till someone gets hurt."

"Alright, alright, sorry, Pete, just don't bug out, kay? I promise it won't happen again. But, um, do you know where the Prof is?" He rolled his eyes slightly.

"I think I saw him talking to Logan in the kitchen a couple minutes ago." He stated, eyeing Wanda for the briefest of moments.

"Thanks, babe." Tabitha waved behind her as she headed for the corridor opposite the one they'd previously come out of, Wanda on her heels. It didn't take them long to reach a door that was shut. Tabitha turned round, giving Wanda an anxious look.

"What is it?"

"Shut doors usually mean bad vibes." She elaborated, uneasy, but after a slight shrug and a deep breath she spun back round, knocking lightly on the dark wood surface. "Professor?" There was no answer. "Professor?" She tried again, this time opening the door and sticking her head through the gap.

"Yes Tabitha, what is it?" Wanda made out the late and somewhat muffled reply.

"Um, Wanda's here to see you, Professor."

"Oh, good, let her in." He replied and Tabitha obliged, opening the door fully before leaning against it to allow Wanda through.

"Thanks, Tabitha." Wanda said, stepping into the kitchen.

"No worries, it was my pleasure." She waved vaguely before disappearing, the door closing behind her.

"Charles." Wanda spun on her heel to face Xavier but nearly lost her balance when she realised they were not alone. Leaning casually against the table in the middle of the room was Logan. Wanda's confidence dropped a degree or two but she knew that it was all or nothing. "I believe we have unfinished business to discuss."

"Wanda." He sighed. "I don't mean to reiterate myself but you have to understand that I cannot help you locate your father. It is simply possible at this time."

"Cut the crap, Charles. I know that one way or another you have always managed to find my father. Finding people is what you do and frankly, you're pretty good at it." She let out a long exhale. "Look, maybe…maybe you can't locate Magneto, but his groupies are never far away. I'm sure that with…" She hesitated for a moment, frantically searching her memory. "Cerebro you'll be able to find at least one of them, Sabretooth or Mystique." Wanda really wouldn't mind finding Mystique, not at all.

"Wanda…" Xavier started in that tone that generally meant 'no'.

"Charles!" She pleaded. "Why are you protecting him? Last I heard he was trying to turn the entire human race into mutants. Now, I don't necessarily think that's the worst idea, but I know you sure as hell would." She searched his eyes, desperate for a glimmer of hope. "Please, Charles. You failed me once before, don't repeat the mistakes of the past." Xavier regarded her intensely.

"Alright, I'll try, but I'm afraid that's all I can do."

"That's all I'm asking for." She nodded, but in truth she was more than a little disappointed.

"Then, my child, I believe it is time I took you somewhere."

"The lower levels." Wanda failed to suppress a grin.

"Precisely." He said a conspiratorial twinkle in his eye. During the exchange, Logan hadn't uttered a word, remaining silent as they abandoned the kitchen and exited into the hall. A ways down the Professor stopped in front of a part of the wall that bulged out. After a moment it slid aside to reveal a circular elevator, the inside covered in large, flat cream tiles. Wanda hesitated whilst the two men entered. "It's alright." Xavier assured her, no doubt already aware of the cause of her uneasiness.

"I…I can't go in there." Wanda backed away, breathing heavily. Logan stared at her as if she were completely insane, which was only half right.

"…it's just an elevator." He stated the obvious, furrowing his brow.

"That is not the problem, Logan." Xavier explained. "It is what the interior reminds her of." Sceptical, Logan surveyed the elevator.


"It's something I've never noticed before though there is nothing I can do about it now, Wanda. You will just have to overcome your fear." She glanced at the white panels and shuddered slightly.

"That's easy for you to say." Taking a deep breath, Wanda quickly stepped in, the doors sliding shut and the elevator jerking to a start before it descended. She held her breath. Her heart raced frantically, blood pounding in her ears. It seemed to take an eternity for the doors to open again and in that time she could feel the straight jacket constricting her arms, pulling them up across her chest. Thankfully, as she stumbled out, everything returned to normal. After taking a moment to catch her breath she looked around and had to stop herself from gawking, twirling so she could take in the entire corridor, her coat tails failing out. It was very much as she would have imagined it to be, yet somehow, seeing it solidified made it far grander. She held in a smile, just. "I told you the strip lights would look better at the top and bottom." She said, gesturing at them with a scarlet tipped finger.

"So you did," Xavier stated exiting the elevator. "Though I believe that back than you also wanted them bright pink." Logan smirked.

"And encrusted with purple glitter." Wanda rolled her eyes slightly, the barest hint of a grin crossing her lips. "But that was a long time ago." She stated near to a whisper. There was a moment of silence before she continued. "Well, there's no backing out now, Charles." She started down a corridor that led to the left. "You said that you'd try and I fully intend to see that you do." After taking a good few steps Wanda realised she hadn't a clue where she was going and neither Xavier nor Logan were following.

"Are you coming?" Xavier called to her from the opposite direction. She stopped in her tracks before spinning round on her heel.

"I just wanted to see the med lab." She recovered quickly, pouting slightly with hands on hips. Down here every length of corridor looked identical. "But I guess that could wait till later." She sighed, returning at a leisurely pace with one hand still on her hip, heels clicking on the smooth floors. Logan flashed Wanda a barely concealed look of contempt before the three of them moved down the corridor, passing steel plated doorways and other passages that branched off of the one they were on. At the end was a circular doorway, with a large 'X' embellished on its front, a small blue sphere at its centre. A blue light from what must have been a retinal scanner crossed Xavier's eyes and after his identity was confirmed the doors unlocked, sliding apart.

"Welcome, Professor." A computer generated female voiced greeted as he entered, small lights on either side of a long gangway illuminating its length. When Xavier reached the end of the suspended platform, a light from above shone down onto him and a control panel. Still at the doors, Wanda gazed into the enormous, spherical room, the entire surface plated in black panels.

"It seems…bigger than I remembered." She stated, her voice echoing, as she walked down to where the Professor was. "Then again, I guess it wasn't even half finished when I was last down here." She realised Xavier was staring and cleared her throat. "What?"

"You've just grown…" He stopped mid-sentence. "It might be best if you leave, Wanda." Xavier continued, hardly missing a beat. "I will need all my concentration if I am to find a clue to your father's whereabouts." Wanda arched a slim eyebrow but left without saying a word. Logan stood waiting beyond the entrance and as she stepped out the doors shut heavily behind her, leaving Wanda alone with only this threatening stranger for company. She wasn't scared of him; she just doubted he had enough brain cells behind those fascinating green eyes to hold a conversation. Sighing slightly, she went to lean against the wall opposite but then –realising she was mimicking his stance- slid down to sit on the floor, legs bent in front of her. Tapping a finger against the slick, steel floor she nearly cringed as she caught a glimpse of herself reflected in the steel panelling. Her hair was scruffy at best and her clothes looked like she had been sleeping in them for a week, which wasn't far off.

"Isn't Logan a girl's name?" She mused aloud, inspecting her chipped nail varnish. He ignored her, instead taking out a slim, silver cigar case from the inner pocket of his jacket. Removing a brown cigar he placed it in his mouth, fetched a lighter that matched the case from his back pocket and lit up, proceeding to blow a huge cloud of opaque smoke in her direction. Wanda breathed in deeply, sucking up as much of it as she could. "You sure you're meant to be smoking down here?" She asked, despite the fact the last thing she wanted him to do was stop.

"Yer not a…non-smoker, are ya?" He said huskily, his tone saying he considered that parallel with being a mugger. He took another pull on the cigar, a huge cloud of smoke surrounding him as he exhaled.

"No," Wanda glared coldly. "It's just that I haven't had a cigarette since yesterday, so unless you're planning on giving me one I'd appreciate if you'd show a little common courtesy and not breath smoke right up my nose. I have no intension of satisfying my cravings with your leftovers."

"Women." Logan shook his head slightly, retrieving his cigar case. "'Please could I have one' would do just as well." He passed her one of the thin cigars and the lighter which, on closer inspection, showed a wolf's head engraved on either side. She thumbed it for a moment before placing the cigar between her lips and lighting up, inhaling deeply. Smoke tickled the back of her throat but she didn't care as long as it stopped her longing.

"Not bad." She mused -a little too croaky for her liking- as she exhaled. A while went by as she studied the engraving on the lighter.

"So, what's with all the black?" Logan asked out of the corner of his mouth, the ash riddled cigar occupying the rest of it.

"What's with the hair?" Wanda retorted. Logan's upper lip twitched and he turned his head to face the doors that led to Cerebro. Taping ash off the end of her cigar with one hand, the other played with the lighter, flicking it open then closed repeatedly. "So, does it hurt?" She asked before taking another pull.

"Does what hurt?" Logan crossed his arms over his chest, leaning his head against the wall. The remnants of his cigar were on the floor next to his boot.

"Those things, those…claws, do you have the ability to not feel pain? Cus if not…" Wanda trailed off as Logan lifted his head briefly before returning to his original position.

"Yeah, something like that." He replied curtly. After a moment Wanda laughed mirthlessly. It echoed off the cold metal walls.

"The raging wolverine." She mused. "I thought you'd be a little less docile." Logan didn't bat an eye lid. "I thought that I might have found an equal in you, maybe not in strength, but I've heard your ferocity more than makes up for that. Or if not you than the weather witch. Yet imagine my utter disappointment when neither of you could even last one round." She stubbed her cigar out on the floor beside her. "In a way I suppose I'm sorry for showing up how pathetic you're training -even your powers- really are. But it was your own fault; you let your guard down."

"Not a real a people person, are ya?"

"Over a decade in an institution will do that to a girl. You learn that niceties and being polite gets you nowhere." Logan lowered his eyes slightly.

"So what's yer gift?" He mumbled after a while. "You can move things like Je…"He cleared his throat, neglecting to continue.

"It's hard to describe." Wanda shrugged. Following a moment of inspiration she lifted her left hand, which held the lighter, as it started to glow faintly. "Magneto used to say it had something to do with probability, that I could change it in my favour."

"What'd ya mean?" He asked seeming legitimately interested.

"Say it's really improbable that this lighter will open by itself and light up." On queue, it did just as she said, her hand remaining completely still. "Or that it will levitate out of my hand and float to you." Logan gingerly took the lighter from the air, examining it for brief moment. "But, if I don't control it, it…it's like the objects take on a life of their own." She waved a hand in the direction of the cigar stub by Logan's foot. All of a sudden it rushed up from the floor, bouncing off the ceiling then the wall above Wanda before hitting Logan between the eyes, finally disappearing down the corridor.

"Hey! What the hell do you think you're playing at?" Logan shouted moving forward, a clenched fist up in front of him. Wanda just smiled, shaking her head.

"I told you, I don't have any control over it." He seemed unconvinced, if nothing else looking more irate. "More often than not things I don't control…hurt people. Just be thankful that wasn't a door." Logan grunted but backed down. "So, how do you know my wonderful father?"

"Long story." He brushed the question off, placing the lighter back in his pocket. However, Wanda wasn't one to be easily deterred.

"It's not like Xavier's gonna be back any time soon." Still nothing. "Don't think you'll offend me by being malicious towards Magneto, anything you've thought about him, I've no doubt contemplated worse." Logan stared at her, cracking the knuckles on his left hand.

"Tried to kill a friend o'mine." He stated curtly, moving onto his right hand. Wanda contemplated asking the question 'You have friends?', but instead said:

"That's my dad." Logan scoffed and shook his head slightly. "What?" He looked her straight in the eyes.

"Ya act like yer so different from him, but the way I see it, yer no better. All you've done since you got here is trash a place a lot of kids call home, trying to get yer own way regardless of the people you hurt doing it. Just like yer dear ol' dad." Wanda was on her feet in an instant.

"I'm nothing like my father!" Her voice seethed venom. "Nothing!" She glared daggers at him, the fact that his face was unreadable only making her temper worse.

"If ya say so." Logan shrugged. Wanda tossed her head to the side, crossing her arms beneath her breasts whilst rapidly tapping her foot on the floor. She was not going to be provoked by this…this barbarian with a mullet that should have died in the eighties and the dress sense of a redneck on speed. Even if he was incredibly attractive in a dark, brooding kind of way. No, she couldn't get distracted. Not when she was this close. Turning on her heel, Wanda paced the corridor, eight steps either way.

By the time the steel doors opened and Charles came out of Cerebro looking haggard, she'd counted a total of seventy three steps. When he'd exited fully, Logan took up position next to his chair and without saying a word they started down the corridor towards the elevator. Easily catching up to them, Wanda was about to ask the inevitable question but the Professor cut in before her.

"I am afraid that your fath…that Eric has either vanished from the face of the planet or he is using his shielding to block Cerebro. As for his associates, I cannot find a trace of them either which leads me to believe that they are where ever Magneto is." He gave a long, shaky sigh. "I am afraid that for the moment there is nothing more I can do to locate him."

"So you're giving up? Just like that?" She asked, agitated.

"Until Eric or one of the others decides to resurface there is nothing else I can do." He replied plainly.

"Surely you must have some idea of where he's gone or what he might be doing. I mean come on; you were friends for longer than I've been alive."

"Wanda, your father and I may have been close once but we'd started to drift apart long before we found you or your brother. Both Eric and I have changed since we first met as young, idealistic men, though I can't say it has been for the better on his part."

"So what am I supposed to do? Just wait here, hoping that one of them slips up or he comes up with another scheme to achieve mutant supremacy?"

"Not precisely." Xavier inhaled deeply. "I get the feeling that he will show himself soon. It's already been six months since I last saw Eric at Alkaline Lake-" Logan missed a step, slowing for a brief moment, though the professor didn't seem to notice. "-so I have no doubt he will reappear soon. Until then you are more than welcome to stay here with us as long as you respect the rules that have been put in place and the other mutants residing under this roof."

"I'd rather not, if it's all the same to you. I'm not one for rules and I don't need your charity. I can take care of myself."

"Wanda, you have nowhere to go." He stated simply.

"How do you know! I could…" She trailed off. "No, of course, of course you know. Sneaking about in my head." She stopped in front of the elevator, as did he.

"I'm sorry Wanda, but you left me with no choice. I needed to know that if I let you stay, you wouldn't be a danger to anyone."

"You have no right! It's my head! How do you expect me to stay here when I can't trust you!"

"Wanda, I am the only person you can trust. You have to believe that I have your best interests at heart."

"My best interests? Was it in my best interest to put me away? I was a child, Charles. I had no idea what I was doing or how to control it."

"I know." He sighed. "I admit that I failed you and all I can do now is ask for your forgiveness and that you stay here so that perhaps I can find a way to rectify the mistakes of the past." She huffed, walking into the elevator. It was silent on the way up and she walked out onto the second floor as soon as the doors opened.

"Fine, I'll stay. But only if you answer me one question, no lies, no half truths." Xavier nodded.

"You have my word, ask anything you wish and I will answer it to the best of my ability."

"In all that time I was…I was in the…the institution. In all that time you never came to see me, not once. Why?" The professor studied her for a moment over steepled fingers, Logan regarding her just as intensely.

"I could lie and tell you that all my time was taken up by my students, my X-Men, but in truth I was simply afraid to admit that I was powerless to help you, that I'd fallen short so absolutely. You were a reminder of that and not visiting meant I didn't have to think about it." He looked her in the eyes. "I'm sorry Wanda, I truly am."

"It's too late for apologies, Charles. They aren't worth anything anymore."

"I know and I understand that you may never be able to forgive me, but I hope you will still let me help you to control your gifts. I wasn't able to help you then but I am confident that I have a far better chance now."

"Perhaps, Charles…perhaps." Wanda drummed her fingers on her arm. "But now all I really want is a shower and sleep. Whatever you did has left me feeling like I've been up all night and I have a killer headache to boot."

"Than that is what you shall have." He brightened slightly. "Feel free to use the room next to Logan's for as long as you like."

"Don't worry, I will." Wanda stated walking off down the corridor in what she hoped was the direction of the bedroom. It took her a little while but eventually she entered its musty air, closing the heavy doors behind her before leaning on them. "All this way for nothing." She sighed and pushed herself away from them. Unbuttoning her heavy coat, she placed it on the bed and started on her knee-length boots. Wanda meant to go in the shower, wash all her cares away, but her head steadily throbbed and the more she looked at the plush double bed, the more inviting it seemed.

"God I hope the bedding's been changed recently." She mumbled, climbing under the covers. Soon enough her breathing slowed into the rhythmic pattern that heralded sleep despite the fact the curtains where still wide open.



After waking up and hurriedly switching on the light, Wanda groggily stumbled out of bed heading for the bathroom, leaving a trail of clothes in her wake. A small heap of jewellery piled on the grey floor tiles finished it off as –striped bare- she stepped into the shower, fiddling with the knobs till the temperature was near scalding. Water cascaded onto her somewhat greasy, black hair, down her back, her legs, till it reached the white basin, finally disappearing down the drain. Wanda rubbed at her face, the remnants of eyeliner and mascara leaking onto her cheeks. Yawning drowsily, she ran her fingers through her knotted tresses, lamenting the lack of attention she'd paid her appearance in the last few days. On a small, metal shelf, a basic range of beauty products were arranged, shampoo, shower gel, etc. suggesting that although the room looked unused it was still tended. Soapy suds scented with strawberries slid down her back as she shampooed her hair and got on with the arduous task of cleansing herself.

Almost an hour after she'd entered, Wanda emerged from the shower, clean and smelling a little too much like cheap lip gloss. Water dripped from her soaked body onto the floor tiles as she took a towel from the cabinet below the sink, drying herself off before wrapping it around her torso. Stifling another yawn, she walked to the bedroom, fetching her bag from the floor, taking out a comb and proceeding to detangle the length of her hair which reached more than half way down her back. After another half hour of primping, she decided it was probably best to get some sort of clothing on, the chill in the air more than noticeable. This was a good idea in principle apart from one small problem; her clothes were completely and utterly filthy.

Having no intention of getting back into the same outfit she'd been wearing for the past four days, she crept into the hall. There was no one about which made Wanda wonder how long she'd been asleep. She looked either way along the corridor but had no idea where to go. But wait, hadn't Xavier said that Logan's room was right next door? Smiling slightly, she tiptoed down the corridor, far from eager for any twelve year old adolescent to find her practically naked. Reaching the door she pressed her ear to its surface for a moment but, after hearing naught, decided simply to enter.

"Logan?" She called quietly. "Logan?" He didn't seem to be in the room and the lights were turned off. So she closed the door behind her and, after stumbling over what she hoped were just piles of clothes, found a lamp, switching it on. The room was a mess. You wouldn't have been able to figure out the colour of the carpet without kicking aside at least one item of clothing. The bedcovers were strewn half on, half off the double bed and the dresser was riddled with old plates and cigar ends. Wanda wrinkled her nose. "How can guys live like this?" She mused, disgusted. Even she had her disorderly moments, but this was just plain vile.

"What'd ya doing in here?" An irritated, male voice asked behind her. Wanda jumped round, only half remembering to grip her towel to prevent it falling. Logan stood in the doorway looking just a tad annoyed.

"Um, can I borrow a t-shirt?" She gave her very best doughy-eyed look whilst tilting her hips to one side. "All my clothes are dirty." She stated, full red lips pouting. Logan sighed, shaking his head slightly.

"Yer lucky I still have a clean one." He said, retrieving a black one from the large wardrobe and passing it to her.

"I guess it must be laundry day for you tomorrow." Wanda sniffed, surveying the room again. Logan scowled but said nothing. "Well, thanks." She said before tottering out of the room. Glancing back she caught Logan eyeing her hips, his gaze falling to the floor when he realised she'd seen him, and smiled slightly. Men were easy. Back in her bedroom she slipped out of the towel and into the loose fitting t-shirt which ended just below her bum, showing off the bottom of her black, hipster shorts then tidied up the clothes she'd left on the floor. Having slept the day away, she didn't feel like going back to bed, instead slipping down the corridor to the ground floor. On the way she noticed that the light in Logan's room was switched off, likely meaning he was asleep. The wooden floor was freezing beneath her feet as was the air around her, goose bumps covering her skin before long. The fact that her hair was still fairly wet didn't help either.

After wondering down the ground floor corridor a little while, she heard noise up ahead and soon reached what looked to be the living room. A boy with large eyes turned his attention away from the dazzlingly bright TV screen, regarding her.

"Can't sleep?" He asked.

"Um, just looking for the TV." She stated.

"What'd you wanna watch?"

"Dunno...erm, I know its lame but, the news?" The boy blinked, the screen changing from a man demonstrating the amazing uses of a grater on 'The Home Shopping Channel' to a woman wearing far too much blush sat behind a desk, the logo in the corner showing the letters 'CNN'.

"Thanks." Wanda smiled, going to sit beside him on the large sofa. The current news topic was that of some random celebrity being convicted on drugs charges. Big surprise.

"Who're you?" The boy inquired.

"I'm Wanda." She replied, not taking her eyes from the huge, glowing screen.

"Oh." He was silent for a little while. "The Professor said you were dangerous. You don't look dangerous." Wanda looked at him.

"He did, did he?" She smiled, turning her head face him. "What's your name, kid?"


"Well, Eugene, you have nothing to fear from me. That before, that was just a little misunderstanding."

"Okay." He said simply as if he truly believed her. The news topic changed, this time it centred on a bombing in Brazil, the guilty party still unknown.

"So Eugene, why are you still up? Shouldn't you be asleep?"

"I don't sleep." The boy stated.

"Oh…that sucks." He shrugged and she turned her eyes back to the screen. "So, you mean, never?"

"Well, I used to sleep, and then I…changed. I could do things I couldn't do before but I couldn't sleep."

"Do you get tired?" From the corner of her eye she saw him shake his head.


"Well, I guess it aint so bad then."

"Yeah, I guess." He mumbled, though he didn't sound as if he meant it. The topic changed again, this time the article was about the winners of the super bowl.

"Hey, where can I get something to eat?" She inquired, her stomach suddenly reminding her she hadn't eaten the entire day.

"The kitchen's just down there." He pointed. "But if you want, I can get something for you, seeing as you're new and all."

"Um, yeah thanks, that'd be cool."

"So, what'd you want?" He asked, getting up.

"You have any ice cream?" Wanda inquired, ignoring the fact she should probably eat something healthy and that she was already quite cold.

"I think so." He nodded.

"Well, as long as it's chocolate or cookie dough, get me that."

"Sure." He said before heading out of the room. Alone, Wanda sat there, brushing up on her current events until the news story she had been waiting for came on.

'In earlier news, David Everrit, current favourite to succeed president Johnson in next years election was in the senate today campaigning for mutant registration. He follows on from where Senator Kelly left off before his sudden change of view on the bill. No trace of the Senator has been found since his disappearance six months ago. Some think that he was killed by anti-mutant campaigners whilst the campaigners say it was mutants that first blackmailed Senator Kelly into changing his polices then murdered him, unsatisfied with his progress. The case goes on and the outcome may decide whether known mutants will be allowed to vote in the elections next May.'

"Are either of those stories true?" Wanda asked Logan who'd appeared in the doorway halfway through the news item. He was dressed in nothing but a pair of grey-blue jogging pants, his toned chest bare.

"The last one was closer to the truth, but neither tells the real story." He replied, sitting close to Wanda in the spot Eugene had vacated.

"So what is the truth?" She asked. He looked at her, light from the TV reflected in his green eyes.

"The truth is yer dad tried to turn Kelly into a mutant, an' he did but something went wrong an' he melted."

"What? The Senator? Senator Kelly…melted?" She asked sceptically.

"Yeah, the process was unstable or somethin'." He sat forward, elbows on his knees, biceps tensed.


"That's why we had to stop Magneto on Liberty Island." Logan elaborated.


"Cus he was gonna turn all the main leaders of the world into mutants at the summit." He replied as if it were the most obvious thing in the world.

"And if he had, they would have all melted?"

"Bingo." He stated shortly, turning his gaze towards her.

"Huh." She exclaimed before deciding to search for the remote, finding it on the coffee table in front of the couch. Flicking through a few channels she found a re-run of Jerry Springer on 'Men Who Love Their Mothers' and folded her legs up onto the couch to gain a more comfortable position.

"So, does the t-shirt fit okay?" He asked, eyeing her slightly, from over his shoulder.

"Yeah, thanks." She barely suppressed a grin.

"S'okay." He nodded slightly, turning his attention back to the screen.

"Wait," She started, a sudden wave of inspiration hitting her. "If Senator Kelly died before the incident on Liberty Island how come he only disappeared two months after that?"

"Mystique was impersonating him." He stated shortly, sitting back.

"So that's why he became all mutant friendly." Her lip curled. "Mystique." Every ounce of contempt she had for the woman was evident in the way Wanda hissed her name.

"I'm guessing that you're not a fan of hers." He stated the obvious.

"You could say that." It was silent between them for a moment. On the screen Jerry was talking to a man as skinny as he was tall and ugly to boot

"Hey, Logan." Eugene greeted as he entered the room, a pint of ice cream in one hand, a spoon in the other.

"Eugene." He returned inclining his head slightly as the boy handed both items to Wanda. Upon closer inspection, she discovered the ice cream was not only chocolate flavoured but Ben and Jerry's 'Phish Food'.

"You did good, kid." Wanda praised, lifting the lid to reveal the dark, creamy surface.

"Can't sleep?" The boy asked Logan.

"Naw. An' ya know how much I like these late nights we have, kid." Eugene nodded, sitting on the couch beside Wanda who was fully engrossed in taking a spoonful of the velvety substance. On the TV, a large woman with a bad perm and a nose that simply protruded at best was trying to get past the security guards to an older woman, in her sixties wearing a skin tight, red, lycra dress that, unfortunately, left nothing to the imagination.

"Men Who Love Their Mothers…" Logan mused aloud.

"Gotta love the Jerry." Wanda said after swallowing another spoon full of Phish food.

"I've seen it." Eugene stated.

"You can change if you want." Wanda mumbled the loaded spoon halfway to her mouth. The boy blinked, the screen changing several times before he left it on something, but even that was only for a couple of seconds before the channel hopping process started anew. Wanda stretched out her slender legs, leaning them on the coffee table. Logan glanced at them for the briefest of seconds and Wanda bent the one nearest him slightly, her foot arched. "So," She addressed Logan, his gaze quickly returning to the TV. "How did you come to know Professor Charles Xavier? How'd you become an X-Man?" He regarded her before returning his gaze to the TV.

"Bout eight months ago, Sabretooth attacked me an' Rogue." He scratched the stubble on his chin. "He knocked me unconscious an' then I woke up here, in the med bay."

"You got beaten by Sabretooth?" She smirked, placing the considerably lighter ice cream tub on the glass coffee table, the spoon next to it, her eyes on the screen in front of her.

"I'd just been in a car crash." He retorted gruffly, furrowing his brow.

"Yeah, but he's really no more than a mindless pet." She trailed a hand down her thigh, his gaze following it as he mumbled:

"Mindless, but that bub's strong." His eyes returned to Wanda's face and he crossed his hands over his muscular chest. "Anyway, I got my own back."

"Showed him whose boss did you? Or should I say, top dog." She said the last part in a whisper, resting her hand on her bent knee. He carried on, seeming not to notice.

"When Storm, Cyclops and-"

"Cyclyops?" Wanda broke in, whipping round to face him. "You mean Scott? Scott Summers?"

"You know that dick?"

"He's not a dick." Her legs dropped from the table to the floor. "At least he wasn't before. How is he?" She leant towards him. "Where is he?"

"When Je…he left the mansion not long after we last saw your dad, said it was too painful for him to stay." He shrugged, plainly wanting to avoid the subject. "Only Chuck knows where he's gone an' he aint telling."

"Why would it be too painful for him too stay?" She carried on, dismissing his evasion. "Did you do something to him?" Wanda interrogated harshly.

"I didn't do nothing." He said defensively, suddenly off the couch and on his feet. "He's gone…he's gone cus…look, if you got so many questions, why the hell don't you just ask the professor. I don't have time for a trip down memory lane." Logan stalked out of the room, disappearing down the hall. Wanda watched him go but made no attempt to stop him, if he wanted to act like a child that was his decision.

"Can I have the rest of your ice cream?" Eugene asked, completely unfazed by the entire exchange, hardly taking his eyes of the TV screen.

"Yeah." She replied after a while, looking away from the corridor. "Yeah sure, I'm not hungry anymore." It didn't take her long to decide to go back to bed, it was freezing downstairs and as always, there was nothing on. At least those were the reasons she told herself. Passing Logan's door she noted that his light was off but convinced herself that she didn't care. That he could rot in hell. Curled up under her blanket, she stared at the ceiling until fatigue finally shut her eyes and she drifted off to sleep, never hearing the footsteps that paused outside her door.

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